Helping Kids to Grow Up Emotionally Intelligent

We've heard of this issue of "emotional intelligence" before from Daniel Goleman who wrote "Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence."  In this NY Times article, he puts together a succinct list of qualities for leadership and emotional intelligence that I think can translate well to raising kids who cope.

Add to that David Brooks' column on The Moral Bucket List.  (I don't always agree with Mr. Brooks but I thought this was a worthy bit of writing.)
  • The Humility Shift (note to Kanye West)
  • Self-Defeat - His example of Dwight Eisenhower is a surprising and interesting one.
  • The Dependency Leap - Character is defined by how deeply rooted you are.
  • Energizing Love - That kind of love decenters the self.
  • The Call Within the Call 
  • The Conscience Leap
 The last couple of paragraphs of this piece are wonderful.  


Anonymous said…
Here are people who don't worry much about kids' emotions. Lynchburg, VA apparently is HELL, who knew!
"Here are people who don't worry much about kids' emotions. Lynchburg, VA apparently is HELL, who knew!"

Reprinted from Anonymous (no anonymous comments)

"According to his mother, the judge “said that Kayleb had been handled with kid gloves. And that he understood that Kayleb had special needs, but that he needed to ‘man up,’ that he needed to behave better. And that he needed to start controlling himself or that eventually they would start controlling him.”

This judge CLEARLY does not understand autism. (Not to mention the principal.)
Anonymous said…
The salon article links to a state by state breakdown of criminal referrals, by ethniciity. Washington is 39.

The school in Lynchburg does sound like hell. Here's a review on Greatschools:

"It's like the Gulag, with bells."

Makes SPS look a lot better by comparison.


ps, WT hech with that disgusting "steak" CAPTCHA?
Anonymous said…
Speaking of autism, insight, and education, Salon profiled my 2 favorite people. Here's Neal DeGrasse Tyson (famed astrophysicist who makes me swoon) speaking with Temple Grandin (famed autism advocate and animal doctor) on Star Talk.

reader ( haha, I got sushi for captcha. Yum!)

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