Board to Offer Banda Job

From SPS:

The Seattle School Board on Sunday discussed the qualifications of the Superintendent finalists and asked Board President Michel DeBell to contact José Banda, the current Superintendent of the Anaheim City School District.

“I spoke with Mr. Banda on Sunday night and told him the Board is very interested in having him as our next leader of Seattle Public Schools. Mr. Banda expressed his willingness to accept the position if offered,” DeBell said. “We believe he is a strong fit for Seattle.”

The Board met in closed session on Sunday night. They did not take a formal vote on the candidates, but did direct DeBell to contact Mr. Banda. The full Board is expected to officially name Mr. Banda as their choice during Wednesday’s School Board meeting (May 2), and then vote on the contract on May 16. If approved, the new Superintendent would start after July 1. 

Last man standing.

Update (10:36 am) - Press conference at 1:30 p.m. with Peaslee and McLaren to discuss superintendent issue.  The district's press release has emphasized "Sunday night" over and over so they want that known that they picked Banda before Husk's withdrawal.


From the wording it would seem they decided on Banda Sunday night with Husk withdrawing Monday morning.

Is that the real timeline? Don't know.
JS said…
Perhaps Husk gave them advance notice on Sunday before announcing it?

This is all sorta nuts, but I've liked Banda from the beginning.

I wonder what it's like in a boring school district?
Anonymous said…
If they decided on Sunday then they better be prepared for an OPMA issue.

Someone said…
OPMA? Open public meetings? why is that an issue?
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
What is Banda's special education track record?

cascade said…
High-priced, highly-public professionals don't yammer to their local paper before talking to the people pursuing him/her for a job.

Either the board quietly told her she wouldn't get the offer, so she was ready with a face-saving quote to her paper this a.m. OR MUCH MORE LIKELY - she told the Board this weekend she wasn't a fit and the Board grabbed fast at the last straw (Banda).

I don't mind Banda but what a tough way for him to start.
Anonymous said…
I think Mr. Banda will do just fine if we show strong support for him. I am excited. He was a close second to Enoch for me and when Enoch dropped out, I urged the board to pick Banda.

Very, very happy this morning.

Anonymous said…
Hey Melissa -

That is...I got word last night that he was offered the job but asked to keep it confidential until Wednesday's vote.

Anaheim Resident
Anonymous said…
I like him. He had real math in his district so we may have a chance to get rid of fuzzy math once and for all.

S parent
mirmac1 said…
I will gladly support him. Yay!
Anonymous said…
Real math! One can only hope.

Math is a big check mark in the negative column for public schools right now when you are deciding between private and public schools in Seattle.

Anonymous said…
Lynne Varner's Go! Husk! editorial is still prominent on The Seattle Times.

Looking forward to her insightful (irony intended) Tweets and editorial on this turn of events.

Agree with post in previous thread that all over town there are unhappy business people and Ed Reformers and politicians. That post forgot Burgess. He and his crew won't be happy either.

Not that I'm hugely pleased with Banda. Seems inscrutable from the coverage in the press to date. I also agree with the other post here that 'last man standing' is NOT a strong or hopeful start to a tough job. (I don't for a minute believe that Husk wasn't going to get the job. No doubt the board was screwed by having 2 dropouts, so it scrambled Sunday to decide whether "Banda" or "reopen search").

Savvy Voter
Anonymous said…
Once Husk announced she was withdrawing this morning, I think the board had to act quickly and make public its offer to Banda. Waiting until Wednesday would have been a bad idea.

dw said…
Let's hope Banda doesn't back out as well ! Without knowing what ultimately drove 2 of 3 candidates to run away, I'm going to wait until he actually accepts before even smiling.

Okay, that's not true. I had a big smile when I saw Husk remove herself from the running. Then I started thinking again about what a mess our district must look like to outsiders. I'm not sure Banda is the best fit for our district, but at least he doesn't look like a terrible fit, a la Husk. The job isn't Banda's until all parties have come to an agreement and signed a contract.
Anonymous said…
I hope Mr. Banda accepts.

Welcome to Seattle, what can I do to help?

--ok mom
Anonymous said…
Varner isn't the only one with egg on her face. Jonathan Knapp, teacher's union head, is looking worse here. He pushed for Husk, which a lot of teachers didn't like and apparently parents didn't either. As usual, Jonathan is only 50 percent as savvy as he thinks he is.

"Not A Knapp Supporter"
Anonymous said…
Yes, Banda seems like a reasonable person, but, he does not seem like the best person for this job (and, I am not saying ‘perfect’, just best). His lack of experience running a large, educationally diverse district seems like a glaring gap. Enoch was a clear winner – we would have been lucky to have him. Husk was unacceptable. Glad we are avoiding her.

This District has a confidence problem: after MGJ, the expensive mistake of closing schools, the fuzzy math Board-adopted textual materials, Teach For America, etc., it feels like the public does not have much confidence in the District (granted, that is just a personal perception). The District is on the verge of asking for a BILLION dollars with Banda at the helm. Not sure this is going to go well. If two out of the three finalists dropped out (window dressing or not), that would have given the Board the opportunity to pause and reboot – to instill confidence among the families, like ‘yes, we had a process, but, it is evolving, so, we are going to slow down and get this right, rather than hew to a pre-determined time-line and just get this done’. I would argue that it is a false premise to say we either have to gain the confidence of would-be superintendent applicants vs. the SPS families. Confidence is not a zero sum distributive problem.

Anyway, I wish Banda well, if he comes, and I will support him or any other Superintendent because I have to: my kids go to school and we are all in this together. And as for the billion dollar levies, I am not thinking they will both pass. Even though Seattle is known as the ed levy passing lapdog, with this economy, with so many people facing so many struggles, I am thinking this dollar figure and perpetual leadership issue may tip them over to ‘no’. (I do like Banda and I think Banda would make an excellent Chief Academic Officer for SPS and then ascend to Super in a few years; yes, that is right - hire them -- Enoch and Banda -- both!!! Because, we know Enoch's timeline was going to be not more than 5 years - they would have made an excellent team!!)

--scarred and scared
Maureen said…
I wonder if Phil Brockman would consider taking Noel Treat's old position? His District experience would do a lot to balance Banda's skills, especially at the High School level. And I think he deserves to keep moving up if he wants to.
Po3 said…
I also support Banda, it will be a steep learning curve for him. But he does not seem like he will feel the need to be beholden to the corp reformers agendas.

I think he will do just fine!
Anonymous said…
@Melissa to your press conference update: THINK about it> Husk made her withdrawl public in her paper this a.m. She would have told the board earlier. This indicates that Banda was the last man standing.

PartII: Who is giving the press conference? McLaren and Peaslee. NOT the president of the board (or the v.p. for that matter. Anyone notice how KSB leaves Peaslee and Patu and McLaren to twist in the political wind on controversial decisions even when she agrees with that voting block?)

No, I simply don't believe that Banda was the choice of the business interests side of the board, and no doubt there will be the usual whisper campaign soon to that effect so that they can cover their butts with their financial and philosophical backers. Hellooooo Greer, Bridge, Gates, Raikes, The Alliance, etc.

Savvy Voter
Linh-Co said…
I am thrilled the choice is Banda.
Anonymous said…
I would not count on Husk having told the board earlier than this morning, or even before contacting the press. I totally see her making a public announcement to withdraw once she got wind that she was not chosen.

calls it like I sees it
Anonymous said…
I do not understand why people think Phil Brockman should move up the ladder. What has he shown ELL or SPED? As an Ed Director, what rabbits has he pulled out of a hat? The business as usual thing would be very real if he were to be promoted further.

In with the new.
Charlie Mas said…
Mr. Brockman has been no friend of advanced learning either. He did not insist on real Spectrum at Wedgwood.
SpicyMess said…
Oh come on.

Go look back at every article about the job search for an appointed public official such as superintendent, city manager, fire chief, police chief around the country.

Virtually every one of them will say that those candidates who weren't selected withdrew their names before the final choice was announced.

That is how the game is played! It gives the candidates a way to save face and have to return to their positions which is now more difficult for them because their constituencies know they are looking for a job somewhere else.

The board made their selection and then politely told the other candidates so they could back out gracefully.

Holy shinola, some people look for any opportunity to dump on the Seattle School District.... with the Times leading the way.

Sometimes the district drives me crazy too, but this one isn't even close. They got the superintendent they wanted.

I, for one, am going to support Banda.
Anonymous said…
DeBell just on KUOW could have sounded less enthusiastic about Banda, but not sure how. He also basically said his colleagues are leaking information. Boy, his dispute with the 'opposing' opinion on the board appears to be getting to him.

He sounded tired. And old. Ironic given Enoch's reason for dropping out.

KUOW also just reported that Banda said 30 mins ago "he is in".

Ed Voter
Anonymous said…
Welcome Mr. Banda. I hope he accepts. It's a big job and I hope people will give him breathing room to learn the lay of the land. I hope Mr. Boesch will stick around or at least through the first year transition.

-hopeful PS mom
mirmac1 said…
"He also basically said his colleagues are leaking information."

Holy &*%$@*! What about him and his bladder-challenged buddy Frank Greer!?
Bruce Taylor said…
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Anonymous said…
"He also basically said his colleagues are leaking information."

And he knows this how -did he elaborate?

mirmac1 said…
I can state categorically, nobody leaked anything to me. That did nothing to stop me from advocating for Enoch and Banda.

Sour grapes DeBell?
Disgusted said…
"Jonathan Knapp, teacher's union head, is looking worse here. He pushed for Husk, which a lot of teachers didn't like and apparently parents didn't either. As usual, Jonathan is only 50 percent as savvy as he thinks he is. "

I agree. Karma is a ....
mirmac1 said…
More sour grapes from Lynne Varner:

"Some days you realize if you didn't produce anything, others wouldn't have anything to aggregate & critique."

Conversely, you produce animosity and discord, others will have LOTS to aggregate and critique!
Anonymous said…
Michael needs to step down from being president. Ever since Maier and Sundquist lost, he has changed. He is sore about not getting the vote he wanted and being a BIG BABY!!!

Po3 said…
"He also basically said his colleagues are leaking information."

Really Michael, gonna keep dragging the board down with this crap. It's new day, fresh start.

Get on board or get out.
mirmac1 said…
Question for everyone,

If I'm lucky enough to land a testimony slot, what message would you like me to pass along to our new Superintendent?

: )
Jack whelan said…
Like most people here, Enoch was my first choice, and I doubt age was the real issue in his choice to withdraw; He's an energetic man in his early sixties, and in my view that was an asset rather than a liability. I suppose we'll find out soon enough if he learned that he didn't have enough support and so chose to withdraw or whether he just didn't want the job.

I like Banda, and I truly believe we averted disaster in his being chosen over Husk. Whether or not he's the best possible fit or not, he's the best out of 40+ candidates who wanted the job. And he's someone almost all of us can enthusiastically support now that he has it.
mirmac1 said…
The Board met Sunday evening and there is no reason not to believe that meeting was for the purpose of selecting the next supt.

It makes sense the loser got the consolation call. I'm not surprised she "pulled out" to save face. Based on what I've read about her, it sounds like something she'd do.

There's no reason to believe the board woke up this morning to the Salem Statesman-Journal report, hurriedly convened a conference call, or working breakfast, or merely puffed smoke, and said Banda's our guy.

Makes me even happier Husk is across the state line. Drama Queen.
Someone said…
DeBell said on KUOW that he got message re: Husk at 7:00 am today - Phyllis Fletcher asked him if she "could have known" - he says there was a leak on Saturday re: Enoch - though he does not specifically state it was a Board member - though he does give that impression - and yes, he sounds extremely tired.

you can listen for yourself here
Floor Pie said…
Oh man, I've been on a preschool field trip all morning and missed this. Yay! Melissa, thank you for your excellent reporting throughout this whole process.
Floor Pie said…
Someone asked about Banda and special ed. Here's how he answered the question at his media interview (reposted from here

"[Melissa] asked him about Special Education in his district.
He said that leadership was the key and that he had recruited a Special Ed teacher to be the director of his program. He said they have a balanced program with more attempts to keep students in the regular classroom with an aide but with some pull-out work still needed. He said they have a good autistic program and had noted some students from outside their district trying to get in because of the quality of it."
Sahila said…
Kinda funny when a turncoat journo - Lyn Varner - spends time repeatedly tweeting that she couldnt care less what I - a fellow journo - think of her!!!
Anonymous said…
The moral of this story as we know it so far? It isn't the parents and students or the teachers that "scare off" candidates? It's the powers that be. I'll guess this is the case for Enoch. Husk's reasons? Hard to say but politicians know when to fold, don't they? She's a politician from a broken district. Oregon has been cutting school funding for years. She's a symptom not a problem. The difference being that she hasn't managed to find some light amidst the debris. You can go to the DeForm side of you can get real when you're spending other people's money. We'll be lucky if Banda says yes. He might be wise to say thanks, but California isn't as crazy as our stereotypes paint us to be. Look north.

Mr White
Jan said…
Not sure how I missed all this this morning. I for one am doing a total Snoopy happy dance. I am tickled pink! Frankly, when analyzing Enoch vs. Banda, I had one of those monkey with a hand in the cookie jar moments -- by picking the strengths that Enoch had, I was having to "relinquish" the stuff that I really liked about Banda -- and there was a lot of stuff I really liked! I hated to have to make a choice that eliminated getting Mr. Banda and his strengths. Time passes. Enoch, for whatever reasons (though I would love to really know them, and not just guess) is out of contention. I am really really REALLY happy we get Banda, and that he is in!

I also wish Dr. Husk all the best. Because of the recent history of this District, I don't think she could possibly have come in here and not fallen immediately into the same, tired, battlelines that have divided us now for the past several years. Her governance style, her past choices and policies, -- it all lined up woefully well with the ed reform crowd, and I think there would have been a huge backlash (or at best, a huge void of "nonsupport" from families, taxpayers, and teachers who believe that the decision-making process in the District has been tainted by money and flawed by politics and non-research validated decision-making. She is clearly bright and energetic. I know she said she was considering another offer. I hope wherever she goes, it works out for her.
Michael did sound tired on the phone interview with KUOW.

I can only say I didn't hear anything Saturday and knew nothing of any leak.
Jan said…
Ahh! Listening to Banda quoted on KUOW -- talking about "building a strong governance team WITH the board" -- emphasis his. Music to my ears!

I think he will have his hands full with board members who initially maybe don't want to "play fair" -- who want to be pouty and divisive. But I think they are a minority -- and maybe a really small minority. And that there are several others who will welcome that approach and management style.
Jan said…
ST article quote: "I think it's fair to say we are disappointed that Sandra Husk dropped out," said Anne Martens, a spokeswoman for the local chapter of Stand for Children, a national advocacy group."

Yep. I think that is fair to say, too.

Mirmac1: If you get a testimony slot -- all I can say is -- high road, high road, high road. This is no time for even a whiff of criticism against the ed reform guys. I guess if it were me, I would just want to let him know how highly we value a thoughtful approach that seeks first to understand the District, and then to make changes to improve it -- and how happy we are that he stayed in the process and chose US (since it is clearly a two-way street).
mirmac1 said…
Don't worry Jan. It'll be a lovefest! : )
Someone said…
I totally agree Jan re: "high road" - now is the time to be welcoming not critical - I like his "take the temperature" approach - there's a lot to be said for being the quiet observer for a while.
Annie said…
Good for him. Good for us. Now let's get this show on the road! Hurray....moving forward.
Anonymous said…
Jan @ 3:57

how did that high road thing work for Dukakis, Kerry, Gore ...? yawn on the high road.

If you're going to comment about Mr. Banda, by all means be ALL positive.

IF you're going to comment on the process which the Big Billy Boot Lickers tried to hijack for more of their Big Billy Boot Licking, THEN let the Big Billy Boot Lickers have it.

They're bullies - if they were reasonable, they wouldn't be bullies. Treating them nobly from the high road means that they know you're a noble wimp who they can stomp on with impunity. They crap on us, they lie to us, they backdoor us - but we'll be noblerer and gooderer!

How about letting them know that we KNOW who they are, and we KNOW that they're liars, and we're sick of them.

If you're a fourth grade teacher you need to give the 8 and 9 year olds all kinds of opportunities to succeed. If your a fourth grader who is getting jumped in the ally and who is getting your homework ripped up and who is getting your milk money taken, you might as well kick 1 of them in the knee, or, worse.

Watching said…
"The moral of this story as we know it so far? It isn't the parents and students or the teachers that "scare off" candidates? It's the powers that be"

Absolutely. Another lesson is that it is time for Jonathan Knapp to invest in Survey Monkey to be able to REALLY get teacher input. Jonathan hasn't been willing to do this. Such tactics has made it easier for Knapp to push forward HIS agenda.
Anonymous said…
Grow up, there is a time and a place for calling out bullies. This Wednesday is neither. The high road is definitely the one to be taking, at least this week. Let the man get his official offer in writing and legal board approval before slamming him with requests.

I for one plan to give Banda a chance, and at least initially have a little faith in his ability to figure out what is going on in our town. The man has eyes and ears, and we are all hoping he knows how to use them.

Anonymous said…
I can't help but enjoy the thought of the very paternalistic (on a good day) DeBell having to share the spotlight with a male superintendent. Watch how completely different his tone and demeanor will become at board meetings now that he doesn't perceive himself as the alpha dog anymore. I see this behavior in the primary classroom on a daily basis among insecure boys.

A big thank you to Sharon Peaslee and Marty McLaren, as well as Betty Patu (as always). They clearly did the right thing. Knapp (a horribly hapless politician) fortunately doesn't "own" McLaren.

Too bad that Smith Blum has to keep a low profile about this choice of Banda (since she has been targeted for defeat by the people that Jan and others want to take the high road with). Smith Blum is playing both sides of the fence (as revealed in the SPSleaks emails that alluded to her conversations with Jon Bridge).

Regardless, she was clearly the swing vote here, and needs to be commended for choosing the needs of the community over the pressure of the powerbrokers. A big thank you to Kay Smith Blum, too.

--enough already
Jan said…
Grow up -- Maybe we only quibble on timing and audience -- not substance.

I agree with you that trying to take the "high road" with bullies -- something that moderate democrats and independents do WAY too much of when dealing with the bullying element of the current republican party -- is more than useless. I am just saying that Mr. Banda shouldn't be pulled into any of this, at this point -- and, since the Board made a NON ed reform platform decision, for the first time in I don't know how long, this is no time to be carping at them either.

I have no clue what went on at any of these executive sessions (oh, to have been a fly on the wall); I have no clue how votes came down, who was reasonable, who was "stubborn," who "valiantly held out" for a position (stubbornness seen from a different angle). But a superintendent was chosen who is NOT solidly ed reform by credentials and past policies, and who was clearly NOT the pick of the ed reform political groups. On this one -- I say "high road" all the way -- at least on Wednesday night.

I DO agree, though, that the tone and content of my speech would change significantly if you put me in a room with a microphone and Chris Korsmo, Lisa MacFarlane, Sara Morris, etc. etc.

By way of comparison to the bigger political picture, I got the clear sense from the LAST presidential election that a sizeable number of Republicans simply do not acknowledge that democrats and independents have any authority whatsoever to govern this country. In the opinions of these folks, democrats/independents are wrong, and they simply don't have the right to be in power -- regardless of the vote count. Given that as their premise, they give themselves carte blanche to adopt any tactics necessary to destroy governance when democrats are in the majority, demean them, and cause their defeat. Really, not much -- short of murder -- is off limits. All legislation, all forward progress on economic or social issues, everything can and should be sublimated and "sacrificed" if necessary to the imperative of regaining Republican power. These were the teaparty folks who talked with heady glee about how they had "almost taken the government down" last summer! (Mind you, old-style Republicans -- Reagan, Bush I, Ford, did not ascribe to this radical view - nor do all current republicans, but there is an element, and not a tiny one, in the party.) But, when this is what is on the other side -- you are correct. The "high road" is both dangerous and irrelevant, as they perceive it as either stupidity, naivite, or weakness, and exploit it without mercy.

I wonder whether there are possibly some groups out there seeking education reform that are NOT infected with this sort of 'take no prisoners' moral righteousness. I suspect there must be, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. If there are, the "reasonable" anti-ed-reform group needs to be careful to distinguish between those who are rotten (and basically know they are supporting big business privatization, and are just lying about it to cover while they accomplish it) and those who are advocating for some of the same things (for example -- folks who would genuinely like to see nonprofit, locally grown and supported charters -- as a sort of alt with a MOU and enough goverance autonomy and distance to not get eviscerated in the next superintendent change) but whose motives are every bit as good as I think mine are. Because if I start to think of myself as a "victim" of the ed reform crowd -- the way that Republicans think of themselves as "victims" of a gullible populace that elected a Democratic president who (in their opinion) has no authority to govern -- I risk letting my victim mentality "give me permission" to become as mindlessly meanspirited and vindictive as they are. And then -- I risk becoming a bully as well.
dan dempsey said…
Anonymous said…
hey hopeful at 4:52 -

I remember very well voting for hope, AND HEALTH CARE,

in 1992

and in 2008 -

how did kow towing to Joe Lieberman work for ALL of us in 2009 and 2010?

IF you're going to talk about Banda on Wed, THEN be positive.

IF you're going to talk about Billy Boot Licking bullies, then hit back.

unlike you, I'm not telling everyone that all of us should just be singing kumbaya -- did you ever hear of this country called the USA, which spends 50% more on 'health' than ANY industrialized nation and which leaves 40 or 50 million without access (well, except something blows up and they're carted into the emergency room) - this country which elected these HOPE guys to fix healthcare, and then all the Queen Anne and Cap Hill and Wallingford kind of weenie Democrats said "let's be positive" and things ONLY got worse?

YOU want to be nice to bullies, go ahead! YOU don't like people who call out bullies? Then hang out with your hand wringing wimpy buddies preoccupied with boo-ing us meanies, cuz then you won't wake up HOPE-ing you don't end 1 of those 50 million living on Cross Your Fingers 'health' insurance.

(pst - do you know what is happening nationally in education cuz of the crap the Billy Boot Lickers are pushing, relentlessly and endlessly? YOU be nice to them - and when you're kid is taught by a new TFA'er every year, don't come crying to me. )

Jan said…
Glad you're happy, Dan. May all your dreams for better math books come true!
mirmac1 said…
enough already, your gratitude is not misplaced. As late as Sunday night 10pm, I felt all was lost. It wasn't until I logged on this am and felt SO HAPPY. Thank gawd for the post-menopausal posse (my pet name) handing it to DeBell with no "ifs, ands, or buts".

I will take the same high road i did with Enfield, until I saw she was more of the same but with Avon calling. It didn't take but the first time of listening to her defend her lying bootlickers that I knew it was a lost cause.

Like I said, lovefest as long as the Superintendent-whisperers aren't there...
Anonymous said…

The PMP kicks *ss! Your Goodloe-Johnson/Husk separated-at-birth info was instrumental, too.

gotta go...I hear the doorbell ringing..."Avon calling"

--enough already
Anonymous said…
Knapp defeated Muhs by a healthy margin. What does that say about our membership?

What a win it could have been with Banda/Muhs.

A man like Banda has had to pull himself up by his bootstraps and knows the challenges. I bet he'll be a good match for Seattle kids.


Anonymous said…
Jan at 6:22

There are a lot of speaking spots on Wed. Certainly the players who've been outspoken over the last bunch of years could consider using Wed. night to say

"WELCOME Senior Banda!"

They could also do it on 16 May.

IF we had Billy paying us all to organize our message, then we would DEFINITELY want to have a subset of messaging (2 out of 20?) addressed to warning the bullies.

You bring up points about the ed deform crowd which I've mentioned before, and which get forgotten / lost in commenting - there are a lot of reformers who ARE good people, who mean well, who are busy, and who are being used by the venal string pullers.

I think the venal are a minority - but - they're well coordinated, they're focused, they're relentless, they've got those Don't-Bounce-Paychecks from 5th Ave by Seattle Center washed through the alphabet soup of A$tro Turf$, and, they're the string pullers.

It is possible that the venal have been put on notice just by skimming this diary - however - people like them spend so much of their lives telling each other how important and how significant and how interesting they all are, I doubt they'd deign to lower themselves to this bastion of little peeps who know no body.

Let's celebrate diversity!!! Let's have 2 speakers out of 20 go public Bashing the Billy Boot Lickers! ;)

Anonymous said…
Also, Knapp is a protege of Olga who said at a recent RA that the SEA president's term should be longer than two years. And Olga was the one trying to accelerate the vote on the MOU for creative approach schools.

He's comfortable with Olga's style and Olga was comfortable with Enfield. Knapp will have some challenges ahead.

Anonymous said…
You know, Grow Up, I think you diminish yourself when you use the welcome mat to a new super for bashing the other side. It is possible to really promote the values of our side without clubbing the other side. He'll get it.

Let's really articulate the values we hope and think he brings to the job that we treasure. Those values that Patu, McLaren and Peaslee represent on the board. Perhaps a few kudos for them during the testimony will send a message. Include Blum-Smith for good measure.

cascade said…
Let's go back to a point Savvy Voter made earlier: Who gave the press conference today? Peaslee and McLaren. Why is that odd? Because you would expect the president of the board would be the one giving the conference. That's how it always works. Or in the case of a prior commitment, the vice president of the board.

Look for more than a second and you see DeBell signaling to his 'community' that he did not love this decision. And assuming KSB was part of the vote that swung Banda over Husk, tacky also that KSB did not show up. Let the newbies handle it! That way, if Banda doesn't deliver DeBell, especially, can step back and whisper 'Wasn't My Decision'.

Come to think of it, where was the Alliance in the quote for the Seattle Times story? Where was McGinn? Where was LEV? Where was Burgess and Miller for the Families and Ed Levy?

There are 3 reporters named to the story. No doubt all the politicos got called, but no one said a peep. It is A Statement.
Anonymous said…
To those who are speaking about Jonathan Knapp's position on the Sup search -
Where are you getting your information? I'm teaching in the district and have been watching the SEA posts, etc. and have seen nothing. I have heard little talk about the search and what I did hear was negative about Husk. Her firing librarians created a lot of concern. I can't see SEA folks supporting Husk.

Anonymous said…
If DeBell really is dissing our new super by passing off his duty to welcome the guy, that is a contemptuous action. I don't care who we owe for the hiring of this guy, it is simple courtesy to do your part in welcoming your new partner in Seattle Schools.

I have nothing but contempt for DeBell if that is the case. I have no reason to think it isn't. Who has welcomed new supers in the past? If it is rotated, then I will reconsider. But if this is a first move on the part of the reformers, then Krupnick better go back and reconsider her Crosscut column on civility.

Jet City mom said…
Orange county paper readers suggested that compared with students in "Anacrime", Seattle will be a piece of cake.

I think that very well may be a good point.
Banda may have been the 2 nd choice for many after Enoch bowed out, but he likely will surprise & please those who kept an open mind.
mirmac1 said…
Does anyone know where we can see full video of the presser this afternoon?
Anonymous said…
DeBell is tacky and needs to step down. Love the comment about the PMPs. Thank you ladies!!!

Disgusted said…
"If DeBell really is dissing our new super by passing off his duty to welcome the guy, that is a contemptuous action."

I've been questioning DeBell's leadership for a while.

Post Silas Potter, DeBell spoke against corruption and promised transparency. Mirmac's comment is disturbing. If there was any wrong doing- it needs to be exposed.
Anonymous said…
Part of the conference video is on King5

Jan said…
Does anyone actually "know" what the vote was? If we are all assuming (even if we have LOTS of grounds for our assumption), I would keep the "thanks" at the meeting VERY broad and general and inclusive -- for a couple of reasons. First, we don't really help those who, with such integrity, represented our voices -- after we elected them -- by choosing Banda over Dr. Husk. To the extent we are guessing right -- that there was a split, along ed reform lines, we make their work harder by publicly drawing attention to splits, factions, board power politics. You KNOW there is already meddling and a whisper campaign in that direction -- how electing the hoi polloi, the unwashed and unchosen has led to an unmanageable, activist board that will hurt the District. Pshaw, I say. But! They need, and will continue to need, all the maneuverability they can muster over the next couple of years, given Board composition. THEY know we know. When we stand up there and say "thank you," THEY get it. Meanwhile, the juvenile in me sort of gets a kick out of thanking those (publicly) for whom no thanks are probably due -- let them sit there and grit their teeth. It will do them good to need to look smily and enthused even if, in fact, they are not. Give them no "out" to stoop so low as to fail to publicly endorse and support Mr. Banda, now that they have hired him and are responsible for doing THEIR part to make his tenure a success, by allowing a public acknowledgement that they do not wholeheartedly support him (if in fact they don't). Save the singling out for emails, letters, or the single director meetings.
If those who might have preferred Husk are inclined to lose graciously and really put their hearts into backing our new guy -- after all, of the 20 resumes they asked to review -- they selected him as one of 3 -- this guy was not "foisted" on anyone, he was CHOSEN! -- let's make it as easy as possible.

We have plenty of battles coming -- BEX, the next TfA contract, -- some of them "ed reform" and some not. Plus -- while Dr. E really did do some good work in restaffing some of the downtown stuff -- I have a real fear that C and I is full of snakes and lizards -- Exec Ed Directors some of whom don't have the temperament, values, or experience to be "leading" the principals they are in charge of; principals who rule their schools through meanness, bullying, retaliation, and fear. PIPs that, if they ever hit the light of day, would be absolutely impossible of performance (and thus probably actionable in a court of law). And I can only imagine what Mr. Banda will think when he sees the staff reviews on the worst schools!
There was no "vote" - it was a selection. Yes, he was chosen.

The vote comes on Wednesday night to offer him the job. Then, he accepts and the final vote is May 16th with the final contract.
Anonymous said…
To Teacher/Parent re Knapp:

A poster made the comment that Knapp was pushing hard for Husk. From that, some of us gleaned that it was true. That's the only evidence I have to support my comment. I don't really know if it is true. It was presented as if the poster knew.

n... who really doesn't know.
suep. said…
The Times is saying the selection of Banda was (ultimately?) unanimous.

Next Seattle schools chief Banda: Building trust at top of to-do list

The Seattle School Board's unanimous selection of José Banda as the next district superintendent came after 3-1/2 hours of closed-door deliberations Sunday night, officials said. The choice is expected to be formalized at a public meeting Wednesday.
Dorothy Neville said…
"To Teacher/Parent re Knapp:

A poster made the comment that Knapp was pushing hard for Husk. From that, some of us gleaned that it was true. That's the only evidence I have to support my comment. I don't really know if it is true. It was presented as if the poster knew.

n... who really doesn't know."

The commenter who said that Knapp was lobbying McLaren for Husk was DWE. That person is definitely a credible person, very involved in the board directors campaigns and a teacher in Seattle. I won't say more because we aren't supposed to out anybody, but those are his actual initials.
Anonymous said…
I work in the district & am a SEA rep and also worked on a board campaign. I have kept my ear close to the ground and have heard no opinions from SEA. It doesn't make sense to have released opinions about the search while it was ongoing or to have supported a candidate that was unsupportive of union workers.

Scrawny Kayaker said…
+1 to all Grow Up's comments.

The "centrist" Dems (Clinton and Obama would both be considered center-right in any European country) and corporate media have let the right wing run free for so long that hardly anyone remembers hearing anything other than "Wall-Street-uber-alles" uttered in public. After even the Clinton-based economic collapse (who's administration created the Financial Services Modernization Act? Bill C.'s) failed to discredit this neo-liberal hegemony in the press, Occupy Wall Street FINALLY got some visibility for opposing views.

Calling "bullshit" explicitly on union-busting, corporate charter-schooling, astro-turfing jackasses is a COMPLETELY appropriate public message. I'm sure someone a little less deranged than myself can be polite yet also twist the knife.
Anonymous said…
To Teacher/Parent & Dorothy at 8:07 --

I am also involved in SEA stuff, and I did help school board challengers.

I had heard from 1 of the un-indited co-conspirators who'd worked to dump Sundquist et al that Knapp was pushing Husk.

I've been involved since the brief Brian era, so I've been around (randomly) for all of Knapp. Knapp is incredibly consistent about treating us know no bodies like little nothings - every random SEA meeting I've been to I've heard him regale us petty peeps with poetry from on high - WHAT is the conventional wisdom from the inside the inside club, touching elbows with Chris (Gregroire) and Maria (Cantwell) and Patty (Murray) and Countless Other Names To Drop.

While I had no direct evidence of what he thought or what he said, after him singing Enfield's praises and after him bellying up to the bar with DeBell and Burgess and Mary Lindquist on his last minute midnight 'creative' school thing, and all the other Arne Loving Actions ---

He never surveys us, but, he does love telling elected officials how he speaks for the SEA.

My trust of the guy to be a NON Arne Loving sell out iz zilch.

Anonymous said…
Funny, Growed up. Truly, in my heart of hearts, I think and feel like you. I'm so disgusted and tired of the politics and political correctness of it all.

But, you only alienate when you are too rash or quick to negativize (is that a word?) a situation. So, I'll have to empathize with you in spirit but disagree in fact and action. We've got to start out on the righteous side before giving up and getting dirty. We need to start with a positive attitude if we want his support. :)

one who is so, so sorry Muhs and Hall lost...
Anonymous said…
Banda is going to have his hands full trying to bring together the ingrained special interests reflected in the polarized wealth vs. average groups. Seattle has a coterie of young millionaires who really, really think they know best and really, really want their way.

Jan said…
Hmm. How about this, Growed Up.

I feel as though it is only fair that Banda be given time and space without mudballs whizzing around the room (even if not aimed at him) and am inclined, from years of positively reinforcing my kids, to reward the Board with thanks for a job well done.

BUT -- as far as I see it, KNAPP and the SEA are fair game. MORE than fair game. It seems to me that it would be a really good thing for the School District if a number of really unhappy people who are SEA members started now -- right now, this minute -- to figure out how to do sufficient outreach that Knapp does not stay in his current position.

I am not saying "go away" (at least I don't mean to). But maybe redirect for awhile, to a swamp that seriously needs draining, while our new Superintendent gets a chance to ramp up and come up with his list of priorities for change.
Jan said…
n -- I can't go there right now. I woke up again today thinking --

wow. We got someone who wants to come in with no "preprinted agenda."

He doesn't have a "book" for the Board to all read so they know what HE wants THEM to do.

He doesn't have some scammy "board contract" wherein he agrees to nothing, but the Board hands over its authority to speak for the community that elected it.

This is just such great news. I am SO happy!

--trying to head off euphoria
Anonymous said…
We're on the same page, Jan. I want him to feel welcomed and positive and confident that his ideas will be front and center. I don't want him to feel that he will be second-guessed every minute or that he is constrained by some priority from special interests. He's an educator himself and he has worked hard for his position. I'm ready to give him the lead. I sense a compassion in him. Hope I'm not wrong about that and hope that his compassionate side doesn't get beaten up in this environment.

I watched a portion of McKenna's presentation to LEV on TVW I think it was. Even though it was LEV, many questions and comments centered on prioritizing early childhood education. Pre-K, that window of opportunity from birth to five. So much, in fact, that I wondered why such dominance of teacher evals. I was struck by that. McKenna never had a good answer because it takes money. An easier answer is to expect magic from teachers and blame them when magic doesn't happen.

There's a disconnect there. If McKenna is serious, he'll quit blaming teachers and find the money for a whole new paradigm to reach all kids earlier. He's a Republican. He's got the connections. No more excuses. Find the money and do it right, McKenna. I might even vote for you.

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Wow, GrowedUp, Nice that you went to some random SEA meetings since Brian (RIP) was here. I've been around since Tammy & Donald, but I still need actual evidence and facts before I make a decision. No wonder this blog has never attracted district teachers. I seldom post and recent postings aren't attracting me to do so.
Nick said…
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