Garfield Grad Wins Pulitzer

It was announced yesterday that Eli Sanders, a 1995 graduate of Garfield High School and a writer at The Stranger, won a Pulitzer prize for his account of two Seattle women attacked in their home in July 2009.   The article was called "The Bravest Woman in Seattle" and it was one of the best and most difficult articles I've ever read. 

These two women, who were life partners, were attacked as they slept in their bed by a criminal who raped them, beat them and ultimately killed one of them as the other ran for help.  The story was not so much about the attack as about the surviving woman's ability to stand up on court and tell her story.  And, it was a story about two people who loved each other and planned a life together.  These were real women and not just two faceless victims and Mr. Sanders gave their story voice and dignity.

Congratulations to Eli Sanders and The Stranger. 


Hippy Goodwife said…
That was a very powerful piece of journalism, it was harrowing to read. I cannot even imagine living it.

Congratulations Eli Sanders. Well done.
seattle citizen said…
Congratulations to Mr. Sanders on a job well done. That was indeed a harroing piece of journalism, but very well told. He earned that Pulitzer, no doubt.

And my condolences to the victims of that horrible crime, a crime Sanders reported in the most gentle and respectful manner.

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