Husk update

Going into another press conference for Van Asselt issue. Husk is considering another offer elsewhere (don't know where). Q&A to come. Important to start considering an e-mail to the Board TODAY for your pick. They will vote tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Interesting... Either Frank Greer's up to his old tricks or there is a chink in the top secret vetting proces.

Hasta la vista, baby
Anonymous said…
I'll bet she doesn't want to get busted TWICE for saying she's only looking at Seattle.

Wait a minute. When discussing the Seattle finalist spot, she told the Statesman-Journal:

A hiring firm contacted Husk several months ago to gauge her interest in the position. Husk said it wasn’t the first time she had received a call about a potential job, but it was the first time she said yes.
“It was a tough decision,” Husk said. “This is a great district, and I enjoy every day I get to come to work.”

Oops, she did it again.
Anonymous said…
What old tricks would that be, on Frank Greer's part? I am not getting what you are seeing in this case.

Anonymous said…
Spreading disinformation through the media.

Hasta etc.
Anonymous said…
Oh I got that, Hasta. Just how would that help him in this case, since I thought Husk was his pick?

Anonymous said…
To pressure the board to make a move tonight and offer it to her, or risk she "drop out".

la vista
Anonymous said…
Let her drop out or go elsewhere.


This smacks horribly of behind the scenes political/business and business-as-usual pressure.

Not that I'm not biased. We don't need another 'I want to be a national-mover-and-shaker' on this Seattle stage. Not right now. Right now we need calm, competant, not high maintenance. We need someone not playing Seattle off against another opportunity for career gain. We don't need high pressure business tactics.

Anonymous said…
I hope she chooses the other district. Both of the other candidates are better.

I'm sure the Alliance will be disappointed. That's even better.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the clarification. I also think the other two candidates are a better fit for what we need right now. They don't seem so interested in the national stage, but more focused on the local issues. We are in desperate need of that kind of stability right now. I truly hope the Board sees that.

Anonymous said…
Maybe Husk is reading the blog and realizes she's not the favorite.

Anonymous said…
One can only hope.

I just posted my thoughts on the subject at The superintendent candidates for Seattle Public Schools: The good, the bad and the ugly.
Watching said…
Is someone trying to push Husk through the door before her dismal special ed. scores are noticed? Please check the Salem-Keizer Report card.

Also, Husk seeks autonomity- even if it means hiding information from the board under the guise of "privacy".
Anonymous said…
Dora, can we just cite your blog post in our email to the board? Will they read it????
mirmac1 said…
A -

Have them read this...

Statesman-Journal June 28, 2011

Husk not accepting new ideas, opinions

Dick Hughes' June 16 commentary regarding the school budget was so spot on.

Recently, our small coffee group that meets every morning (all Republican, logical-thinking, long-time Salem residents) had some suggestions regarding the school budget so we met with Sandy Husk to share our ideas.

To our dismay, we were met with a defensive and a know-it-all attitude from Ms. Husk, who informed us of her experience, credentials and what she intended to do about the budget. There was no sharing of ideas, no interaction, no openness to seek suggestions -- just a reminder to us that she was the king pin, the one who knows best.

Ms. Husk would not or could not take any suggestions from anyone who is not part of her "in crowd."

Ms. Husk had her mind made up, won't listen to anyone and is blind to accepting opinions other than her own.

The school board should re-examine Ms. Husk's attitude and position and not assume she is always right.

Sandy Husk is no leader. She needs to go back to Colorado, where her liberal views may be more embraced.
Anonymous said…

You can try that or do a cut and paste of various points that you want to highlight.

You can crib my post as much as you want to.

Anonymous said…
Dora, I read your take on the good and the ugly. I'm not sure why you dismiss Mr. Banda's bid because he's "nice enough", but Seattle needs more than that. Is it because we don't have enough info on Mr. Banda? Mr. Enoch has local (WA state) superintendent experiences in Spokane area and the San Juans.... so we have a great deal to go on. Much of what has been printed has been positive. Like others here, I'm having doubts about Ms. Husk candidacy because she appears to embody much that didn't work for this district.

But why not Mr. Banda? This is where I feel as a parent, this whole process has left me out. I don't have a good feel for Mr. Banda besides the short video clip. From what I saw, I like him, but am curious to know more. Googling hasn't yield much. Dora or anybody else, if you have more info or better impression about Mr. Banda, please share.

PS mom
Josh Hayes said…
I'm astonished the Board has to vote this quickly; it's hard to believe they've really had a chance to do the investigation of each candidate that they should have done before casting such an important vote.

That said, and based on what information has trickled out regarding each of the candidates, I find myself pretty much in agreement with Dora - mostly because we do have that local record for Mr. Enoch, and his age makes me think he's likely to regard this position as a capstone, not a stepping stone.
mirmac1 said…
Okay, this is laughable. Crosscut's "moderate voice" du jour Alison Krupnick says:

I’ve never tried speed dating but imagine it must be something like the media’s opportunity to meet the three finalists for the superintendent position, organized by Seattle Public Schools.

Teresa Wippel, the District’s public affairs officer, said she and a colleague developed the format so that reporters would have the opportunity to have their questions answered in a more intimate setting, rather than in a traditional press conference, where some reporters might dominate.
Anonymous said…

I feel the same way Josh does. I thought that we would have at least another week to work on this and I had planned to do more investigative work over the weekend then I got e-mails this morning saying that the board would be deciding tomorrow so I worked with what we all have been privy to.

After looking through all of the information, I really liked Enoch. He has very clear ideas on education, how to approach it in terms of students and I liked the way he stepped up to the plate when it came to funding schools in his district.

I thought, just as I wrote, that Banda seemed nice enough but there wasn't much that stood out, nothing of note.

If someone has something on Banda that makes him an outstanding candidate, please let me know.

Anonymous said…
The board decides tomorrow, but we (the public or press) haven't had a looksee at Dr. Husk. Why the rush?
Do you think they've already decided? What about the citizen advisory committee? Do those folks get input in the final selection or was it to select the final 3?

PS mom
Anonymous said…
If I was cynical and paranoid (which too often I am) I would thing that "the board is deciding tomorrow" actually means "the board has already decided".

Wondering said…
Why hasn't anyone asked about Husk's relationship with Enfield. Am I the only one thinking they know each other?

There are many connections i.e. Harvard educated, worked in Oregon etc.

I'm placing my bet.
Anonymous said…

I wondered the same thing on another thread yesterday. Seems very likely to me, too.

There is also the potential for the Vicky Phillips connection because...wherever you find Vicky, Susan has always seemed to follow.

--enough already
Just saying said…
A connection to both Susan Enfield and the consulting company would be an interesting combination.

Any bets?

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