Views from the Seattle Schools Teacher Walkout

(Note: if anyone running for School Board has a photo they would like included, please e-mail it to be at and I'll put it up.)

Essay from a teacher, Jon McClintick (not SPS),  on 10 Reasons I'm Walking Out 

King County Ex Dow Constantine and SB candidate Leslie Harris

Ballard High School (photo by Rick Burke)

Kids and parents in the north end


mirmac1 said…
Repost from Jill Geary for School Board FB page"

"My support goes out to the teachers who will be marching to demand fair and full funding of education - they know what we need to give our students an excellent education! My heart will be with with them, as I spend the morning providing training to the dedicated attorneys with TeamChild - who fight everyday for the future of kids caught up in the legal system."
Anonymous said…
Great photo, glad they had nice weather for the walk, I mean march.

Seriously, I'm really excited to see the union do anything like this. A strong union here will only help.

Anonymous said…

You are posting this teacher walkout info. Are you still against the walkout?

--enough already
I myself did not think it would change the minds of those in the Legislature that do not want to fulfill McCleary.

As for PR, that photo is gold.

Sometimes you do things for several reasons and I think the WEA/SEA had that in mind.
Anonymous said…
marching won't do squat.
the republicans in Olympia are just daring anybody to do something. Inslee is taking a stand but where are the parents, the teachers, the public?

Wear a red shirt, big whoop; how about hitting the conservatives where it hurts?

how about a real strike, a general strike. It's been about 100 years now, I'd say we're long overdue.

old wobbly
n said…
I didn't and don't think the strike will make much of a ripple with Olympia, but I sure did appreciate so many red shirts in the streets. It was a nice show of solidarity finally.

And I appreciate Jon's comments.
Anonymous said…
Typcial against the walkout ("it won't change the legislature" is the sellout excuse) but be for an an actual strike or the visual value of the solidarity of red shirts.

Where do you think solidarity starts? Where do you think most on-the-fence SEA people get the backbone to start standing up?

Melissa's comments are typically backtracking when it comes to teachers. She "loves" teachers but states that she is for tying evaluations to testing (until realizing that it might not please Diane Ravitch, so regoups with a tortured explanation and is now "not really" for it). She then has an immediate gut reaction against the walk-out...until Nyland and the pwers-that-be are clearly on board (oops!). She subsequently posts photos and positive threads (people are not fooled).

Teachers taking a risk in the very jobs that put food on the table, who often support families (and are ordinarily are a far cry from, say, the Longshoremen),expecially in SEA, by walking out should be valued as a big step for the spineless SEA.

No one respects the fence.

--enough already
Anonymous said…
typos=old age nearsightedness


--enough already

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