Sunday, May 17, 2015

Congrats to Ingraham High School

The Ingraham High School varsity ultimate frisbee team won the city co-ed/mixed-gender championship last weekend. Seattle has the best youth ultimate scene in the world, so winning the city championship is a really big deal. Our current seniors won the league their freshman year, and after a few rebuilding years, they’re back on top again. They crushed a really solid Bainbridge Island team (where I used to coach before Ingraham) in the semifinals, and then beat an incredibly athletically dominant team from Skyline High by one point in the finals. Every single Ingraham student conducted themselves with dignity and spirit on the field, and both of our opponents were extremely impressed not just with our level of play, but with our sportsmanship and fair-mindedness. Ultimate is a self-refereed sport, and even though play got very intense, everybody kept their cool and made us all proud.
We’re sad to lose our incredible seniors at the end of this year, but luckily we only have four of them on the team. Ingraham ultimate has an incredibly bright future, and I’m honored to be a part of it. If you see any of the following students, please congratulate them on their championship. They worked incredibly hard both on and off the field this season, and I could not be more proud of them.
Bryce Walsh
Julien Butwin
Livia Amorosi
Louisa Goss
Alex Brettmann
Mitchell Ewbank
Noah Coolman
Dennis Igawa
Conner Walsh
Nathan Davis
Cristian Arriola
Felicity Zhang
Toko Weaver
Juliette Green
Cameron Jewett
Evelyn Reding
Kaia Roast
Claire Hodges
Ethan Major
Cylas Schooley
And a special shoutout to Cedric Ith, who has graciously been allowed by the league to continue playing with us, despite leaving Ingraham after his sophomore year to go to UW.


Anonymous said...

I thought that Mitchell Ewbank carried his team to victory. He's the only one who actually DESERVES anything. But it's not up to me. w/e. GG

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