DeBell's Statement on Enoch's Resignation

From SPS: A statement from School Board President Michael DeBell: “We enjoyed getting to know all three of our finalists last week and we are disappointed to learn that Mr. Enoch has withdrawn his candidacy. I want to thank Mr. Enoch for his interest in Seattle Public Schools and his commitment to public education. We know this is a two-way process and we want to find a leader who is a good fit for Seattle, and who believes Seattle is a good fit for them.”


Anonymous said…
For pete's sake, just call it. This sham theater is just mean. "Good fit" Ha, ha, ha. Hear that overused phrase to keep people out all the time! Yeah, guess it's just my tax money that's a good fit for this bunch.

-surviving SPS' process
Anonymous said…
I saw this question in an earlier thread but hope someone can explain here. Not being that closely involved, I don't understand how this process is "corrupted". Maybe my rose colored glasses are just that spectacular, but I hope that's all just speculation rather than fact.

Sunny side of the street
Anonymous said…
It's funny. Our $148K Exec Dir of Communications claims last Friday's chatty blurb about how the ham-strung Community Focus Group was all of a sudden issuing formal recommendations on stone tablets, was not written or vetted by her before posted on the website.

We all know how chatty the district has been about this process. Not really. Why would some underling take it upon herself on a Friday to write up an announcement on the sensitive selection process and not have it checked by her overpaid boss and/or legal.

Anonymous said…
As Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker, would say (while living in a van down by the river), "Well whoop-de friggin' do!"

Nice to see Michael has slid so comfortably into Sheryl Chow's former position as speaker who won't give up the mic, even though the last person in the room has left, fallen asleep, or died.

Why are our board members so compelled to make official, superfluous, needless statements, time and time again?

Dude: Call him, e-mail him, whatever. But quit wasting our time with needless "official" blather.


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