Seattle Schools Having Tech Issues

It is being reported that as of 9 am this morning, there had been issues with the wireless system at Seattle Schools.  It likely halted SBAC testing for at least an hour.  Outages and/or slow system may still happen.


Anonymous said…
Will they make up the hour at the end of the year?
I guess the SBAC has free license to burn time with no accountability.

Sigh said…
Why do I think that the district will minimize and/or attempt to halt problems related to SBAC testing and computer issues?
Sigh said…
Clarification: Why do I think the district will minimize computer glitches/ SBAC?
Anonymous said…
SBAC/AIR had many issues of its own today, according to a friend who teaches in another district. Kids were logged out of their testing sessions (repeatedly) in the middle of the test, kids lost all their work & had to retype multiple paragraphs. Her FB post had nothing good to say about the whole testing experience.

seattle citizen said…
IMPORTANT notice to parents/students:
1) Class Pages are going away June 1st. Assignments, announcements, homework turn-in via that program, etc, will not be available the last two weeks of school.
1) Students should save anything they have on Fusion - documents, pics, etc because they might not migrate to new platform;
2) Hopefully, teachers can devise other ways of posting assignments, etc to students. I understand the district has set up a PUBLIC file share place for this purpose for those teachers who want to use it:
that teachers can use.

The district has told staff that the MySPS, Fusion, Class Pages etc system will go away June 1st, instead of after school ends. It is being replaced with "Schoolology", which is, a trusted source says, much better. The district wanted to keep the current system until after school ends but is feuding with the vendor.

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