Saturday This and That

Amazing bird photographs - show the kids - from the Audobon Society.

 It's Independent Bookstore Day so get out there and check out your local one.
Take the Independent Bookstore Day Challenge! Visit all participating stores and be crowned Grand Champion: win 25% off at every store for a year!  
Heads up - John Oliver will be tackling the testing craze on his Monday night HBO show.  (If you don't get HBO like me, the show is usually on YouTube the next day.)  I can hardly wait.

Very moving reporting on NBC news last night on the Freddie Gray killing. 

An 11-year old boy sitting with his mom said he was afraid of the police. He was asked why and he said he didn't know what to do around them. His mother starts weeping and saying she wants her child to walk outside and feel safe.
"How do you tell your child to behave when they are not doing anything wrong?"
Quite the commentary on young people and relationships - the winner of the NY Times Modern Love essay contest for college students, No Labels, No Drama, Right?  I found it sad because there is something to the relationship related in the story but neither person wants to act on it.  Sometimes you have to have courage and say things out loud (even if it doesn't work out). 

A handy map for City Council district elections in case you were confused.  From the Seattlish blog, created by Alex Marple and Graham Klym. 

Who puts the "awe" in awesome? This young dancer.  From Art People gallery, art that bridges the gap between Fine Art and Technology.

Photo by Jordan Matter


seattle citizen said…
It's a beautiul Saturday, and a lovely day to support the poets, storyrellers, artists, photographers, and musicians of Ballard High School as they present their work at Spilled Ink, the annual Ballard arts event at the Ballard Public Library (not at BHS) 6:00-8:00.
(The art is on view for another week.)
C'mon over, hear good music, see good art, read good words....Brought to you by Ballard High School INK Arts Club and Ballard Public Library Teen Advisors.
Michael Rice said…
Just looking at that photo made my hips hurt!
Anonymous said…

-- Ivan Weiss
Anonymous said…
I like my choices in District 5 (North Seattle). Lots of diversity. Only one candidate has public schools on his list in a way that makes me wonder about his agenda.


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