Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BTA IV Nominations Due

Want to "nominate" a project for BTA IV?  The deadline is Thursday, April 30th.  The form seems to be just for nominations for projects but frankly, use it to weigh in. 

We would like your input regarding possible projects that may be included in our BTA IV capital levy. You may nominate a project for the BTA IV capital levy using our online form: http://bit.ly/BTA-IV-Nomination. Printable nomination forms and translated versions are posted on the Levies 2016 page. We will collect, record, consider and share your nomination with the Seattle School Board. The deadline to submit a nomination is April 30, 2015.

Read about the Seattle School Board's BTA IV project selection process, find contact links and get more information on the Levies 2016 page. Learn about all BTA capital projects at http://bta.seattleschools.org.

Here's what I said in my nomination:
The district needs to put an auditorium at Wilson-Pacific.  Why?
One, there needs to be a community space for two schools.  Converted cafeterias are not enough and certainly not enough for two schools in one area. 

Two, an auditorium would be great for the entire surrounding community.  The district owes the money they get for BTA and BEX from taxpayers and the public should see its own direct benefit.

Three, there are numerous example of multipurpose auditoriums throughout the country that are NOT converted cafeterias. 
I'll just go on record as saying that I think building two schools on one spot without an auditorium is a mistake, a big mistake.

I will on go on record that I believe Lincoln should be for APP middle school and Wilson-Pacific should be a high school.  (Yes, I know that leaves the issue of the elementary at W-P but the issue on the table is the Hamilton excess AND high school space.)   I think the decisions that have been made for Wilson-Pacific right now will come back to haunt the district if they come to fruition.  (I also think that many of those who are currently making decisions will be long gone by then.)


Anonymous said...

So Queen Anne and Magnolia should go to Ballard HS and Ballard should go to Wilson-Pacific? Riiiiiggggghhhht.

But I'll grant you the auditorium point. Stupid planning.

QA Home

Anonymous said...

Well, much of Ballard is already going to Ingraham as is...


Melissa Westbrook said...

QA Home, nope. I have said, over and over, that QA and Magnolia need their own school in their area.

Anonymous said...

Cedar Park Elementary could use a library and computer lab...and sinks in the 8 permanent "modular" classrooms they are placing there.

- North-end Mom

Anonymous said...

Queen Anne and Magnolia can more easily get to Wilson Pacific than they can Lincoln. Wilson Pacific is a straight shot up Aurora by bus.


kellie said...

If anyone is looking for ideas for nominations, here is a blast from the past.

Here is the list of the future BEX IV projects that was created as part of the BTA III levy process. During BTA III, there was a concerted effort to NOT spend money in BTA on projects that would be managed in BEX IV. The contract from this version to the final BEX IV plan is rather stunning as the capacity problem began to escalate.

This list was comprised of many projects, most of which were also deferred from BEX III. This is how a school like Arbor Heights can wind up in really bad shape. Don't fund ___ in this round, because it is getting funded in the next round. Schools like John Rogers are current in this situation. JR has been on every BEX plan and then deferred to the next cycle.

Notice that all of the middle schools, except Madison and Hamilton are on this list. There was once a plan to get all the middle schools modern updates. At a minimum, BTA should include an auditorium and modern science labs for all of the schools that don't have one. An separate auditorium and cafeteria is critical for running a school at full capacity.

kellie said...

Here is the Future BEX IV list, circa BTA III.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that list, Kellie. It is a blast from the past.

I can confirm that John Rogers didn't get any love from BTAIII (or any of the BEX levies).

- North-end Mom

Helen said...

The local neighborhoods surrounding Lincoln are looking forward to it being a neighborhood high school. I know APP is eying it as well, but Wallingford residents expect it to be their local high school in 2019, which it is slated to be.

Anonymous said...

@ Helen, I don't think you speak for all of Wallingford. Many residents I know would prefer to see Lincoln as a middle school instead, with HIMS converted to elementary, if that means less overcrowding for HIMS and that the new HS would have an onsite field (at W-P). Sure, it might be more convenient for some Wallingfordians to have a HS in the neighborhood, but the priority should be on what's best for the region, not just our neighborhood. That said, I don't thing there's much chance the district will change it's plans on this, so it's probably a moot point!

Helen said...

I'm thinking that reasoning that HIMS and Lincoln should be mega elementary and middle schools is coming from APP families. I wouldn't trade my local elementary for one with a capacity of 900. I also would prefer a middle school with a capacity of 1000, and not high school size. BF Day is already a few blocks from HIMS. They are going to start building at Wilson Pacific very soon so I agree that's a moot point.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I haven't heard ANY Wford people who want high schoolers driving and parking in their neighborhood! (Frankly, most don't seem to know what's going to happen, or they're tuning it out, but the ones who know do not want high school drivers and high school kids and the lovely vape shops, etc.)

And I don't blame the APP families for hoping Hamilton is turned into a huge elem and Lincoln a bigger MS than Hamilton - really can't blame them for being tired of being the "start up a school" football.

CAKE Captcha! Love it!

Signed: Just listening

kellie said...

There is a big distinction between BUILDINGS and what goes on inside of those buildings.

Reasonable people tend to think that those things goes hand-in-hand but when it comes to capacity planning, they don't.

There are many folks that want Hamilton to be a mega-elementary or standard K-8 and Lincoln to be a middle school, because the design of the buildings is better suited to those purposes.

Opening Lincoln, might create a neighborhood high school for Wallingford or it might not. Just take a look at Ballard. How many folks in Ballard expected that Ballard High School would be the Queen Anne and Magnolia High School.