Computer Science Education for Teachers

From the University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering Department:

Each summer, UW CSE welcomes middle school and high school teachers from around the state at our computer science education workshop, CS4HS. Math and science teachers are invited to participate in an action-packed, three-day program designed to give them the knowledge and resources to integrate computer science into their classrooms and to build student interest in our exciting and rapidly growing field.

The 2015 workshop will take place July 15th – 17th at UW’s Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering. Thanks to the generous donors who support CSE’s K-12 outreach programs, the registration fee for teachers is just $50. CS4HS participants will enjoy breakfast and lunch each day, an evening networking reception, parking or transit reimbursement, dorm accommodations for out-of-town participants, and 20 clock hours from the Washington Science Teachers Association – not to mention fantastic demos, faculty and guest presentations, hands-on learning, and idea sharing among peers.

Interested educators are invited to apply for a slot at the 2015 workshop here.

Editor's note - I will pay the $50 fee for any Seattle Schools teacher who gets a slot at this workshop.  Contact me at


Anonymous said…
Not just to save you the $50, but most principals/departments will pay that much to cover a teacher's fee.

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