Cuts in Salem-Keier District by Husk

News from the Statesman-Journal in mid-April in Oregon (via one of our readers).  I would link to the story but you can't unless you pay.

Here's the lead storyline:

All library and media jobs at Salem-Keizer elementary and middle schools would be cut under a proposal by Superintendent Sandy Husk.  The 48 library and media instructors were notified Thursday of the plan, part of the district's attempt to deal with a $55M shortfall.

District officials have said they will need to lay off 9-16 administrators, 250-400 teachers and 130-230 support staff members to close the budget gap.

There were no quotes from Superintendent Husk.

Boy, and we thought it was bad here with our budget.

Update:  doing some more research, I want to point out that you need to keep in mind that this district has had major cuts the last three years with increasing amounts each year.  Also, the libraries will be open at the schools but staffed via media assistants or other staff.  Naturally, it is not the same as having a librarian and we all know that but the article did not say the libraries themselves would be closed and I didn't want to leave that impression.

Another interesting story (not to do with Husk) is that a charter school is being investigated by the Department of Justice over competing "boards" who say they are charge.  This after a vandalism incident over the weekend.

It was the culmination of turmoil that began shortly after the school year started at Bennett Pearson Academy and escalated in recent months, with several requests for police response at the school and an ongoing fight between parents and board members.
Last Thursday, a group of parents moved to replace board members with new board members, but now both governing bodies claim they’re in charge. The Department of Justice is monitoring the issue.

Salem police Lt. Dave Okada said officers were called to the school three times between Thursday and Saturday because of disputes about the board.

Michael Warren, a member of the first board, on Monday filed a temporary restraining order against three members of the new board as well as a former employee and West Coast Bank.

Marion County Circuit Court Judge Dale Penn signed the restraining order, which bans the defendants from entering the building and directs West Coast Bank to allow Warren access to the school bank account to make payroll.

It's "who's on first" at this school.


mirmac1 said…
BTW, I believe that drastic budget disaster was for the current year's budget. The one Husk presented for the upcoming year is "anticlimactic
Anonymous said…
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mirmac1 said…
As you read these Stateman Journal articles, does a certain fired superintendent come to mind...?

Deja vu all over again
Anonymous said…
Ugh. No librarians? That sounds awful.

Future Hale Parent
Anonymous said…
So their budget shortfall is bigger than ours? Sometimes gut instincts are valid. I'm not a fan of Husk.

As for the charter: Wow! That's what "private" gets you. Trouble and conflict. Just say no to charters.

Anonymous said…
Yikes, the Board was prohibited from saying anything negative about the Superintendent? Is that transparency? The focus on testing, the loss of librarians, the double talk, keeping the Board in the really does sound like deja-vu all over again.

(you should really repost on the open thread...)
Anonymous said…
mirmac1 said "As you read these Stateman Journal articles, does a certain fired superintendent come to mind...?"

Oh yeah.

Remember how we hired Maria? She was the last candidate standing. What are the chances?

Mr White
mirmac1 said…
Well, don't let the Ed Reform bully pulpit smear Banda or Enoch unchallenged.

Fortunately, after hearing about Enoch's interview today, i don't see him as one who cuts and runs.

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