Seattle School Board Races

I had planned to wait until the filing period ended but there are some interesting developments in the various school board races.

District 1 (Sharon Peaslee's seat)
Scott S. Pinkham - longtime Native American activist
Arik Korman - he's a producer for a radio show - Bob Rivers Show - and very connected to LEV.  His LinkedIn page.  He seems quite the humanitarian - he's done numerous trips in service to others.

District 2 (Sherry Carr's seat)
Rick Burke - long-time public ed activist, especially around math curriculum.  SPS parent.

District 3 (Harium Martin-Morris' seat)
Jill Geary - lawyer, Special Ed advocate, SPS parent
Lauren McGuire - accountant, very active SPS parent especially in PTA service (was SCPTSA president)
Stephen J. Clayton - appears to live in the Thornton Creek area
David Blomstrom - perennial candidate in this particular district (enough said)

District 6 (Marty McLaren's seat)
Marty McLaren - current incumbent
Leslie Harris - paralegal, long-time district activist, SPS parent


- it may end up with little mystery in who will serve in a couple of districts if no one else steps up.  I suspect the ed reformers in this town will find someone to run. 

- very odd about Mr. Korman putting his name in today and then abruptly withdrawing it.

- I know very little about Mr. Clayton - he appears to live in Wedgwood.  He may have giving comment on the Thornton Creek  BEX IV project.  He appears to have lived in Bellevue for some period of time before living at his current address.  (Funny thing: there's an actor - Steven J. Clayton - whose most famous role is Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate. Kind of sounds like SPS?)

- Mr. Pinkham is a lecturer at UW in the American Indian Studies program.  He is Native American (Nez Perce). 


Greenwoody said…
Don't know anything about Pinkham. Would be good to have someone who can stand up for Native American students. But we also need to make sure he is opposed to corporate education reform, which hurts Native American kids as much as it does everyone else. I am deeply concerned that a LEV-connected candidate bowed out when Pinkham got in. We may still need another candidate in D1.
Eric B said…
I am glad that there is a candidate filed in every seat. The candidates in 1 and 2 may make things really interesting. While I appreciate Greenwoody's concern, I don't see Pinkham's resume as one that indicates an LEV type.
Anonymous said…
Is this Scott Pinkham?

I agree we need to have a non-LEV candidate, but it would be good to find out from him first if he is LEV.

mirmac1 said…
I agree Eric. Besides, Pinkham serves on the UNEA Board and is deeply connected with his community that has been ill-served by the neo-libs downtown.
Patrick said…
Worth mentioning that Lauren McGuire was on FACMAC which would be very valuable experience.

Pinkham's resume doesn't indicate an ed-reformer type. But it doesn't show any experience with SPS either. It looks like he has a full-time job and is also working towards a masters' degree, I am not sure he'll have the time to devote in order to be an effective board member. Still, could be a lot worse.
Anonymous said…
These are not at large seats. District 1 is not a majority native-American district, yes the WP location was and maybe will be in the future in some part a native- American school, but is that what we want, more distinctions? Pinkham has an agenda and being in D1 I fear my concerns would fall on deaf ears, but who knows. I also don't see him connecting with the AP HCC IB crowd.

There are lots of students one could classify as under served and we don't need to label them by race. The last thing we need is to start building schools around races or religious beliefs.

If you don't have personal experience as a parent of a current student(s) in SPS or then you come off as an outsider with ulterior motives.

I don't think Pinkham will be alone in the race or win.

NotCool said…
It is interesting that Arik Korman filed for Seattle School Board with King County Elections and his name was only there for a few hours.

I have to wonder: What is going on? Indecision or game-playing? Either way, running for school board is a serious issue. We don't have room for these types of things.

mirmac1 said…
Well Patrick. No experience with SPS much like Blanford (having a wife work there doesn't count). Both will have MAs in Educational Leadership, but one is a professor and the other worked for the Alliance. Unlike teachers, I think professors have a little more flexibility.

I find it interesting that some would be so quick to write off someone with a strong math, engineering and natural science background and work experience, bonafide service on boards, college advisor and advocate for students. As it is, he seems more qualified than many candidates who came before him. Maybe if he worked for Boeing and was president of the PTA, he would be more qualified? Not in my book.
Michael, you are taking - at face value - that because Pinkham is Native American that he would only care about those students and no others? A disservice to someone to make that kind of assumption.

Is Jill Geary not good because she has a Sped child and works on Sped issues? Of course not.

Not Cool, I would have issues if Korman came back into the race as well.
Josh Hayes said…
I don't know Mr. Pinkham personally, but I do know the AS1 -> Pinehurst -> Licton Springs community, and anyone involved with that knows how to push the district to serve the needs of children first. I would like all the Board members to explicitly recognize that the students are the reason schools exist: they are paramount, and everything else is secondary.
Anonymous said…
No I'm saying there will be those who will think that, but it's an unknown. He does not have children in SPS for that I will not vote for him. Gerry has children who are still in SPS and have graduated.

Geary is not in my district, so I can not vote for her, but I will donate to her campaign and Rick B campaign. I know both of them and they have good things to offer, but by know means are shoe-ins. We need alternatives in case they lose.

Don't try and twist this into an anti-native American issue with me, because it's not.

I don't even get this "I won't vote for someone unless they have kids in SPS." What if you had in the past? You will cut off a lot of people if that's what you believe. I think right now there's just Sue Peters and Peaslee that have kids. Betty might have grandkids and Carr's just aged out recently. Geez.

If Geary gets to the general election, you CAN make the choice to vote for her. Do you not know how board elections work?

We're lucky to have some good candiates and you think there will be "alternatives?" Not so much.
Greenwoody said…
There are a lot of issues at the various schools in District I and Josh Hayes has mentioned some of them. There's also Pinehurst, concerns about how to keep Ingraham IB funded, Nathan Hale's opt-out, Loyal Heights parents' anger at the new school design, and so on. And the corporate education reform agenda, from charters to tests, threatens all of our children.

Yet none of those people - not one - has stepped up to run for school board. I think that's a failure, and I hope that there is a parent who is active in those issues who will step up and run for the seat. They will get support if they do.
Anonymous said…
Of coarse I know:

The Board of Directors for Seattle Public Schools is an elected body of seven citizens representing geographical regions, known as Districts, within the City of Seattle. The length of each member's term is four years. Directors are elected by district in the primary elections and at-large (city-wide) in the general elections of odd-numbered years.

Jeez take a breath.

I cant vote for someone who doesn't make it to the general election. I wont vote for a candidate who does not have students in SPS.

As for Gill, she is a very privileged person a 10%er and has further political aspirations beyond SPS, but I hope she makes it and BTW she had 5 kids go thru SPS and made this statement:

As the mother of five Seattle Public School students and a statewide special education advocate, I want our schools to provide challenging and appropriate education to all students, regardless of race, language, ability or economics. In order to do that we need to invest in our teachers, principals and staff so that they have the tools and skills needed to teach in the diverse, public school classroom. I know what our District has to offer, and I know those opportunities need to reach all of our kids.

Our District is under intense federal scrutiny because of its failure to provide appropriate education to students with disabilities. As a special education attorney, I have been helping Washington families fight for appropriate programs for their children since 2003. Many families go from a place of trust and hope to one of despair and fear for the future of their child. Through its attorneys, the District fights against families through thousands of dollars only to capitulate when the families do not give in. The public then ends up paying for attorneys fees and private education rather than investing that money in strong educational programs for all of our students. I am running for school board because I believe there is a better way. Instead of fighting our families, our District needs to partner with them to deliver a great education to every child.

So you know, my family is living through what Gill describes every day yours? I just went through it today with 2 SPS lawyers did you? I just sent another $3,000 to my lawyer did you.

Really sometimes you come off as some sort of debutante. Teachers might enjoy your attitude, but not me.


Anonymous said…
Don't study it, get use to it.

That's my campaign slogan.

Patrick said…
Mirmac: Maybe if he worked for Boeing and was president of the PTA, he would be more qualified? Not in my book.

Please don't put words in my mouth. I don't think working for Boeing is a qualification at all. Private industry is not like working in the public sector, and it shouldn't be.

PTA president would be only a little bit of a qualification. PTAs generally spend most of their time on their one school's issues. They generally learn only a limited amount about districtwide issues.

I hope you aren't thinking Blanford is some kind of role model for good directors.

Over and over we've seen directors come in with good intentions and by the time they've learned their way around the district and some of the ways the staff can tell the board to go away and leave them alone, their term is over. It's not much comfort having his heart in the right place if he can't make the changes he'd like.
It might help if you spelled her name correctly - it's Jill, not Gill.

FYI, I do have a special needs child but I don't feel the need to make my child's issue the only lens thru which I view public education (and thankfully neither does Jill).

Debutante? I'm not sure that word means what you think it means. Or I'm the world's oldest debutante.
Anonymous said…
I think she agrees with you about working at Boeing is not a qualification.

Not having experienced day to day life as a SPS Parent is a big disqualification. There's no way you can relate to the various challenges we face. The positions are not full time nor can they effect rapid change. Yes, they can pick the best of two inferior math programs, but beyond that they do very little. As Carr said recently, "SPS is run just like a corporation, we hire great administrators who run the district." "Since I only get $4,800 a year I will let the skilled administrators do the work".

Carr thinks SPS has great administrators! YIKES

Anonymous said…
WTF is a special needs child? (A Kido) Be more specific. Do you mean you have a student attending Seattle public schools receiving special educational services? Really, I'm surprised. Surprised because of your unrelenting support for gen-ed teachers when a large percentage of the issues with SPED in SPS is caused by the Gen-ed teachers. Woops I rocked the boat hurry get out your delete tool.

"not the only lens thru which I view public education "

Good for you your a real trooper. Glass half full sunny side up folk.

You should start a support group.


Anonymous said…
Oh gawd Michael. Showing your ignorance again. How well do you know Jill? Funny. She never mentions you. And I'd be surprised if anyone reading cares who you're going to vote for and what your reasoning is.

Cancelling yourvote
BSLL said…

Micheal please disengage. You are not helping those of us here to learn not to bicker points of no merit.

I do agree though that you should have had kids in SPS... but I wouldn't make it a single issue.

Breathe, smile, love and learn.
Anonymous said…
I dont know her outside of attending her class and speaking with her about the suffering of SPED families. She had a chance to help SPED parents, but did not. Could she do better on the board, who knows. She didn't have personnel time to help SPED families with Due Process, but now she has the time to be a board member.

She was in the business of profiting off of SPED students and parents, just like all the tutors out there. She could have used her influence at SPU to convince a few Lawyers to take up the cause and help SPS SPED families pro bono, but why kill the goose that lays the golden egg. That being said, she knows the game and has mentioned she can do better for SPED as an insider. I have to hold out hope she doesn't turn into another "mom in tennis shoes" that never leaves office and no longer has time for the little people.

Two things, Michael, and then this will be the last time I address anything you say. Flame throwing is your style, not mine so I won't even attempt to try.

1) The only time we delete comments here at this blog is due to anonymous comments, name-calling, outing who people are (except those of us who sign our names to everything we write) and comments that are egregious.

2) "You should start a support group." Given my current position, a singularly unkind thing to say.

Done and done.
Anonymous said…
One more thing, Jill please tone down your facebook page, your coming off like a privileged sorority girl at her belated coming out party. No offense intended.

Anonymous said…
Yes, I see play the old sympathy card. Hey you started with the word twisting. If you have a point say it don't beat around the bush.

Hey, we all have problems yours are no more important than anyone's else, beside the fact I have no idea what your are referring to.

By start a support group, meant since you seem to have a unique coping ability perhaps you could share that with SPED families that are going through misery and unlike you can only judge public education through the eyes of there students!

Anonymous said…
Michael -- how dare you!? I can't even begin to fathom your behavior and comments on this blog. I have never commented before and probably won't again, but I am outraged at this nastiness with no purpose. This is Melissa's blog! Let me repeat in all caps THIS IS MELISSA'S BLOG. You can only be here discussing these issues because she has chosen to create a space and donate her time to it.
I would like to call on the regular posters on this blog to request that Michael not be allowed to continue as part of this community.

Tired of Michael
Anonymous said…
Oh. I see now Michael. Jill declined to represent you for free? Now you're out $3000? That sounds like an objective measure to gauge qualifications for school board. Take BSLL'S advice.

Frat Boy
Unknown said…
Wow, so much about me it is hard to know where to start. I have no political aspirations beyond the school board. My passion is for the betterment of our children - and I truly mean all of Seattle's children.

Michael, I am sorry if I come of as a 10%-er sorority girl late to the party. While it seems irrelevant, I grew up with a single working mom (no college degree) who put two kids through college on her own - my incredibly hard working husband is from a similar background. Even before I left law school, I became an intern at Puget Sound Legal Assistance Foundation, part of the Legal Services Corporation. At my core, I have always wanted to make things better for everyone. I have never worried about myself in that regard. I understand privilege and how I am the beneficiary of so many things that are beyond my control. I also understand how that works against many others - and it is not just a matter of the impossible task of pulling oneself up by boot straps.

I also don't understand the reference to SPU - I have no connection to SPU. I did give a 6+ hour training over 2 days at Seattle University School of Law, my alma mater, to better help parents understand their rights in advocating for themselves in a special education due process hearing. For all the prep time, and two weekend mornings, I received about what I would charge for one hour as a private attorney. I also recently provided training at WABIDA, WAETAG and next TeamChild for nothing. Yes, I have the ability to do that - and yes it is part of my privilege. I get that, but I'm doing it all the same.

What most don't understand, is that when an attorney agrees to represent someone, they agree to take on all aspects of that case from beginning to end - with all the variables of litigation scheduling. (Even dispensing a little advice can create a binding attorney-client relationship.) It is a tremendous commitment - and one that interferes with the more important and equally, if not more, variable task of raising the four children I had under my care (and one more at college at the time; now two are there); especially when my kids have many of the same demands as those of my clients.

I appreciate your perspective that I could have given more, but it is not so easy as that. Even after deciding not to represent individual clients, I have tried to continue to share my expertise through free/low cost trainings, consulting with parents, mentoring attorneys, acting as my schools' SPED PTSA Rep, and being a member of SEAAC.

Yes, I do believe I bring something different and valuable to the board. And, I also have the time, family support and ability to do it well.

I hope that clarifies some things for those who are reading.
BSLL said…
Nicely addressed, Jill. Good luck.

Melissa, thanks for all you do. I have learned a ton from you and Charlie.
mirmac1 said…
Thanks for clarifying Jill. I think I understand where you're coming. Even with my limited expertise, I'm approached almost daily for advice or assistance. Since time does not permit helping everyone, im pretty selective which situations to become involved in. One must maintain a balance of work, volunteering and family life.
Rufus X said…
Tired of Michael said:
would like to call on the regular posters on this blog to request that Michael not be allowed to continue as part of this community.

I won't request that, but I will say this.

"Michael" (and all of your aliases): Your posts over the past several months have become increasingly antagonistic and antithetical to the result of support I can only assume you are trying to achieve. And now you're insulting & being downright rude to the host of the blog.

These are not the droids you're looking for.

Please - either play nice, start your own blog to vent (blogspot is free!) or commence self-fornication.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
I have NEVER approached Jill for anything...NOTHING period. I stand by what I wrote about those profiting off of SPS students and the problems with SPED. There are hundreds of people out there in Seattle looking to profit off children and it's disgusting.

As far as this blog goes, if I google anything about SPS it seems this glog comes up in the results with MW as the self appointed expert in all this SPS. It's fair game to post whatever I choose and she is free to delete my post or block comments. I have not threatened her in anyway. She makes some bold claims and in some cases is spot on, not so much on others.

She and others here try and twist everyone comments they don't like into a form of hate speech then the pack circles in for the kill.

When it comes to politics she post information without facts, she assumes the worst in others that don't share her views.

Running for the board is political and I don't think anything I posted is out of line with what others here including MW have written about city officials or potential candidates. Jill is free to debate me on her issues, I was simply pointing out how I viewed her as a candidate for a political office. Maybe she will take away something positive from it and become a stronger candidate.

As for MW I don't know her apart from this blog where she blends her personal beliefs with facts to mold her own mini SPS drudge report.

If she truly wants this to be her blog then she can configure it to be so. Until that happens I will read it and post as I see fit.

Anonymous said…
Oh I forgot to thank Jill for the response...spoken like a true lawyer/politician, you will do well.

Anonymous said…

The only real "hate speech" here is from you. You are the one who favors personal attacks, who labels people you've never met. Your bitterness does not help whatever cause it is you are trying to push. Go get your own blog and say what you want. Maybe you'll be happier that way.

One thing to note and yes, this is based on factual information, running for school board has NEVER been a stepping stone for other elected offices (at least not in Seattle). The last time I recall someone running for higher office was Michael Preston running for City Council. That was sometime in the '90s and he lost.

No, running for school board is a labor of love and anyone willing to step up deserves credit for that courage.
Anonymous said…
Making strong opinions is not hate speech, criticism of teachers is not hate speech. I don't need my own blog, I have this one where all the usual suspects come to get information. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Eric B said…
Greenwoody said, "There are a lot of issues at the various schools in District I and Josh Hayes has mentioned some of them. There's also Pinehurst, concerns about how to keep Ingraham IB funded, Nathan Hale's opt-out, Loyal Heights parents' anger at the new school design, and so on. And the corporate education reform agenda, from charters to tests, threatens all of our children.

Yet none of those people - not one - has stepped up to run for school board. "

I have fingers in many of those issues. I seriously considered running back when it looked like Sharon Peaslee would run again, and again recently when it looked like there were no candidates. I ended up deciding not to run because I am currently committed to a variety of other programs that are less time consuming, more directly beneficial to students' lives, and receive more gratitude than being on the School Board. I also have two students at home, including one leaving for college next year, and I didn't want to be away from them for the time required in evening work by the Board.

So if you're looking for why someone interested in those issues did not run, that's an answer.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…


First Forum with my opponent tonight !

May 14th presents candidates for Seattle School Board Pos. 6 and Seattle City Council At-Large Positions 8 and 9 co-sponsored by the 11th, 34th, and 37th Legislative District Democrats. It will be held at South Seattle College Georgetown Campus. 6737 Corson Avenue South, Seattle. Just South of the First Avenue Bridge. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the forum will start promptly at 7.

We can do so much better for our kids and families and communities.

Linh-Co said…

I know you already know this, but I don't see your name listed on the King County Elections. I know you have a million things on your plate. Please register so we can vote for you.
TiredOfIt said…
I never comment here either really but Michael you are a nasty piece of work and make yourself look bad through your ignorance. The only person throwing hate speech around is you. Do us all a favor and disengage. No one here is interested in your poorly spelled hyperbole.
Patrick said…
Eric B., exactly. We've already seen one person post in this thread that they'd be unwilling to vote for anyone who didn't have a child in SPS. But if you have a child in SPS, you probably don't want that many of your evenings and weekends taken up with meetings.

So who are we left with for candidates? Someone where the other parent makes a very nice income that can support a couple and at least one child, AND that other parent with the nice income oddly doesn't have their high-paying job taking up many of their evenings.

It's no wonder we have unopposed elections so much.
Honestly,we need to pay the board members of the three largest school districts in the state. It's a huge job. I don't know that you would necessarily get better people running but overall, you'd get a larger pool of people considering it.
Anonymous said…
You guys are funny. Keep quashing dissent. It's this the official WEA portal?

May 19th
J. Bullock said…
I have the unique experience of having two sons ten years apart who both have learning disabilities. I’ve been attending IEP meeting with Seattle’s SPED staff since 1999. Over the past three years my wife and I have filed three requests for DPH and gone all the way through hearing twice, pro se. I understand first hand what Michael is going through. What the District does to families like ours is horrible and very difficult to bounce back from.
Jill Geary has been a resource and a supporter since we met her three years ago. The cost of hiring a private attorney while also paying for private school wasn’t possible for us. Jill agreed to help us anyway, on the cheap, and by doing so changed our lives.
Jill knows what needs to be done to help Students like my son, a brown kid from SE Seattle. The District would rather pay top dollar for private attorneys than fix Special Education. And they’ll continue to do so unless more people like Jill step up. She has made the choice to help many families instead on one at a time and Seattle will be a better place with her on the school board.
Ragweed said…
Pleas silence the ignorant nonsense.

Scott Pinkham has two children in SPS. He and his wife Vicki have been active in educational issues for years as board members of the Urban Native Educational Alliance and as parent BLT members of at least two different schools. I am thrilled to see him in the race.

Michael - I am surprised that you are so skeptical of a Native candidate. About 30% of Native students are special-education students and IEP/504 compliance is one of the top issues in Native education. As a special-education advocate I am sure you are aware of that. There is serious talk about a class-action lawsuit and complaints to the White-house about some of the failings of SPS to serve Native students, especially around 504 and IEP compliance. I would think that you would have been natural allies.
Anonymous said…
I think it's a pretty thankless job frankly, where a candidate is hard pressed to make even 50% of their constituents happy. I can understand wishing a candidate had a kid in SPS, but don't think that's a requirement for someone to get my vote. Someone willing to listen, who asks questions until they get answers, and foremost, understands that SPS is about the SCHOOLS, not the politics - classroom needs should come before anything in my book.

mirmac1 said…
I am too Ragweed.
Anonymous said…
I think we are. I hope he gets to help. I wasn't sure if he had students in SPS and I think it might be difficult to convince voters he has intentions to represent all students. I'm very aware of the 504 issues and possible class action activities.

I would be glad to help with those issues anytime.

Eric B said…
While I understand the desire to have children in SPS right now, I think that having had children in SPS is just about as valuable. While never having had children in SPS is a minor red flag, I don't think it's disqualifying.
Anonymous said…
I think it's really difficult to understand the day to day challenges for students and teachers unless you have been there. Can someone have other attributes needed for a fully functioning school board? Maybe, but right now today we need a bottom up approach starting in the classrooms. The cash suck from JSCEE is killing this district!

Anonymous said…
I don't agree that having a child currently in SPS is a necessity. I would agree that it would be a negative to have never had a kid in SPS, but as long as the kid graduated within the last 10 years or so, I think someone could get up-to-date on the current issues after not too long. We have been in the district nine years, and some of the current problems go back longer than that. I am still waiting for a good Super, for instance. Oh, and that minor upcoming issue, capacity management.

There are different issues in each of the three levels of school (elementary, middle and HS), not including specialized areas such as SpEd, ESL, option, HC etc, and no one is going to be an expert in all areas. You want someone who has a good base knowledge who seems intelligent and eager to learn.

We are leaving SPS next year for private (words I NEVER thought I would say), and I think I will be able to talk about SPS' problems for years to come. Unfortunately, many of the problems I have been frustrated by for years are still around.

-banoffee pie
Anonymous said…
Greenwoody said...

There are a lot of issues at the various schools in District I and Josh Hayes has mentioned some of them. There's also Pinehurst, concerns about how to keep Ingraham IB funded, Nathan Hale's opt-out, Loyal Heights parents' anger at the new school design, and so on.

Could you elaborate on what your issue is with "Pinehurst"?

Under the Bus
Anonymous said…
Well lookie here, a Michael Christopherson filed in District 1. I wonder if he's a one-issue candidate, and helps every special education student?

Anonymous said…
IF that is the Michael on here, he will have a hard time convincing me to vote for him. I am in District 1.

Anonymous said…
As a sped parent & someone who spends a lot of time in different schools, I can tell you that anyone who helps every special ed student is not a single-issue candidate. Special ed students come from every group, racial, ethnic, socio-economic, geograhic, HCC, gen ed, alternative, interagency, CBT, & preschool & drop outs. They are impacted by decisions about funding, capacity, transportation, testing, bell-times, textbooks, sports, field-trips, staffing, technology, dis proportionality, school autonomy, graduation requirements.

If a candidate could solve all the problems for all special ed students I am not sure what problems would be left.

Anonymous said…
As Michaela Clancy said at the Ballard high school sped meeting, "Special education is the canary in the coal mine for school districts"

SPS needs a balanced approach to selecting evidenced based curriculum that works for all students and research shows what is good for SLD students also works for non SLD students.

Unfortunately the reverse is not true.

Anonymous said…
TT will you be shilling for Michael now? Any other aliases?

Athletic supporter
Ed said…
Remember; former board member Don Neilsen (spelling) as his interests have been "training" candidates. That will be my furst question of each.

And Michael: wow man...just wow! Way to lose everybody.
Anonymous said…
Gulp. Does "district 1" have ANYBODY running besides Michael? ????? Let's hope so.

Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mirmac1 said…
Just came from the 46th District Dems candidate forum. In Distr 1, Scott Pinkham gave thoughtful answers (while admitting he still getting up to speed on specific issues). I like him alot!

Distr 3 Jill Geary did very well, getting applause for her sincere stands on standards, assessment tied to teacher evaluations and charters.

District 2 Rick Burke - what can I say. Dude batted 1000.

We're really quite fortunate to have such quality candidates.
NW mom said…
Thanks Mirmac! I value your opinion.
BSLL said…
Yeah thanks Mirmac1-100! So relieved.

(What is that number thing all about anyway?)

OKKKKay --Micheal is a troll. All about the anger he is. Troll here, troll there. Odd thing is he hates SPED kids. Haaaaaates them. So he makes it look like they have such a harder time then other kids. In fact I think he bumped me with his porsche as he was leaving wholefoods. what a butt. no i really should say that i am not certain that it was him nor did he bump me with his car. OK!

Who cares about M? He is truly involved. He apparently wants the best for his kids. He has kids with special needs.

I do. That is why I would love to ask him to consider his blog post like : "then the pack circles in for the kill" and et. al to stop.


No one works harder then MW. NO ONE!

No one. I say if you can't provide support for "then the pack circles in for the kill." You should be deleted.

--Micheal with a purpose other than distorting conversation. My dream.

Anonymous said…
As a special-education advocate I am sure you [Michael] are aware of that. There is serious talk about a class-action lawsuit and complaints to the White-house about some of the failings of SPS to serve Native students, especially around 504 and IEP compliance.

Natural allies? Michael doesn't have any. All he has ever done is complain about everybody ELSE'S kid. The autistics are too creepy (or something) to partner with. You can call them "pervasives" if you like, Michael likes euphemisms. Any kid with an out of district placement is a cipher, with a rich entitled parent, sucking money from his kid. Immigrants are pesky new arrivals that should be sent away. Evidently, Native Americans are evidently a problem too... maybe because they are old arrivals. Who knows. There's no winning with Michael.

And despite an appropriate special education himself - he never has learned the difference between there, their, and they're. Seems the really great special education didn't work for him! Wonder why he thinks it would work for anybody.

Anonymous said…

I just agreed with reader. How?

Anonymous said…
Oh to be clear reader is no Micheal.

I think. As M seems troubled.

Anonymous said…
To be super clear, there are many posters named Reader. You can never be sure which one you agree with. None of them are Michael, and all of them use contractions well.

Patrick said…
Thanks for the report, Mirmac!
Anonymous said…
I met Rick Burke when I volunteered for Where’s The Math? He seemed very level headed about what was needed for better math instruction. I am sure he would be an excellent advocate for students.

The district now has better curricula in elementary schools. If he is on the school board, SPS will get better math in all middle and high schools. The administration will not be able to sneak through bad discovery textbooks, like they have in the past.

I am very optimistic about better days ahead for SPS.

S parent
mirmac1 said…
I think having two engineers (one a professor, the other a manager), an attorney and former administrative law judge, and a long-time education advocate, analyst and paralegal (Leslie Harris) would be a great improvement for our school board.
I'll have a write-up of the 46th (I was there as well) but I concur with Mirmac1 - Rick and Jill were very impressive. Pinkham seems smart but very green. He didn't do well on the pop quiz (basic facts about SPS that all board members should know). Lauren also did well, a bit rambling in her answers. Marty? well, she said some interesting things.
Linh-Co said…
Just noticed Nick Esparza and Suzanne Sutton added their names to School Board position 6. Does anyone know Suzanne Sutton?
Ragweed said…
As difficult as Michael may be, please don't be offensive and jerky in response. In particular, I take issue with the attacks on his spelling and grammar. He is an advocate for students with dyslexia - to attack him for spelling and word-substitution errors, and treating these as a sign of inferior intellect, is just offensive.
Linh-Co said…
Thank you Ragweed. The comments were going south.
Jon said…
Lauren McGuire was asked about campaign financing and how many dollars she expected in her race. Her answer; Enough to win an election. Wow. How is that for playing it safe.

I fully expect to see McGuire's campaign chest filling with dollars after endorsements have been procured. She is connected to DeBell and I suspect all of DeBell's highly financed political connections.

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