Guess and Draw - New Times asks about Family Income and College

From the NY Times:

You Draw It: How Family Income Affects Children’s College Chances

How likely is it that children who grow up in very poor families go to college? How about children who grow up in very rich families?

We’d like you to draw your guess for every income level on the chart below.

Readers, tell us how you did.


Anonymous said…
Interesting to see where my assumptions were right and where they were wrong. Thanks for sharing!

Patrick said…
I guessed more of an S-shaped curve than actually exists... My guess was the percentage was low and level to about 20th percentile, then rising in a line, then leveling off at over 90% for the 80th-99th percentile incomes.
AnonMom said…
I also had more of an S-shape. Sadly, only better than 64% of the drawings.
Anonymous said…
My line was slightly s shaped but pretty close to the straight line solution.

-- Dan Dempsey

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