Laugh of the Day; Textbooks Gone Amuck

I saw this at the Huffington Post and thought it was pretty funny.  I used to proofread textbooks and I can't believe this got by a proofer or editor but maybe that was the point in some cases. 


Josh Hayes said…
To be fair, the "four F's of animal behavior" is an old, old joke in the zoology classroom.

And don't get me started on the twelve cranial nerves...
seattle citizen said…
those...somehow...remind me of the classic example (not from a textbook, heaven forbid) of how the Oxford comma is useful:
With the Oxford comma:
"We invited the strippers, JFK, and Stalin."
"We invited the strippers, JFK and Stalin."
Anonymous said…
Check out this tweet from Brian Rosenthal.

"The Seattle School Board just spent 45 min debating whether to meet abt operations & curriculum separately or at 1 time in May/June. Really"

Or twice plus 5 the minutes they stole from the public speakers.

Amen Brian.

Better him than me. It was hilarious.

Also, hilarious - the discussion about where to put the public testimony. Hint, they didn't do anyone any favors.
dan dempsey said…
Remember the four that voted to reduce testimony time to two minutes were Carr, DeBell, KSB, and McLaren .... let us see how this increases public engagement and communication.
truth isn't always pretty said…
Reminder: The Lowell/Rina/Nancy meeting is this morning (Thursday) at 9:30 at L@L.

I hope Melissa is able to attend, and perhaps even more so, Dorothy. And anyone else who has an interest in matters of student/staff safety in our buildings. This should not be limited to L@L parents, but it is being structured and presented that way. I have no idea what the agenda will be, but everyone has a right to know what happened and what the district is going to do to prevent something like this from happening again. Wishful thinking, I know, but shouldn't that be the #1 goal?

Coffee Chat with Rina and Nancy
Please join Nancy Coogan and Rina Geoghagan for our April Coffee Chat, Thursday, April 12th at 9:30 AM in the third floor staff lounge, room 307. As this meeting is occurring during the school day, parents should remember to check in at the Lincoln office.
truth said…
sorry, the previous post was off-topic, it probably should have gone in the most recent open thread.
Anonymous said…
The Laugh of the Day for today is brought to you by Crosscut's David Brewster...

Crosscut is dedicated to "keeping true journalism alive,"

Oh. Really.

One Nation under a Groove said…
Melissa Westbrook The The Joke

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