Legislative Updates

Legislative action on public education still going (anything not voted out of committee by April 1 is dead and this list in not inclusive of all ed bills):

- expanding states early learning system of ratings
- HB 1240 use of restraints/restraining for students with disabilities (passed out of Ed Ctm unanimously)
 - SB5748 tying student scores to test scores died but, as I previously reported, an amendment to bill 1345 includes tying student scores to test scores.  That bill is still alive.
-SB5419 SUPER act - Establishes the Student User Privacy in Education Rights Act; which increases the strength of safeguards protecting student information.

This one got by me. Given it's from a Republican, Senator Litzow, I don't have great hope.

- SB5433 Requires the creation and incorporation of curricula about the history; culture; and government of the nearest federally recognized Native American tribe or tribes.
- HB1031 Dual Credit Expands eligibility for College in the High School participation.
- HB1142 Student parking fees. Allows districts to collect student parking fees to be deposited in the ASB fund.
- HB1666 Increasing access to dataRequires the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to make available results on the statewide assessments computed as norm-referenced results and as student growth percentiles.
- HB 1682 Educational outcomes for homeless studentsImproves outcomes for homeless students through increased in-school guidance supports; housing stability; and ID services.
-HB 1771 Professional Educator Standards Board.
Recognizes the Professional Educator Standards Board as an authorized representative of the state educational agencies for purposes of accessing and compiling student data for research; monitoring; and evaluation purposes.
-HB 1813 Computer science education.
Expands computer science education through grant programs and the adoption of computer science and engineering standards.
-HB 1855 Waiving graduation requirements for certain students.
Waives on-time grade-level progression and graduation requirements for at-risk youth or children in need of service.
- SB 5316 Privacy and security of student information.
Prohibits collecting; retaining; or using student biometric information in any manner. Requires the development of a data security plan to maintain data systems.

I want to call this last one below out because I saw it on a list at LEV.  You have to wonder why they included this bill in their education bill tracker when initiatives could be about any subject.  Then you remember that LEV didn't support 1351. Oh.

 - SB5715 Truth in Initiatives.
Including the contents of fiscal impact statements in the ballot title for certain initiative measures.


Anonymous said…
-HB 1855 Waiving graduation requirements for certain students.
Waives on-time grade-level progression and graduation requirements for at-risk youth or children in need of service.

This is will be challenged by the ACLU and violates several federal anti discrimination laws.

Creates second class students.

NO HB1855
Anonymous said…
I think some people are worried this could be used by districts to circumvent other educational laws by lowering standards and WA states FAPE requirements for students.

I don't think that's the intent, but I can see people like Ron English bending and twisting it into a tool to use against special education.

Anonymous said…
No HB 1855,

I think you are seeing something sinister here that doesn't really exist. This bill pertains to districts who require culminating projects or 24 credits something a local district requires that is not required by the state or may be waived in some districts. For example if a student moved from Seattle who had all the credits but had not completed a culminating project moved to a district which required it, or moved from Seattle, who has a 2 year waiver on the 24 credit graduation requirement and moved to a district which required it. These kids would be out of luck. These kinds of situations are common with kids in foster care or who are homeless.

Anonymous said…
It's funny how well intended laws end up being use in unforeseen ways.

Anonymous said…
1855 died in committee in the opposite house as did a few of the other bills listed here. Looks like a copy paste error from the LEV site to this blog.

Watching said…
I have it from a very reliable source that HB 1240 will most likely get passed out of the Senate. HB 1240 will aims to limit the use of restraints and seclusion for students. It appears Litzow attempted to hold this bill hostage during budget negotiations. VERY WEIRD GUY. Special thanks to Mary Griffin for calling this to our attention. I'm confident all the phone calls to Litzow's office made a difference.

Keep an eye on HB 1351. An amendment was added to link teacher evaluations to test scores.
Watching said…
Apologies. I hadn't read entire post and Melissa made mention to HB 1345 and I got the number wrong.
Anonymous said…
What about HB 1785 Eliminating the certificate of academic achievement as a requirement for high school graduation.

I don't understand what happened to it. It has been referred to appropriations. Does that mean if it isn't in the budget it passes?

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