I'm Not Running for Seattle School Board

I appreciate all the encouragement and offers of help to run for the Seattle School Board but I have concluded that it's just not the right time in my life to do so.  

It's bittersweet to say no because I believe that I know this district and I care deeply about public education.  I would have worked my hardest to get elected and, if elected, would have become part of a team - the School Board - to create better academic outcomes for all students in public education. 

My husband always wanted me to run.  But he was my biggest supporter, my sounding board and a shoulder to lean on and it's just too soon to do this without him.  

Naturally, I will try to interview all the candidates, do my research and come up with my best recommendations.  I will try to announce all candidate forums so you can find at least one chance to meet and hear the candidates for School Board speak.  (Please let me know about any in your neighborhood - I don't want to miss any of them.) 


dan dempsey said…
Great decision Melissa. I would have supported your election but am happy that you are taking care of you.

Thank you for your years of continued dedication. It would be great if the next board listened a bit more carefully to you.
seattle citizen said…
What Dan said! A wise decision...for the moment...
Besides, could you still do what you do for this blog if you were a director? Dan would have to take over as blog admin, and much as I like Dan, I'm just not sure about that... ; )
3inSPS said…
said in emoticons:

:-( ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

:-) (✿◠‿◠) (─‿‿─)

Said in words :
Now let's not vote for any more education-reformer do-nothing-board members Seattle.

New standard for the SPS Board:

3inSPS said…
oops WWMWD!
Anonymous said…

We so appreciate all you do and understand this decision. You would/will some day, make a fabulous school board member. Thank you for all you do!

Anonymous said…
I really appreciate you considering it, and I would have voted for you. But in your shoes I would do exactly the same thing, and I think it might have been dan dempsey who mentioned before how much good you are able to do in your current role. Thank you.

Mark Ahlness said…
Melissa, I believe you will have a bigger positive impact on Seattle's Schools in another way. Someday. Wait, rest, regenerate. With thanks - Mark
Anonymous said…
While you would have been a great candidate, the really good news is that HMM is NOT running. 2 excellent alternate candidates ARE running. The NE is in good hands.

mirmac1 said…
Melissa, you are a treasure. I can't imagine where we would be without your voice.
Eric B said…
Thank you for considering it, and I can't blame you for not running.

Does anyone have any scuttlebutt on District 1? Are there any candidates? Are they crackpots?
Linh-Co said…
Ditto on what Dan wrote. Deadline for filing is May 15. We still don't have a candidate for Sharon Peaslee's position.
Linh-Co, yes and that worries me. Whoever files, if it's just one person, just walked into office easy-peasy.

If you know of ANYONE who is interested in running in Peaslee's district (which is the far north district that stretches from east to west), please let me know.

mirmac1 said…

I watched today's GoogleDoodle and thought of you.

Nellie Bly
Mirmac, thanks for that. I really enjoyed that song.
Grandma Amy said…
I'm rooting for you WHENEVER you decide to run.
Amy Hagopian
You'd have been a formidable candidate and a great member of the board - but you're also doing invaluable work on behalf of our schools and our kids here on the blog. Thanks for everything you've done and will do.
Lynn said…
We'll still be here to support you when you're ready!
Lynn said…
I will admit to hoping you'd make a short term move to District One.
Lynn, well, that did cross my mind but the term "carpetbagger" isn't a pretty one.

I checked at the PDC; no one has filed yet.
Watching said…
Either way, Melissa, you are supported. Thanks for considering.

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