Sandra L. Husk

  • She was previously at the Clarksville-Montgomery district in Tennessee, before that in Mapleton Public Schools in Colorado.  She has had about a 5-year tenure at each job.
  • Like Mr. Banda, she has worked in a bilingual school 
  • Post doctoral studies include: Consensus Building and Conflict Resolution and Public Sector: Labor and Management Cooperation.
  • Her current salary is $188k. Interesting contract note: a requirement to get a physical every two years
  • Her district has 9% gifted students, 14% Special Ed, 19% ELL, 60% Fr/R
  • Also worked hard to pass a recent bond measure.
  • A quote from the Tennessee Business Journal from her in 2006- The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System is the only system in the state that has earned ISO 9001 Certification, an evaluation system based on international standards of quality used in business and manufacturing. “This is a continuous improvement system,” Husk says. “It is part of our accountability component. We are reviewed every six months to business standards. Only ten schools in the nation are certified.”
  • She pleaded guilty to a DUI in Colorado in 2000.  
  • Good profile of some of her work in Tennessee


mirmac1 said…
From ST

DeBell, the Seattle School Board president, said the search committee was aware of the incident.

"I'm not terribly concerned" about it, DeBell said. "Obviously everything of relevance goes into the candidate's overall profile, but this was a long time ago. Our last president had a DUI. I think it's something that does happen to people occasionally."

Sunny Sundquist had one?! Geez DeBell, you are really tacky.
I wondered what that meant as well. I first thought he misspoke and meant Cheney (not Obama). Then I realized he might have meant Sundquist.

I think a better phasing might have been "I think it's something that happens to people who drink and drive occasionally."
mirmac1 said…
Oh, he must've been calling out "W" for his "dramatic and traumatic learning experience"
Clarifying said…
Not that it matters, it's a nonsense point from DeBell, but he probably did mean George W Bush. See "Bush acknowledges 1976 DUI charge".
dan dempsey said…
How interesting .... the Mapleton School District in Colorado.

Funny how some stuff comes around ....
New Tech Network that the SPS flushed $800,000 on for three years of lousy tools at Cleveland, was performing very poorly in the Mapleton SD..

During the Board's looking to make an informed decision ... I sent the Board information on New Tech Welby ... in the Mapleton SD.

The results were an absolute disaster.

The NT Welby School is now closed.

From NT Welby in Colorado:
(1) Cohort math scores decline from grade 9 to grade 10. Grade 10 scores range from 1% to 8% proficient, while the state average is 30%.
(2) Reading score in 2009 = 36% while State average was 67%
(3) Writing score in 2009 = 14% while State average was 51%

The data was as usual ignored by four board members who just wanted to rubber stamp MJG's every desire .... Carr, Martin-Morris, Sunquist, and Maier. .... perhaps Sandra L. Husk can explain about NT Welby how it started and how it ended.
Anonymous said…
9% gifted ... is that like the Harper's Index stat that said that 13% of Americans think they're in the top 1%.

Anonymous said…
To Dan, that says a lot. Can someone ask her about NT in Colorado?

Mr White
Watching said…
Teach for America in Mapleton:
Update said…
TFa went to Mapleton in 2009.
Another Mathie said…
I'm startled to read through the mathematics pacing guides posted on the Salem-Keiser district resources web site. Bringing Husk to Seattle would be an EVEN FURTHER backwards move. Can't get much worse than this:
K-5: Adopted materials are Investigations (the program that ruined Seattle kids before EDM), and Bridges in Mathematics.
6-8: Connected Math (CMP2) - what Seattle has been using for the last six years
High School: CPM (College Preparatory Math) - More group work and inadequate content

Please, kill me now.
Anonymous said…
And then look at San Ramon Valley (Enoch):

Solid texts from McDougal-Littell, with enVision Math K-5, all Board approved 2010-11.

math mom
Anonymous said…
Please do not shoot down curriculum based on poor experiences. Many times the implementation should be questioned. I thought on this blog there would be awareness of this. I have taught Investigations and CMP. My students did phenomenally well.

- math teacher
Anonymous said…
Story from the Seattle Times:

no comment
Anonymous said…
Phenomenally well, with CMP? How closely did you follow the curriculum?
Anonymous said…
@ math teacher

what % of your kids were fluent with fractions, decimals, percents, integers, order of operations, the fundamentals of linear relationships and graphing -


they entered the confounding garbage reform labyrinth?

FRL students do much worse with reform garbage because there aren't the resource$ in their families to make sure those basics get mastered while in the garbage or before the garbage - BUT - you don't want to face those facts, do you?

Won't get those nice NSF junkets, will you? Won't get those jobs training in garbage manipulation, so that teachers can get blamed teachers for not implementing garbage properly, will you?

- ALSO a math teacher.
Michael H said…
"Sunny Sundquist had one?!

He was referring to President Bush.
Michael H said…
Dan: "The data was as usual ignored by four board members who just wanted to rubber stamp MJG's every desire .... Carr, Martin-Morris, Sunquist, and Maier."

If you haven't noticed, Dan, MGJ is gone, and Sundquist and Maier are also gone.

Anonymous said…
We have had enough people in SPS who think that the rules of the game the rest of us follow don't apply to them because they are "an important person." Please don't give us more of the same.

-had enough
dan dempsey said…
Academic Vita for Sandra L. Husk.

Professional Experience Superintendent: Salem-Keizer School District, Salem, OR, 2006 – Present
(39,500+ student enrollment)

Superintendent: Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools, Clarksville, TN, 2001 – 2006 (26,000+ student enrollment, unified city-county system)

Superintendent: Mapleton Public Schools, Adams County, CO, 1996 – 2001 (5,000+ student enrollment)

Executive Director of Learning Services: Adams County School District, Westminster, CO, 1993 – 1996 (13,000+ student enrollment)

Principal: Elementary School [bilingual], 1989 – 1993

Principal: Alternative Middle School, 1991 – 1993

Supervisor: Staff Development, 1985 – 1989

Elementary Counselor: 1980 – 1985

Classroom Teacher: Grades 3, 5 and 6; substitute for all grades, 1977 – 1983

Very limited teaching experience.

At Mapleton 1996 to 2001 -- likely before NT Welby and TFA.
Keizer-Salem Public Schools

Supt. Sandy Lusk

Curriculum Maps

Looks like grade 4 Math is missing

Grade 5 Math looks like straight reform math (estimating justifying etc.) and "Arithmetic" is largely avoided until being tossed in in May.
Patrick said…
ISO 9001? What I've heard second hand is that it's mostly lots of documentation that process is followed. No requirement that the process be good or produce a valid result. I'm not sure why it would be a selling point on someone's resume.
Eric B said…
Patrick is right that ISO 9001 is about process. Doing the same things every time to give you more predictability. In theory, this also leads to improvement, since there are periodic reviews of the process, but that isn't a necessary part of the process.

KUOW reports today that Husk was a consultant to the search firm, and was caught out lying during the application process for her current position. She said she couldn't admit that she was a candidate for another position, since she had a non-disclosure agreement in place. I find that a very thin excuse.

Husk is starting to feel a lot like the Option 3 put forward at every public works project community engagement. It's the clearly impractical and awful alternative that makes the other two options look good by comparison.
mirmac1 said…
Yes, Michael H, I'm slow. I figured out it was "W". The rationalization is garbage and still tacky. I suppose he could've said "Bobbe Bridge had one" but that would probably piss off his patron.
Anonymous said…
Many states have enhanced DUI penalties for BAC of 0.15-0.16, because it's that serious and can be a sign of an alcohol problem. In CO, the "excessive alcohol content" definition happens to be higher. In WA, enhanced penalties kick in at 0.15% or higher.

The Board president's dismissive attitude about this is concerning.
Eric, what KUOW show was that on? I can't find it.
Anonymous said…
I heard that KUOW story, too. I heard it last night at about 5:30 during their local news segment. I can't remember if it was done by Anne Dornfeld (sp) or was just a part of the local news. Husk said she did lie while applying to the Salem schools (she said she wasn't being considered for any other super job at that same time) because she had a non disclosure and she wasn't supposed to admit that she was also applying for the Tacoma Super job.

-another listener
Watching said…
"KUOW reports today that Husk was a consultant to the search firm, and was caught out lying during the application process for her current position. She said she couldn't admit that she was a candidate for another position, since she had a non-disclosure agreement in place. I find that a very thin excuse. "

Feeling very concerned.
Someone already said this but raise your hand if your Spidey sense is going off. Mine is and I say, "Danger Will Robinson."

I do find it troubling that she just worked with OUR consultants on a superintendent placement in OUR state and now she's a candidate under the same consultants? C'mon, Michael, that does not look good.
Eric B said…
Spidey senses are going off all over the place. Unless there are some REALLY good explanations for all of this, I would disqualify her right out of the gate. If I were on the Board, I would have a "frank and open" (as they say in diplomatic circles) chat with the search firm for putting her name forward.
Jan said…
Melissa and Eric B: ok, MY spidey is confused as all hell and is scratching his little head with 3 or 4 of his little, jointed legs.

Could one of you (or someone) give me a fuller explanation of the "working as a consultant" issue and the "lied in getting the Salem job" issues? I would have thought that, as long as our Board was aware that she had consulted on other Supe searches, it should not be a problem. Wasn't this what we wanted MGJ to do with MAP tests? Otherwise -- how would they ever get good supes, with hopes and ambitions to go to larger districts, to consult? And her point -- that going through other searches, in a consulting position, would in fact be highly informative in terms of what Districts value, what supes need to bring to the table to be competitive, etc. -- seems to me to have some merit.

The second issue troubles me more -- but I am curious as to how people think she should have more ethically answered. Should she have simply said -- "As I am sure you are aware, these situations normally involve non-disclosure agreements that would preclude me from answering your question truthfully, even if I WERE a candidate elsewhere. Given those circumstances, I believe it is an inappropriate question, and decline to answer"? This reminds me of the Neuheisel issues. I am not condoning lying (at least I don't think I am), but I am reluctant to jump on a bandwagon on this issue until I am clearer on how she could have/should have resolved this in a better way, and how reasonable it is to think that she would have come up with that solution. (Mind you, my spidey senses are much less confused on OTHER issues -- NTN, reform math curricula, "business solutions" for non-business problems, etc.)
Eric B said…
Jan- The working as a consultant issue is somewhat less bothersome for me. It's a little odd, but appears to have been disclosed, so is all aboveboard.

The DUI is a marker of poor judgement. If nothing else, it just doesn't look good on paper. I can forgive it if she took full responsibility and learned from it. If she has a good story of personal redemption, then I can let that go by, although with slightly gritted teeth.

As I understand the lying issue, she was asked if she was a candidate anywhere else, and said no, even though she was. She later excused that by saying that there was an NDA. I find lying as justified by a secret agreement very troubling. She should have given a non-answer as you suggested (which would have clued a reasonable person to a yes answer) or if the NDA allowed, said yes she is a candidate elsewhere, but can't reveal where due to an NDA.

The overall picture to me is someone who hides behind business principles rather than stepping forward with as much accountability as possible. I know nothing else about her, but I don't like the picture I see forming.
Jan said…
Thanks, Eric B. If I am getting it right, I also think the biggest "issue" to me is the NDA one. On the one hand, I get how, when put on the spot, she may have just reached for "the wrong answer," and maybe hadn't thought it out in advance so she had a ready answer that was both honest and in conformance with the NDA. But when you add it to the (old, admittedly) DUI with the claim of being an "important person" -- admittedly, a claim made while drunk and impaired -- AND stuff like consistent support/use of ineffective math curricula, a hiring pitch that relies on "buzz words" like best business practices, etc.) schools that have also wasted money (and kids' educational opportunities) on things like NTN, etc. -- it just doesn't all coalesce into a picture of the kind of highly principled, scrupulously honest, thoughtful, independent leadership that I think we need. We need much, much more than a get-along, go-along political hack (no matter how well educated or connected), especially since we seem to have one of THOSE as board president. We need a supe who will value the independent voices of Betty Patu, Sharon Peaslee, and Marty McLaren, will encourage independent thinking in Kay Smith-Blum. Sherrie Carr may be a little lonely, hanging out there with Martin Morris and DeBell -- but that will be her choice.

One critical thing is that we get someone strong enough to endure -- and refute -- the "anti-Supe" backlash that will follow when the Alliance and the other ed reform astro-turf organizations realize that their "dog" has slipped his leash and is running his/her own show, instead of sitting/heeling on command. I just don't see enough evidence of "independent thinking" in Dr. Husk's resume to give me any confidence she can be that wily, independent dog!
Watching said…
How did the board decide upon HYA consulting?
Interesting Reading said…
Salem Keiser Board Meetings:

It is interesting to read about districts with charter schools i.e. December 2011.
More info said…

Salem Kaiser streaming board meetings.
mirmac1 said…
I've been going through some Statesman-Journal articles re: Husk and district business. She strikes me as an MGJ but smiley. She's calls next years budget "anticlimactic", ho hum, yet is asking for $8M in cuts or furloughs from the unions.

Yeah, I'll bet the Masters of the Universe LOVE her.
mirmac1 said…
Doesn't this sound like MGJ's game plan?

"If there is any good news, it’s that the budget problems are nowhere near as dire as a year ago, when the district made the difficult decisions to eliminate middle and elementary school librarians, to drop some high school classes and to start closing five small elementary schools"

School budget cuts will hurt workers again

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