Interested in Later High School Start Times?

A group has been formed, the Later Start Time Working Group, and they are having a meeting this Thursday, the 26th, from 5-6 p.m. at the Wayward Coffee House on 65th and NE Roosevelt.


Anonymous said…
Will there also be a group "Earlier Starts for Elementary"?

elementary parent (third tier)
Well, if the district did go for later starts for high school, then probably elementary would start earlier.
bo roth said…
What I don't get is that they always tell us it's a bus issue, but Hale starts later? It doesn't seem to have the same issues. I'm all for it!
What I have been told about Hale is that they don't have the same numbers of Special Ed students and so don't need the yellow bus service that Special Ed students need.
Anonymous said…
I too have been wondering why Hale gets to do what they want on the start times.

I am all for later start time for middle and high schools!

makes Sense
Anonymous said…
High schools don't get yellow bus service except for disable and spec ed students, so the bus should not be the issue in start time for HS

Maureen said…
@Ringo, except of course that disabled and special ed students Do Go to High School. Do you care to clarify what you meant to say?
Anonymous said…
I'm with Ringo -- hard to believe the buses drive the issue when they serve only the Special Ed and disabled students. How many buses can that possibly be per school? I guess that sort of thing is what this working group will find out.
Anonymous said…
I'm with Ringo -- hard to believe the buses drive the issue when they serve only the Special Ed and disabled students. How many buses can that possibly be per school? I guess that sort of thing is what this working group will find out.
SP said…
How would after school activities (especially sports- playing other districts) work one hour later? It seems there is very little time left at the end of the day for homework as it is, sometimes...
Hi Seattlites,

There is a national initiative to Start School Later that began in the fall 2011. Historically local groups have had a difficult to impossible time getting school districts to change this, so people across the nation are joining forces. On the website you can find lots of scientific support for starting school later.

The petition for legislation with >500 Wa state signatures was presented to Senators Murray and Cantwell last week in WaDC. Now is a great time to contact them with your support of this initiative.

I'm a sleep specialist here in Seattle, and greatly support this goal. If you'd like help with this locally please let me know. Unfortunately I can't make it to your meeting on the 26th.

Catherine Darley, ND
Steering Board member, Start School Later
Anonymous said…
Elementary should start earlier, they get up early anyway and parents often need to go to work. High school should start the latest because they can get themselves to school and because high school kids are naturally night owls. They need to sleep longer in the morning.

One of the reasons we chose Hale was becaue of its late start time. Competing with other schools doesn't seem to be a problem.

Future Hale Parent
Anonymous said…
I teach and I am not a morning person! However, if it is better to not sleep-deprive children, we shouldn't do it. No matter the adjustments to be made. Honestly, we're talking the health of our kids here and sleep deprivation has consequences.

We are a flexible people. Maybe sports will go a little later. Maybe we'll shorten quarters. Maybe not everyone will think sports is the end-all and be-all of life. Maybe kids will actually get a better education.

Students who have jobs - that's the biggest because some families depend on income from kids now. Jobs that provide spending money for gas and activities; well, again I am for health during the growth years and education which will hopefully help provide a better income for a lifetime.

I hope this happens.

Unknown said…
I would love to see the elementary schools start earlier. Little kids get up earlier and are more active in the morning. They could use the time after school to participate in after-school activities, daycare, time with their family, or a nap!
HS students are naturally inclined to sleep in. Kids who are involved in sports can get up and go to practice in the morning, like lots of people get up and work out (great lifetime skill). Teens who work after school could get dismissed a period early and receive credit for working. It can be worked out; we can do it!
Cruton77 said…
Yes! Yes! Yes!

- HS teacher
Anonymous said…
Our ES starts at 9AM. That is early enough. What time are you proposing earlier ES start time to be? My kids sleeps easily till 8 and have to be roused out of bed. They walk 15 minutes to school.

ES mom
Anonymous said…
Third tier schools start at 9:30 and end at 3:35, with buses departing 3:45 or later. Students may not get home until 4:30 or later. There are 15 or so elementaries on the third tier. I can't speak for all of them, but for us, starting a half hour to an hour earlier would make a big difference.

elementary parent (third tier)
Anonymous said…
A 9:30 start is really hard for us as we both work. I think it really disregards working families. I see children dropped off at school with no supervision because of the late start. Even a 1/2 hour would make a big difference for us.

Another 3rd tier elementary parent.
OddlyAdding said…
This is a wonderful initiative and I'm so glad to hear about it. I've been priviledged to work with Dr. Catherine Darley on our National Coalition and wanted to invite you all to visit our website at

If you are interested, you can also join our mailing list to keep apprised of issues at the national level. I look forward to reading about your meetings and updates regarding starting local schools later.
Maribel Ibrahim
Cindy Jatul said…
The later start group held our second meeting on 4/26. There is clearly a great deal of data showing the benefits of adolescents getting more sleep. Having communicated with board members we know that Peaslee, Martin-Morris, DeBell are in favor of moving to a latter start time. We need information on whether the district's 3 tier elementary bus schedule has saved any money. If anyone would like to help analyze the transportation cost issue that would be great.
Anonymous said…
I wrote a resolution for the PTSA for it to start supporting later start times for High School as part of its mission for Child Welfare. This would be similar to how the PTSA supports kids getting nutritional food and time for exercise at school. It will be voted on in the upcoming state PTSA convention. If you have delegates from your school attending, perhaps you could get them to support the resolution?

thanks to all working on getting this changed! R Hill

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