New York Regents Speak Up on Testing

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ProSleep Mom said…
I'm glad they are speaking up.

I'm speaking up for bell times tomorrow at the Board meeting. There are only 5 people signed up. If you have concerns about bell times, or anything else, you can likely get a speaking spot at the meeting.

Let the Board know what you think!
Anonymous said…
Well this NY Regents report is terrific.... BUT will anyone do anything of substance anywhere?

Arne Duncan has denied WA State an NCLB waiver because WA does not use Value Added Measures from testing in the evaluation of teachers.

VAM is completely unreliable but that does not matter.

The first cave-in using VAM occurred in the SPS around 2007 when the SEA approved using VAM in teacher evaluations.

There is so much wrong being mandated by "Leaders" and yet the nonsense keeps coming.

More folks at every level need to speak up. Find out where school board candidates and politicians stand on these issues. Is anyone accountable?

-- Dan Dempsey
JJ said…
The hyperbole,

"this experimental drug, this poison"

Aren't they referring the teacher eval process mainly and these regents, half of the total, aren't they just toeing the AFT line?
JJ, that may be true but it's pretty stunning that they would say this out loud.
Anonymous said…
JJ and Melissa,

Do you think this VAM is reliable and/or fair? If not, what do you mean by "toe the AFT" line?

Your words matter.

--enough already
Speaking for myself (and I didn't say "toe the AFT line", JJ did), I think VAM is neither reliable nor fair. And, I think that if it is enacted in any broad way, that we will see that soon enough.

Anonymous said…
What about the walkout?

What about evaluating teachers by test scores?

--enough already
Anonymous said…
Those particular regents are in the pocket of the teachers union (the AFT are the Teamsters of teacher unions). They can barely articulate their statements, which are not contextual.

It's like commie propaganda on this blog regarding the test. Credibility is fading fast.

Britney Spears
My credibility is fading fast? You signed your name "Britney Spears." Not going with the most credible moniker there.

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