Throwback Thursday

It was suggested to me to have a "Throwback Thursday"where we revisit what the district was going to do at a previous place in time.  (Luckily this reader also provided the topic.  Also, because district staff have a bad habit of not dating documents, I'll guess this was about 2009.)

Here is the Future BEX IV list, circa BTA III. 

From my reader's comments:
Here is the list of the future BEX IV projects that was created as part of the BTA III levy process. During BTA III, there was a concerted effort to NOT spend money in BTA on projects that would be managed in BEX IV. The contract from this version to the final BEX IV plan is rather stunning as the capacity problem began to escalate.

This list was comprised of many projects, most of which were also deferred from BEX III. This is how a school like Arbor Heights can wind up in really bad shape. Don't fund ___ in this round, because it is getting funded in the next round. Schools like John Rogers are current in this situation. JR has been on every BEX plan and then deferred to the next cycle.

Notice that all of the middle schools, except Madison and Hamilton are on this list. There was once a plan to get all the middle schools modern updates. At a minimum, BTA should include an auditorium and modern science labs for all of the schools that don't have one. An separate auditorium and cafeteria is critical for running a school at full capacity. 
 So what happened?  

Jane Addams DID become a K-8, only to move that K-8 and have it become a middle school. 

None of the comprehensive middle schools had a renovation (except Denny which got a new building under BEX III.)

Arbor Heights, Broadview-Thomson, Green Lake, Kimball,

Staff said that both North Beach, Olympic Hills, Pinehurst, Sacajawea, Schmitz Park, View Ridge, Viewlands, Wedgewood, Rogers and Northgate needed to be replaced and their capacity expanded.   (See a pattern?  Nearly all in the NE.)  Roxhill was to be replaced at the old Denny site. 

Lincoln was said to be seismically deficient. 

I have to smile at the number of times that a "historic renovation" is noted for some buildings. The costs are so much higher with a historic building that I have to wonder what will happen when more buildings reach the end of their lives.

One huge issue I have with BTA is that the district only gives vague outlines of what actually gets done.  Is the entire list - as presented to voters -what actually happens?  It's hard to say.  In pushing BTA, the district touts a laundry list of things that got done but never compares it to what was promises or what might have NOT happen for some other project. 

One thing to note is that Dow Constantine, KC Executive, is now talking about his birth-to-five initiative for this fall's election.  (We can have a longer discussion of these coming election issues in a separate thread.)  As well, the Mayor's transportation initiative is coming up.   Constantine wants a fairly modest $65M while the Mayor wants $900M over nine years. 

And BTA IV would come after this.  I personally believe that Seattle voters are very generous but something has to give in terms of asking people to add more and more to their property taxes.  Someone may lose at the ballot box.


Anonymous said…
Throw back Thursday - love it!

Remember when the District said they HAD to close North Beach? Ha ha.

Remeber when the District said the COULDN'T possibly reopen Sandpoint? Ha ha

Remember when the District SWORE there would only be 1 building on the Thornton Creek site? Ha ha.

Remember when the District threw NOVA out of the Mann building? Wait, aren't they going back there now? Ha ha.

Remeber how the Diatrict closed Meany? Wait, aren't they reopening it now? Ha ha.

Remember how the district tells us all the time how awesome their enrollment 'predictions' are? Ha ha. I guess they are okay if you only look at the 'predictions' that are 'made' post open enrollment. But, go back 2 years, and it is a joke.

Remember how they said we could have Singapore math materials alongside Everyday Math when they adopted EDM? And then they hunted down the Singapore materials in buildings and expunged them? Ha ha! Joke's on us.

So many memories. So many lies. Oops. That's politically incorrect. So many untruths. Double unfun good.

Anonymous said…
Here's another (prophetic) good one: remember when they, the Board, swore up and down, that if they just move all bell times down by 10 minutes, then they FOR SURE could magically flip the bell times? Remember? That would be ...umh, untrue, but we got an even worse schedule nonetheless. Ha ha.

Anonymous said…
Remember when they promised to give us a transportation savings analysis for the stupid 3 tier system? That was yars of promises and crickets. Now we've got a cluster of a problem and they want to monkey with start times on top of it. Not gonna fly.

survey taker
mirmac1 said…
Remember when the district said that ICS (integrated comprehensive services) would bring compliance and improvements to Special Education service delivery? Wait, that was a CCAP and RCCAP ago. Not funny.
Anonymous said…
Actually, Constantine's proposal for birth to 5 interventions is for $65 million per year, or $390 million over 6 years.

Catherine said…
I remember all THREE times SSD has said they had to close North Beach Elementary.

Yes on Nova - BTW I went by the remodeled building the other day... it looks good.

And the busses... and the bell times... and... it's like groundhogs day.
kellie said…
There are a few things about this list that are truly surprising to me.

1) That BTA III was such an open process with authentic community engagement and an active attempt enroll and educate people about building conditions. The simple fact that BTA III, included a list of future BEX IV is really telling about the commitment to transparency.

2) Wow! Only TWO schools from the BEX III list that were noted to be at the end of their lifecycle at BEX III made it to BEX IV and the other buildings are just muddling along. I know some of those buildings are in terrible shape.

3) Middle Schools. This makes it clear that there is a lot of deferred work at middle school that was deferred because it was expected to happen during BEX IV. Every middle school was on this list, except Hamilton (BEX III) and Madison (BEX II).

So what's the plan for middle school?

The BTA meeting I attended seemed to want to talk about technology and getting tablets for students more than building condition.

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