Bell Times Taskforce Meeting Today

The Bell Times taskforce has a meeting to day at JSCEE from 4:30-6:30 pm.

The Taskforce has requested information from staff on the real costs of two versus three tiers and, in specific, how it would cost almost $20M to move back to a two-tier system. 

The Taskforce is in the process of writing recommendations and needs the clearest, most up-to-date information in order to do their oversight job. 

As someone who served on a district committee in the past (as we did not get full information from staff), I think it is vital that the Bell Times Taskforce receive the best information in order to make informed recommendations to the Board. 

Some links to read:

May 2012 SPS webpage on review of transportation.

KPLU story on bell times


Po3 said…
Moving from 2- to 3-tiers will save us $20 million.

Moving from 3- to 2-tiers will cost us $20 million.

No evidence to support either claim.
Eric B said…
Moving from 3 to 2 was expected to save $4M but actually saved $2M in a way that has never been documented.
Eric B said…
Sorry that should have been from 2 to 3 saved $2M.
Po3 said…
Point is that $20 million is an absurd number to toss out considering that transportation costs are $29,929,040 for 2015.

mirmac1 said…
Perhaps they plan on providing Lamborghinis for every student?
Po3 said…
I don't understand why this kind of bull-larky isn't shut down from the get-go.

Eric B said…
PO3, because nobody on the Board asks staff to show their work.
Anonymous said…
After attending one of the bell times meetings, I have no hope that anything will change--even if everything points to it being OK for the district and the parents. It was such a weird and badly organized meeting with odd information that I'm pretty sure that nothing will happen (as usual).

North End Parent
"nobody on the Board asks staff to show their work."

Oh Eric, you're so old school.
SPS Mom said…
Was anyone able to attend the bell times task force meeting? I'm really curious!!

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