Garfield Production of Rent

Kevin Bacon, who is in town yesterday for the Seattle International Film Festival, asked to visit a high school theatre class and Garfield was chosen. He came and spoke with theatre, film, newspaper and LA students.  (Coincidentally, I saw Bacon last night at SIIF where he gave a very funny interview and saw his new film Cop Car.  It's kind of a Stand by Me on speed - very effective.)

Garfield Theatre Department Presents RENT!
Garfield High School is proud to present Jonathan Larson’s groundbreaking rock-opera Rent. Set in New York City during the HIV crisis of the 1990s, Rent follows a year in the lives of Alphabet City’s bohemian residents as they struggle with issues of AIDS, sexuality, homelessness, and economic hardship. Although Rent deals with weighty and often controversial subject matter, its overall message is one of love, hope, and the triumph of the human spirit.
Garfield is the first high school in Washington State to perform Rent as it was originally intended, in its full and uncensored form. GHS students are known for their history of challenging widely held beliefs and opening up discussions in response to contemporary issues prevalent within our society. Students are involved in every aspect of the production, from the choreography to the pit orchestra to the set and costume designers. We invite you to come experience the culmination of their efforts at one of the many performances taking place in May. 

Remaining Dates: May 28, 29, 30

Time: All Shows 7PM

Location: Quincy Jones Performance Center, 400 23rd Ave, Seattle

Cost: $15 adults, $10 seniors/students – Purchase and print your advance tickets at home through

Parental Guidance Advised for Children Under 13


Anonymous said…
Good for Garfield!

RosieReader said…
Very wonderfully ambitious of Garfield. An ambitious production is also now on the boards at Ingraham, Les Mis opened last night. It's great to see these schools take it up a notch.
Patrick said…
Roosevelt's production of Mary Poppins was wonderful! If I didn't know better, I'd think the kids were professional ringers. Good to see a Broadway musical with the very large cast they were written for.

I will just say that except for the drama teachers/advisers and INCREDIBLY generous and dedicated parents, most of this theater activity would not happen. Thank you to all who work so hard for this.
GarfieldMom said…
The Garfield show was phenomenal last night. The audience was totally captivated.

I would love to see Ingraham's Les Mis. I'll check that out. Missed all of Roosevelt's Mary Poppins since it overlaps Garfield's run. But I did see their work in progress at the State Thespian Festival! I know they have graduated some students who have gone on to professional work, as has Garfield. Nathan Hale and Ballard have excellent programs too, and I believe Rainier Beach is starting up a program.

Melissa, you are spot on with your comment. Our theatre teachers -- all of our arts teachers -- are an incredible asset to the district. Amazing learning happens in theatre classes and programs, lifelong skills are developed, and for many kids it is what keeps them engaged in their school and other classes. And yes, major shoutout to the parents who support the hard work put in by students and teachers! Thank goodness Seattle has a love for the arts, we are all better for it.

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