West Seattle Blog Video on Candidates

Didn't know this was available but our colleagues over the West Seattle blog have videotape of the candidate interviews (only one 15-minute segment each).  It is a great way to hear and see the candidates for yourself. 

I believe that the public has the right to hear these people to inform their own opinion so I am glad for the opportunity to bring them to this blog. 



I will, of course, post Superintendent Husk's when it is available (likely sometime today).


Tracy @ WSB said…
Just for credit where due - we did credit it in the copy following each one - the clips were recorded by the SPS communications team; we expressed interest since there was no way I could get "off the island" to cover all three days, and I'm sure there were others in the same strait. Highline's recent superintendent search included a lot of material offered/linked in this way. Anyway, I haven't heard about one from the Husk interviews from today ... I see the communications folks had other matters to deal with today, so maybe got sidetracked, we'll see. We've been linking to your coverage too, as well as the Times, knowing that at the very least both of you would definitely be covering all three days!

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