Thursday, April 30, 2015

Laugh of the Day

Good for Representative Carlyle for having a sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

Link to Q13 video, Reuven is a funny guy. Andy Hill, on the other hand, a centrist Republican, I guess, from the eastside, typically refuses to raise taxes.



Historian said...

Don't let Carlyle's big smile and double-talk fool you. He's been promoting charter schools for years.

There is a video of Carlyle supporting BERTHA even though his constituents opposed the big bore tunnel. He wrote a timeline for BERTHA;s completion, which is long over-due. He also crafted Boeing legislation for the biggest tax break in history. The tax-break was $8.7B and this was a done deal (behind closed doors) in 3 days.

As I see it, Carlyle is costing taxpayers millions.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, historian. Reuven Carlyle is a closet neoliberal when it comes to education. He loves those charter schools, but won't openly come out and express his love for charters when he knows that topic is unpopular with a good portion of his constituency.


Anonymous said...

He's the reason we haven't been able to fund schools properly. But dang, what a successful politician!


Crickets said...

Carlyle had a plan to close 600 tax loopholes to fund education. Looks like he didn't get anywhere with this issue.


Anonymous said...

Not closing 600 loopholes, more like 15. Brings in about 500 million a year. A little less than SPS annual budget. A long way to go to match 8 billions. He's a successful politician for a reason. He looks like he's trying really, really hard.

This isn't a partisan issue. The richer the state economy got, this became more apparent. Both parties failed the public good. Succeeded beyond belief for business interest.


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