Dearborn Park Goes Begging for Help - It Should Not Be This Way

They need keyboards for the SBAC testing?

I will note that both Orca K-8 and Dearborn Park came begging to the Board at the last School Board meeting for help.  They need their counselor because of the high numbers of students in need.  

But, as I said quoting one principal, every - single - year nearly every - single - principal and staffs at schools are faced with a Sophie's Choice of what (or who) to cut.

This is no way to run a district.  There should NOT be one more single administrative hire in a new position until schools and classrooms have what they need.

From the North Beacon Hill Council:
Dearborn Park Elementary desperately needs school supplies. Please share what you can. Thank you. The post below has been shared on multiple Beacon Hill group lists.
"This school is in DIRE need of school supplies in order to save funding for a counselor position. Dearborn has 89.5% Free and Reduced Priced Lunch qualified students this year, which seriously limits the ability of the families to contribute school supplies. Within a couple of weeks, some of these critical supplies will have dwindled to nothing.

If you have any extras laying around, maybe something from a Costco pack, or have the means to contribute, would you consider doing so? I am willing to collect from any of you personally and deliver them to the school.
If you or a group you know of might want to contribute money, that can be done as well with the proceeds going 100% to cover school supplies. Contact me and I can give you information on how to do that.
"We had a staff meeting this morning to go over options to how we can save the other half of our counselor's position. We will be moving all of our discretionary funds for the rest of this year allotted for supplies, reimbursements, or field trip busses to go to next year's budget to fund Ms. Kate's full-time position.
That would mean the school will have to tightened our belts and limit copying, buying items for classroom or school and finding other sources for the field trip busses.
We still have 7 more weeks of school and may have to ask our families and community partners to provide reams of paper, glue sticks per class, pencils, cap erasers, pink block erasers, boxes of tissue, hand sanitizer for classrooms and cafeteria, staples, post it notes, dry erase markers per class, snacks/water, mouse pads, and 4 full size keyboards for computer lab for our SBAC testing."
Nelrica Mosqueda
School Relations Coordinator
Dearborn Park International School
Family Room


Anonymous said…
What exactly does Mr Nyland do beside writing threats to teachers? What are his duties? There are also several assistant superintendents that used to not exist. We need to either get rid of Mr Nyland or his many assistants Sups or better yet, all of them and use their salaries to hire family support workers and counselors.

Anonymous said…

What did Nyland and the Board say when Orca and Dearborn Park asked for help at the board meeting?

Counselors and librarians should be full time funded positions at all schools, but especially those with such high FRL population. I hope that Nyland and the Board will do the right thing and fund counselors and librarians.

Nyland rarely says anything as the Superintendent comments come before Public Comment. Works out well for him that way. Board comments come after.

It's sad because the Board clucks and says they wish the State would fully fund our schools. I agree.

BUT I do NOT believe that we do not have the money for basic supplies and, for the schools in the greatest need, counselors at every level of school.

Anonymous said…
Melissa, thanks for posting about Dearborn's needs. I homeschool my kids but will look to contribute after spring break.

- minter
Anonymous said…
Any elementary school with a high FRL will have significantly more money allocated as they also receive Title and LAP grants. They typically receive at least $250k more funding than a low FRL school. You can't pay for a counselors with the grants but you can use the money for supplies.

Maybe the DP principal needs to re-evaluate their school budget?


Anonymous said…

I will donate too.

It just amazes me that SPS found the money for SBAC testing. What an incredible waste of resources.

Thank you to all the SPS teachers, counselors, librarians and staff that work with our children.


n said…
I, too, am willing to donate but I also would like an answer to ex-PTA Treasurer's question. At my school, we collect supplies every year for a southend school. Several years ago a previous principal who had been in the south prior to our school asked why we did that. She said that schools with high F&R lunch numbers do get an enormous amount of money. So where is the disconnect. She said our school actually had more needs than the school to which we were donating. Extra IA's are needed I know in a school like that. Does that take all the money? My school is running out of everything as well and we have no extra in our budget at all. It is becoming a desperate situation at many schools.

I'm am generous sometimes to a fault. But I ask questions, too. Where is the money going?
dorainseattle said…
What does Nyland do? Count the days to his retirement.

You have Sharon Peaslee to thank for Nyland. Remember, she insisted that we not do a search and he was never vetted properly.


Anonymous said…
I have a difficult time believing any school is getting millions in federal money under the do nothing Congress who aren't even willing to pay the nation's debts. Every federal agency and program is also under the sequestration stupidity, which looks to become permanent (except for Defense of course, God forbid we stop handing gazillions $$ to Halliburton et al.). And then there's the all but three SPS schools failing stupid NCLB requirements last year, some federal money might have been withheld, or they are paying $$$ to private tutoring companies as required. If there was any improper spending of federal money I doubt very much they'd be asking for help at a Board meeting! I've been to some schools in LA and some here in the south end, and the "high FRL schools get millions in federal money" is either many many MANY years ago, or one of those myths perpetuated by the Mitt Romney types who think that poor people purposely choose to live in poverty so they can get welfare. Like the less than $600 welfare pays per month is enough for anyone to live on in a city and be able to eat, or have heat and light and running water! Last year we were trying to help someone who got scammed by her ex husband in the divorce (dude hid all the money and left her destitute, refused to pay child support). Lost her house and ended up renting one room in a house for her and three kids. CPS took the kids away saying she couldn't have them back unless she has more than one room for all of them to live in. She's been waiting for section 8 for two years, takes bus for two hours to see her kids.
There is so much injustice in this country, and the contempt for the poor that the 1% parasites have managed to instill in society is making even some good decent people believe that poor people are leeches and deserve to suffer.
Dearborn Park says they need supplies, donate or not as you wish. But give them the respect of not judging and doubting them. Or you can transfer your kids to their school and see for yourself whether the school has all the millions from the feds.

Anonymous said…
I didn't read carefully enough here, I have read often before, in various places, claims that high FRL schools receive millions more in federal funding. The claim here is "at least $250K more". (I'm not sure what that means, more than 0% FRL schools? 20%? 50%?). Perhaps the difference between the millions and at least $250K is because Dearborn Park is an elementary school and thus has fewer students? not 100% FRL? I apologize for the misreading of the posts here. But I stand by the rest of my previous post re Fed funding and GOP and 1%-er war on the poor, sequestration, crucial social programs' funding cuts (such as free school breakfast & lunch program), APCLB & RTPES (W's All Poor Children Left Behind and Arnie's Race to Profit from Education Scams programs), contempt for the 47%, blame the Untouchables, etc.
Dearborn Park also became an International School this year, if they are doing immersion, any money they get are going to language IAs if they're using the same model as the other international elementary schools. You've all seen information here before re how much funding the North end immersion schools have to raise each year for language IAs and interns, yes? Many high FRL and ELL schools also provide free health clinic and free afterschool and summer programs for the kids, I believe. $250K is less than what many North end and QA, Magnolia, Montlake, Madison Park schools raise each year by their PTAs; even a mid range fundraising school like Adams raises around $200,000 from their fall fundraiser and their winter auction. The school also get $30,000 award for their arts program each year. I read a few years ago that Laurelhurst, Bryant and the Queen Anne schools raise > $350,000 through their auctions (though maybe not so for Laurelhurst these days as they say they can't afford recess monitors?). Parents from these schools pay for their kids' school supplies too ($40 per kid at our schools, and our lists are only half a page, my friend's kids have two page long supplies lists!)
So yeah, I have absolutely no doubt the $250K, if DP even get that amount, isn't enough these days for a school that doesn't have PTA fundraising power.

Anonymous said…
As I recall, having looked in to this several years ago, Title 1 schools have hardly any flexibility in how the extra money is used.

Chris S.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure that Pearson, a company that specializes in deprofessionalizing teaching (I know because I've used their texts - though not any more), can provide an "online counselor". Then the federal money which cannot be used for salaries could go to Pearson as well. And everyone would be happy except the students. That's the goal of SPS isn't it?
Anonymous said…
For the next school year, Dearborn Park was allocated $402k which includes the LAP and Title money (and ELL/SpEd). For comparisons sake, Bryant in the NE was allocated $80k by the district. Bryant’s PTA fundraises around $250k year so they will have approximately $330k.

Anticipated enrollment at DP is 382 vs 602 for Bryant. That’s a difference of $1052 vs $548 dollars per student.

BTW, staffing is automatically allocated to schools based on a formula based on forecasted attendance. This money is used for the extras at the school (supplies, counselors, extra IA, librarians, etc)

Yes, Title and LAP money have spending restrictions so a counselor or librarian can't be funded, but supplies, field trips, computers are OK.

Anonymous said…
Must be the welfare queens dining on lobsters and driving Audis. Obviously they are trying to pull another fast one. Life is so good down here. For everybody hating the space crunch, classrooms in hallway, auction pressure, and bad playground, y'all should transfer your kids to this school!

To find the answer to where the money goes, just bend your fingers, tap in the school name, go to the web page, and look for yourselves. Whoa. Lots of IAs who can speak in different languages, like at least 4 or more languages covered. How awesome is that. This is a true international school. Seriously, stop being a sucker writing $1,000 check annually to JSIS for immersion, you can get it here. All the multiculturalism you ever wanted for your child to be successful in this global society. Nothing manufactured. The real deal. Wonderful staff and kids! No wait list.


Lynn said…
I found the original budget allocations by school for the 2013-14 school year. (This document doesn't seem to be available for the current year.)

I compared the discretionary, LAP and Title I funds allocated to Adams Elementary and Dearborn Park.

Student Head Count
500 Adams
349 Dearborn Park

118 Adams (23.6%)
313 Dearborn (89.7%)

District Per-Student & FRL allocation of discretionary funds:
$59,543 Adams ($119/student)
%98,809 Dearborn ($283/student)

LAP & Title I allocations:
$28,280 Adams ($56/student)
$227,965 Dearborn ($653/student)

Now we can have an impassioned discussion of funding based upon actual facts.

As for Dearborn's new language immersion program, those students will never see IAs in the classroom equivalent to JSIS's or McDonald's. They will either use the teachers allocated for their bilingual students, or do without. It's not an option school - so they're unlikely to draw in enough middle class families to raise the money to pay for IAs.
Anonymous said…
SCAM alter SCAM alert

They should ask Mt Potter for the money or maybe English has it still under his mattress.

SCAM alter
Lynn said…
On the topic of the budget, I expected more people to be upset about the increased K-3 class size included in the staffing allocations for next year.
Anonymous said…
The Title 1 school I used to live near explained it thusly: whereas most schools with low FRL numbers can put out classroom supply lists and expect most students to come with those supplies, a school with high FRL numbers cannot. Everything on a classroom supply list for the beginning of the year is purchased by the school. Thus by the beginning of the school year, they've already made a significant expenditure in classroom supplies just to outfit each kid with the necessities like scissors, pencils, glue sticks, and a pencil box.

Anonymous said…
So ex PTA treasurer, you're saying Dearborn Park can use Special Ed and ELL programs' money to buy paper and pencils for all the kids at their school and cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers for everyone, and staples and paper reams for the office and the teachers and principal, yes? Wonder why SPS and say, Ballard, got in trouble for using Special Education money for General Education needs then. Maybe Orca should ask for more Special Ed and ELL students to solve their funding problems. Better yet, they can volunteer to be a BOC center, with 111 languages spoken by SPS students, they can use the BOC money to have an IA in every class too.
It's not theft from high need populations, it's smart budgeting!

Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Sped and ELL funds have to be used specifically to support those students. Just like Title funds have to be used to serve the FRL kids. But when your school is mostly FRL the principal should have a little more flexibility with the title funds as it targets most of school.

Anonymous said…
Scrutiny is good but it's sad that it comes after a plea for school supplies. Why isn't the Nyland/board asking these questions or do they know the reality already? Would be great if everyone could walk in another's shoes for an afternoon and then see where the money is going.

- minter
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ann D said…
Perhaps this factors into it somehow(?):

"In April 2014 the Elevate Humanity Fund provided $1800 worth of school supplies.

In May 2014 the Elevate Humanity Fund awarded $23,000 to Dearborn Park International School to meet the following needs.

2014-15 PTA year budget, $6000
All School T-Shirts, $1000
Kindergarten T’s, $500
New Headsets, $1000
Summer Scholarships, $4500
Maps, $650
Mandarin Books, $2000
Spanish Books, $2000
English Books, $1350
Library Rug, $500
School Supplies, $500
Springboard, $750
Juggling bags, $200
Jump Rope Camp, $2000

In September 2014 the Elevate Humanity Fund raised $8000 to purchase uniforms for the students."

Elevate Humanity Fund
Okay, first, the ex-PTA Treasurer asked a fairly innocent question so that person may be asking from a place of ignorance rather than judgment.

Second,what's up with the name-calling and outing? No, no and no. We have rules here.

I have always been wary about where all the money goes throughout the district. Maybe it would be good for the district to publish the budgets (including PTA funds) for every single school so people understand the need and where money goes.
Anonymous said…
The Dearborn Park situation highlights a couple of inadequacies that have become the norm in SPS.

1. Counselor Funding. The WSS does not provide counselors for every elementary school. It uses a weighted formula to allocate a 0.5 FTE Counselor at some, but not all, schools. Students that are weighted are: SpEd, ELL, and FRL. There is a magic 401 weighted mark which needs to be met before a school will receive a 0.5 counselor, but the counselor is only allocated for schools with a weighted score between 401 and 450. If your school's weighted enrollment goes beyond 450, then the school is allocated for an assistant principal, instead of a counselor, even though these positions are not equivalent in terms of scope and services provided to students.

In the case of Dearborn Park, I am assuming that their weighted staffing formula qualified them for a 0.5 counselor position, but due to the high need of the school, they are using school discretionary funds to bump this up to a full-time counselor.

Honestly, ALL elementary schools should be allocated for at least a 0.5 counselor. Those schools with a very high-needs population should qualify for a 1.0 FTE counselor.

Counselors used to be funded at all schools. This funding was pulled several years ago. Elementary schools that don't exceed the magic 400 mark don't get a counselor. SPS apparently assumes that PTAs will cover this position.

At John Rogers (a >40% FRL school), the PTA supported the 0.5 counselor position for two years. The entire proceeds from the annual auction basically supported that one position. Now, due to out-of-control enrollment growth, including the addition of an ELL program, John Rogers' is allocated a 0.5 counselor. The school had to become over-enrolled, with portables, to qualify for a counselor.

Small K-8 programs are allocated at least a 0.5 counselor, because they serve kids in grades 6-8. So, very small K-8s (such as Licton Springs) have counselors, but smaller elementary schools (250-400 students), may not qualify for a counselor, unless they have a very high number of SpEd, ELL, and/or FRL. Larger schools may try to waive their AP for a counselor, but then they will not receive an AP.

2. Restricted use of Title 1 and LAP funds.

I'm sorry, but anyone who thinks that Title 1 and LAP funds can be used the same ways as PTA funding is mistaken. There are restrictions on these funds, and it can vary from year to year. For instance, Title 1 funds can be restricted to math intervention use only. LAP funds can be restricted to literacy intervention. Title 1 and LAP funds generally can not be used to pay for the enrichment that most PTAs support.

- North-end Mom
Anonymous said…
Lynn your continued rhetorical ignorance is also nauseating. How far do you think the extra few hundred bucks goes when kids come to school with 0 supplies, coats, shoes, etc. How much do you spend on your kids supplies and basic school attire? How much does an IA to help those ELL students, who are woefully unprepared for school cost? Fully burdened, they cost around $50,000. They get insurance, retirement, vacation, too. So even at the extremely generous welfare queen rates.... So even at a $500 differential, that would take 100 kids to pay for even 1 IA. How far do you think that goes?

Ann D said…
Reader - are you claiming that Seattle Schools are using their budgets to dress children for school?

Lynn said…

Please read my post again. I did not state my opinion about the adequacy of Dearborn Park's funding. I presented some actual numbers to allow for a more meaningful discussion.

If you look at the document linked in my comment, you'll see that I did not include funding for English Language Learners or for Special Education services. I was comparing discretionary, LAP and Title I funds.
Anonymous said…
Funding things and enrichment don't just come out of PTA budget.

I've donated hair dryer, a vacuum, brooms and dust pan, and art supplies. Other fellow parents have donated their used, but perfectly functioning refrigerator and microwave to replace the broken ones for staff at our north end school. Why? Because the staff asked for them and these parents were remodeling their kitchens and were getting new appliances. The school also does an annual copying paper drive. We'd filled the front entrance to the point it became a hazard. We didn't ask staff to justify their requests.

I know classrooms raised money to give staff Amazon and restaurant gift cards and other items as Thank You gifts around December. And again at staff appreciation week along with catered meals in the Spring.

I know of school parents who taught architecture design, robotics, drawing, and bought iPads for the school. Parents with contacts were able to get corporate donation for auction items and field trips. All this and more on top of writing checks and donating time at the school. Often it's the parents approaching staff and offering to do these things. Why? Because it's to benefit the school and their children. And it's cheaper than going private.

That's why trying to make a poorer school justify their request seems crappy to me. Why do we have to humble people like that? Why do we make people empty out their pockets to show their need. The school already qualified and met the government requirements for the money it received. If you want to give, do so. If this school has parents with connection and means, I really don't think they'd be "begging" right now.

If you are unhappy with this system, write your legislators and get the laws changed.

(sorry for being snarky earlier. I ran into this A LOT while on the BLT. Despite explanations, some parents feel their children are short changed for getting less tax money. It's hard for some to understand the lack of ELL, SPED, and FRL <12% students in the school mean less money. They feel it should be the same per child because that's fair. I've heard it described as reverse discrimination and entitlement only breeds entitlement and so on and on.)

Anonymous said…

1. Counselor Funding. The WSS does not provide counselors for every elementary school. It uses a weighted formula to allocate a 0.5 FTE Counselor at some, but not all, schools. Students that are weighted are: SpEd, ELL, and FRL

I just about fell off my bar stool reading that!

I know of no student that has EVER received any counseling at SPS, however I do know 4 SPED 2E kids that parents are spending $200 per hour to see a psychologist to deal with all the BULL SHIT they have had to endure by witless SPS staff.

In the long run it's probably for the best, because I can't imagine
a SPS counselor being useful except for using them to distribute condoms.

Anonymous said…
Yes Ann, many kids get clothes at school. Many.

I will say that I don't get the uniform thing. That probably is a big cost to school/parents.

Calling Spades, I would appreciate toning down the swearing - it offends some readers. (I use BS and leave it at that.) Also, you can say that you believe SPS staff's performance is witless; do not call them witless.

I don't think you understand what the counselors do at the elementary level nor do they hand out condoms at the high school level.

I'll find the link/time stamp for the Board meeting with the Dearborn Park testimony. It was moving and valid. Many of these kids are in high-stress homes and a counselor can make all the difference in a kid's life.

dorainseattle said…
First of all, I thought this blog stopped posting anonymous posters. You can spew anything but if you don't have your name behind it, it's difficult to discern the validity of the comments.

That being said, I know parents at Dearborn and I have heard nothing but positive things about the staff and Principal.

If the teachers and staff at Dearborn say they need supplies and keyboards to take the already costly SBAC test, I believe them.

Parents Across America, Washington is pulling together donations now to ensure the students have what they need.

Show some empathy people.

Dora Taylor
Seattle Education

Anonymous said…
You know, I'm pretty sympathetic to schools who identify needs of students, and ask for support. But here we have a case of a school who is asking for support.... not for student need, but to give SBAC. Then we can declare all its students failures while enriching testing companies. How about asking Pearson's to cough up the dough to provide adequate equipment to run their test.

mirmac1 said…
At the school board meeting, Dearborn parents described how important their counselor was. She has been very successful in using positive behavioral support with several students who were struggling with behavior and impulsivity. The students were able to function better in class and other activities. Those kinds of results are invaluable!

While overpaid district staff say they need FIVE MORE YEARS to implement a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (requiring Amplify testing and looking at data), school staff including counselors are doing it NOW.
Anonymous said…
This is probably a good spot to post this:
Poverty is not a crime, so stop trying to punish poor people.

The same holds true for schools that serve primarily low-income populations.

Anonymous said…
@calling spades

Perhaps I should clarify the counselor funding info...

Under the weighted staffing formula, a school of 400-450 kids with no FRL, SpEd, or ELL can qualify to receive a 0.5 counselor.

Under the same formula, a smaller school with a significant amount of FRL, SpEd, or ELL can also qualify to receive a 0.5 counselor.

My point was that counselors should be allocated for ALL schools.

Counselors provide very necessary supports, including working with classrooms on positive discipline and other similar programs, bullying prevention, etc... The counselor at our school meets regularly with a group of kids whose parents are going through divorce.

Several years ago, someone at SPS must have realized what a difference a counselor could make at the elementary level, and schools were funded to have a counselor on staff. When it came time to cut budgets, due primarily to a lack of State funding, the counselor position was the first to get axed.

- North-end Mom
Ann D said…
The principal could opt to not give the SBAC since her school has not been adequately provided equipment to do so. It should not be coming out of the school budget, this is a general administration issue.

Now the community is scrambling to fill the gap in equipment that JSCEE should have done. No keyboards is not different than no pencils or no test booklets or no scantron -- yo can't give a standardized assessment this way. Just don't go along with it.

Stop making excuses for mismanagement at the district, state and federal level.
Dora, we don't allow the name "anonymous." But yes, you can use a name/moniker. This is to protect parents/staff from getting hassled at school/work and allow them to comment freely.
Anonymous said…
Reader, despite frequent references by people who should know better, Pearson has no role whatsoever in Smarter Balanced nor in the Washington state assessment program.

I know that's not your point but I thought I would clear up the misinformation anyhow.

Pearson provides the PARCC assessment.

--- swk
a lone voice said…
Wow! Schools are so diverse in funding opportunities. I realize reading the above that people make a lot of assumptions.

My schools has an auction every two years. Never have then made over $200K but sometimes significantly less. It is a north-end school. Adams and Greenwood - neither particularly wealthy schools but probably due to large commercial areas - do very well. That doesn't mean we all do.

I think not only should counselors be full-time employees per school but so should librarians and nurses. Our nurse is busy every minute of the day. And our staff asked for a counselor but our request was not really acknowledged by our principal and BLT. Our AP has been doing a wonderful job handling it this year but she's been voted out for next year to be replaced by a head teacher.

I'm not sure why staff voted that way but they did. We have a lot of sped issues and I think we made a big mistake but done is done.

a lone voice said…
Sorry for the typos above! No need to list but will review next time.
However, Pearson IS one the picks for social studies for middle school. I'd say no.
Anonymous said…
Dearborn Park elementary 4th grade team made it to the finals of the Seattle Public Library 2015 Global Reading Challenge. Congratulations to all the finalists and the winning teams from Orca and Leschi.

As parents are running around this weekend trying to raise money and gather supplies for Dearborn Park, my hope is that Nyland will do the same. I hope that he will lead by example and say that he doesn't need his automobile allowance. That money would be better spent on field trips for Dearborn Park students. I hope he will also donate part of his salary to make sure that no school is with out their photocopy budget. Photocopying has become an essential part of teaching and learning because we don't have text books for most subjects. Teachers rely on copying assignments and homework every day. Teaching and Learning will suffer if the school cannot make photocopies. I hope that Nyland and his senior staff will come up with some solutions because there has to be a better way to solve these problems. Plus it's got to be stressful for the staff if they don't know if their position will be fully funded year to year.

If I remember correctly the Dearborn Park community was not involved with the conversion to become an International school. There was no community outreach, no meetings, no nothing. Contrast this with the focus group for West Seattle HCC middle and high school pathways that is going on now. Last year Director Patu tried to point this out and stop the conversion so that the community outreach could happen. Unfortunately she didn't have enough votes. I still don't understand why it's necessary for Dearborn Park to be an International school. A lot of the kids there already speak a second language.

Regarding Ampiify: It's just more test prep for SBAC. That's money that could have been better spent by SPS. Not to mention valuable class instruction time that could have been better spent.

n said…
I suspect Melissa's already posted this link about Amplify but just in case you missed it from Bloomberg News via Diane Ravitch:
Unknown said…
No- It should not be this way at all.

The State's current funding model (the prototypical school model in SHB 2776 passed back in 2010) does NOT provide for full time nurse's, counselors and librarians in all schools.

Second, even if it did, it is not fully funded. Thus the whole McCleary lawsuit and the State literally being in contempt of court thing..

The State only allocates funding for .076 FTE of a nurse at a school of 400 kids. That works out to 3 hours a week for a nurse. If your school of 400 kids is getting more than 3 hours a week of a nurse it is being paid for through other funding, like our operations levy, or the families and ed levy or PTA funding. Same with Counselors and social workers. Librarians are funded at .6 FTE.

If you want to see the allocations check here:

and click on the "2776 baseline decoded"

Then, if you have a few minutes, send a note to your legislator and tell them that the current proposed budgets fall far too short of what is needed to fund the State's paramount duty.

Dorn said a minimum of $4.5 billion is needed this year, and they aren't offering up more than $1.4 billion. And both House and Senate have bills to NOT fund 1351.

And they are only funding a fraction of the school construction needs, all while our university campus buildings get face lifts and new buildings and KEXP gets a $1 million to move offices.

Are there ANY college students currently in portable classrooms in this state? Why does a private radio station get our tax dollars while our K-12 kids sit in portable, and overcrowded classrooms?

There are currently almost 100,000 k-12 students in portables across the state, which is the equivalent of 3/4's of the TOTAL number of students in our public universities.

Call or write your legislator and tell them to fully fund K-12 operations and building needs.

This is not an isolated issue with one school. The whole blessed system is starved and sadly our legislators still aren't even coming close to meeting the McCleary obligation.


Patrick said…
Eden, yes, there are some portables at UW and community colleges. Not nearly as many as SPS, but then the colleges have the luxury of being able to turn away students when there's no space for them.
Nicole said…
Does anyone have a link to their wish list that is more then one Christian book?

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