Seattle Special Education PTSA Meeting

Seattle Special Education PTSA General Meeting
Tuesday, April 24th from 7-9 pm at JSCEE Auditorium

Topic:  Student Discipline/Elections of 2012/2013 PTSA Officers

We are pleased to welcome our guest speaker Stacy Gillett, Ombudsman with the Governor's Office of the Education Ombudsman, who will share a presentation on Student DisciplineStacy will cover the Procedural Safeguards related to Student Discipline for students receiving Special Education Services. She will also share thoughts on promoting a school climate, policies, and procedures that focus on understanding challenging behavior and teaching positive/expected behavior rather than punishing children.
We also have invited Pegi McEvoy, interim Chief Operations Officer, to share a brief Facilities and Capacity Management Advisory Committee (FACMAC) update at the beginning of the meeting.

Elections of Executive Committee Officers for the Seattle Special Education PTSA for next year will also take place at this meeting.  Nominations from the floor are welcome.



SeattleSped said…
Congratulations to our NEW Special Education PTSA leadership:

Khadijah Toms
Michelle Buetow

Co-Vice Presidents
Laurie Ford
Shaun Rose

Recording Secretary
Lynnette Husted

Corresponding Secretary
Pat Murakami

Mumtaz Zimbalist

I am very excited for the prospects next year in our work with the new superintendent and School Board.

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