I won't be attending the Board meeting tonight but note that the speakers list is a lot of BEX IV and the superintendent search.  One notable speaker is Councilman Bruce Harrell speaking on the super search.  Checking some of the other speakers on this topic, I think there will be speakers talking about the superintendent search in the context of race and social justice. 

I also note a new Intro item which is a resolution for authorization for a Reduction in Force (RIF).  This doesn't mean there will be RIFs but this has to be in place for them to be possible. 

Also, some corrections to Director McLaren schedule for BEX IV discussions:

- She will be at the Neighborhood House event this Friday the 6th but thre will NOT be general discussion there of BEX IV.  She will be available for questions at a resource table from 7:00-7:30 p.m.

- She won't be at the Denny BEX IV meeting tomorrow night because of an Executive Session meeting to discuss the superintendent candidates.  (She was at the Eckstein meeting last night.)

-She did schedule another evening on Friday, April 20th for BEX IV discussion from 5:00-6:30 p.m. at the High Point Center, 6400 Sylvan Way.  Somali and Vietnamese translators will be present.


MAPsucks said…
I hope some MAP critics are planning on attending today's meeting. I am unable to.
Anonymous said…
Invitation for a community meeting:
"Dear Lowell @ Lincoln Families,

Please join Nancy Coogan and myself for our April Coffee Chat, Thursday, April 12th at 9:30 am in the third floor staff lounge, room 307. We hope you can join us after drop off. As this meeting is occurring during the school day, parents should remember to check in at the Lincoln office.

Thank you ,
Rina Geoghagan
Lowell @ Lincoln"

-Lowell@Lincoln parent
TechyMom said…
Snow days will be made up. Glad to hear it Seattle Times
RosieReader said…
I find it a bit ridiculous that the Board decided, in April, to change their mind on when the last day of school would be. At least for K-11, since the seniors will already have graduated. I imagine we are not the only family that has made summer plans contingent on the Board's original decision. I'd imagine that many educators have also made plans, not expecting they'd be working the week of June 25. And by "plans" that will certainly include air fares and vacation plans, but it will also include changing the start date of the summer jobs that many educators hold to make ends meet.

Instead we'll have three days of extra school picnics and extra field trips and extra everything but education for a few days.

So call it a "victory" if you want, but I think it's really absurd that the Board did this now.

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