McLaren Meeting Today

I missed posting this before but Director McLaren has a community meeting today from 1:15-3:00 pm at the West Seattle Library, 2306 42nd Avenue SW.   

The Board continues their superintendent finalist discussion (albeit with one fewer person - details to come when I get an official press release) later this afternoon.

I am hoping that if they cannot find agreement for a number one choice, that they can all agree to their second choice.  Meaning, they need to have a united front on this issue and a split vote on a candidate is no way to start that person's tenure.

Better to be united in agreement on the second choice than the hard feelings of a majority vote that 2-3 other Board members did not concur on.


mirmac1 said…
I respectfully disagree Melissa. As we have heard over and over again from all sides is: the Board's job is to hire the Superintendent, their ONE employee. If there is EVER a time to stand your ground and vote your morals, then here it is.

Does anyone think Bill Gates feels he has to compromise? Likewise his minions and politicians/lobbyists? We could wait until we are dead in the ground, Gates money will still be fronting those "education advocacy" fronts.

I cried when I heard that Steven Enoch elected to remove his name. I blame DeBell, Carr and their cocktail claque for that. Guess I will have to continue my guerilla campaign against their crap...
Anonymous said…
Enoch dropped out. It's now on the times home page.

mirmac1 said…
I have emailed him and let him know I am DEEPLY disappointed he would not be helping our kids.

I am very sad.
Anonymous said…
C'mon Melissa -

There are an odd number of board members so that a decision can be made - and when getting "consensus" means we get a 7-0 MGJ clone instead of 4-3 better for all better candidate, what the hell is the point of "consensus"?

Oh yeah, there are 7 board members, instead of 3 or 5, so that when you have a variety of opinion - which is natural in a large city - the 5-2 or 4-3 split votes should represent a LOT of factions, or, at least there is a higher likelihood of many factions being represented, instead of only having to corrupt 2 out of 3.

I'd love to see HMM and Sherry and DeBell on the losing side 4-3 votes for the next 2 years -

it would show that the Billy Ring Kisser faction(s) of elitists and phake 'leaders' was losing to us know no body nobodies.

What I meant is that despite the real need by the Board to have a united front, I think by this point that some members of the Board would refuse to vote yes to a candidate they did not want.

The Board is then in the position of either posting a 4-3,5-2 vote that everyone can see and make a judgment about OR the Board looks at each other and says can be all agree to the second choice more easily and gets a united vote.

Now that Enoch is gone, it is much harder but there is NO one to blame but HYA and DeBell.
Jan said…
Melissa -- maybe I am just distracted by my disappointment that we now have no chance of getting Mr. Enoch (rather than a slim chance) -- but could you remind me -- who is HYA? I have run through as many initials as my dismayed mind can cough up -- and can't come up with it.
Charlie Mas said…
@ Jan,

HYA is the executive search consultant company that the Board hired to help them with the search.

Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates

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