Art Corps looking for Teaching Artists

Arts Corps, the largest nonprofit arts educator in the Seattle area, has some job openings for 2-4 teaching artists in the pilot for their new program Creative Schools Initiative for middle schools. 

From their website:

Through the Creative Schools Initiative, Arts Corps will provide high quality integrated arts experiences in schools. Teaching artists will be placed in middle schools where they will work closely with teachers, staff and students in the school day and after school, in order to enhance student learning and create an arts-rich learning environment.
Hillary Moore, Creative Schools Program Manager:, 206.722.5440
CLICK THE LINK FOR PDF:  Creative Schools TA Job Description


Anonymous said…
While the economy and my background may mean I'll end up applying for this, It's truly a shame that SPS isn't seattle's largest arts educator...
Anonymous said…
This post reminds me that there needs to be a thread about the SPS arts planning process. They got a $1million grant from the Wallace Foundation just to create an arts plan, but I haven’t heard much about what they are doing. I went to one of the community meetings about it and the district person made it clear that she was not going to talk about the process. $1 million is a lot of money and it can’t be spend on direct services or buying much-needed art supplies, instruments, or contracting with teaching artists like Arts Corps provides. Also, creating the plan is not a guarantee that the Wallace Foundation will fund the carrying out of the plan. LA planned for 10 years and then did not get implementation funding. What is SPS’s Plan B, where else will they get funding for the arts – not Seattle Office for Education. I hope that this doesn’t become another initiative that sits on a shelf. In a creative place like Seattle, our children deserve more arts and we deserve more transparency.


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