John Oliver Takes Aim at Standardized Testing

It's a thing of beauty.  Truly.  (Please note - some crude language used.)

In 18 minutes, he covers a lot of ground.

Dopey testing songs? Check.

Nathan Hale High School opt-out (complete with map)?  Check.

What to do if students vomit on test booklet?  Check.

Obama, when he was running for president the first time, saying there is too much standardized testing?  Check (and then, AFTER he's president saying we need accountability). 

Hilarious joke about the Common Core logo?  Check.

Sad video of an crying AP student who may not get to stay in AP courses because of a low state test score?  Check.

Taking on Pearson?  Double check.  (Plus the added fun of the infamous "Pineapple" question which one student astutely labels "stupid and absurd.")

Test scorers being told they need to up the number of lower scores?  Check. 

Imaginary sneering response of a chain-smoking French student to the U.S.' PISA scores?  Check.

His take on testing transparency?  It "has the same kind of rules Brad Pitt used in Fight Club."

Bravo, John. 


lemon said…
Just watched. Excellent.
Anonymous said…
I laughed out loud multiple times. Good stuff.

--- swk
Anonymous said…
Love the little French kid.."I weep for you..."

Frankly, every government official, school board member and school administrator should be made to watch that video. It succinctly sums up whats wrong with this process in a way anyone can understand - even the talking pineapple

Anonymous said…
This is excellent. And I agree with @reader47--this should be required viewing for anyone involved with K-12 education.

Also: the Pineapple vs. the Hare? WTH?

North End Parent
Anonymous said…
Thank God for our comedians and satirists. People may not remember it, but the collapse of W's presidency began the night Stephen Colbert took him down at the White House Correspondence Dinner, skewing W for the fool he was from 3 feet away.

I would love to see Arne Duncan's, Bill Gates's or Bill Bennett's reaction to Oliver's takedown.

And these so-called Ed Reformer hypocrites and sadists dare to accuse others of putting adults ahead of kids, etc. Ed Reform, in general, is about making money, first and foremost, off the neediest kids in the system while busting teacher's unions to quell any opposition to their quest.

That's it and that's all. Follow that money, folks.

Anonymous said…
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