Monday, November 04, 2013

Think You're Proud When Your Kid Gets a Good Grade?

This dad couldn't be prouder.   From The Washington Post's The Answer Sheet:

Here’s a video that went viral showing a father in Britain reacting strongly when he learned that his son had gotten a ‘C’ in math — which is a passing grade — after first flunking it.

The dad is Farnoosh Shahrokhshahi and it was his son, Aria, who set up a camera just before he told his dad about his grade and posted the video with the title, “the day i passed maths.”

I don't think his son will forget how much this meant to his father. 


Mary Griffin said...

Crazy. It's like the man was told his son that was dead was now alive.

Anonymous said...

It isn't clear, but I think the exam he got a "C" on was the GSCE A-level, or the exam that is recognised by many universities as the standard for assessing applicants for admission in the UK. A "C" might be the minimum requirement for the program of his choice, even if the degree didn't require any maths courses.


erik tanen said...

Reminded me how proud I can be of my own son when he tries his best.