The charter schools bill is dead. 

At least for this session as lawmakers finally got a budget passed early this morning (like 5 am). From the AP:

Sen. Ed Murray, Senate Democrats' lead budget writer, lauded the fact that lawmakers didn't make cuts to K-12 or higher education, as they have in past budgets.

"That's key," he said following the vote.

Good news for all of us.

Now do I think that's the end of charter legislation?  Of course not.  There is money to be made and chits to be cashed in and so we will see the Son of Charter Legislation in the next session.

Will it be a smarter bill?  I doubt it.  For example, I have seen a lot of disingenuous talk both from legislators as well as ed reform groups over how charter schools can ONLY be non-profit when the bill specifies that the non-profit can then go out and contract services to for-profit companies including operating and managing the school. 

And, it may have to come down to a vote of the people again.  That's fine with me.


Patrick said…
Good, now we wait to see what the budget looks like when people can read it by the light of day.
mirmac1 said…
Who should run against Rodney Tom, D -Edupayola?
Bird said…
Reader's might want to review the Washignton State PTA annual convention voters guide, particularly the resolution on "Equitable Educational Opportunities" which aligns the PTA in support of charter schools.

Find out who your PTA is sending to the convention and let them know how you feel about this resolution.
Bird, I have a separate thread almost ready because yes, this is very important because parents and PTAs need to take a stand on this issue as it is clear Washington PTA intends to give this issue support.
KG said…
No cuts to Public education?

That is a lie. I-732 continues to be suspended and our money goes to the Aerospace giant. That is a cut to education.
KG said…
No more votes on Charters, it lost 3-times before. If it gets put on the ballot then all the Charter pros can pay for the entire cost it burdens the state with.
Well yes, KG, they did cut that saying it never had a funding source nor was it implemented every year. Many excuses were made about I-728 and I-732 and it should be a lesson to us all.
Anonymous said…
The Ed Reformers are celebrating their success down in Olympia.

SFC Tweets: "Heading to the South Lake Union Discovery Center for our end of #waleg celebration 5-7pm with Rep. Pettigrew & Sen. Litzow. See you there!"

Ross Hunter+Lisa McFarlane (DFER)

TFA Tom Stritikus (UW Dean of Ed) w/Stand For Children Organizer

Pettigrew+Partnership4Learning& Others


Pettigrew: "We had incredible successes this session...our numbers are growing.

mirmac1 said…
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