Northshore District Working on Bell Times, Too

I heard from a friend who works for the Northshore district that they have been working on bell times as well.  Here's a link to what they are doing.  They appear to be further along than SPS.  I have not yet had the time to read all their documents but it may offer some answers to what SPS could do.

Update:  a reader sent me this info from yet another district, North Clackamas

The current 2014-15 North Clackamas school hours are:

Elementary School: 7:45 for 10 schools, 8 am for 4 schools & 4 schools at 8:15  > this would be very early for kids on free and reduced lunch
Middle School: 9:30 – 4:10
High School 8:35-3:10

Note that North Clackamas bus their high school students which is why the elementary school students start so early — to free up buses for the high school runs. I think they essentially have a 3-Tier system, but they weren’t familiar with that concept. (Seattle Public School high school students that qualify for transportation are issued Metro bus passes. However, school bus transportation is provided for special education high school students.)

I asked about the late start for middle school, if there are truancy issues for example or parents complaining about getting reluctant scholars to school and they said no, the biggest complaint is too early a start time for elementary school.

There are no plans to change the schedule next year. They have using this schedule for 10 years.


Anonymous said…
Bellevue school district is apparently looking at bell times as well. There is a parent survey circulating (created by the district). Not sure where they are in the process.

BSD parent
Maje said…
The Bellevue survey is an interesting one. They basically ask parents what activities they'd be willing to trade off (sports, clubs, childcare, commute, etc.) in exchange for a later start time. Though, to me, the survey does seem to be written in a way that supports the change.
Anonymous said…
When I was teaching in Texas, our elementary schools started at 7:45, and middle/high schools started at 8:30. Doors opened at 7:15 for breakfast etc. It seemed to work ok, and parents didn't have to worry about before-school care.
Anonymous said…
Are you sure only SPED students are bussed to and from high school?


Lynn said…
Here's a link to the most recent Transportation Report.

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