In Remembrance

We note the passing of two wonderful writers - one who wrote for children and one who wrote for adults.

Barbara Parks, the author of the series, Junie B. Jones, passed away Friday at age 66.

Doris Lessing, a literary giant who won the Nobel Prize for writing in 2007, also passed away today.  She was 94.


Patrick said…
Oh, my daughter loved Junie B. Jones when she was in K-1st grade. Parks' books will be remembered.
Anonymous said…
Barbara Park is the author of two books that go way beyond the Junie B. Jones series -- books that truly touch the hearts of young readers. Please find these books in your school libraries and Seattle Public Library: Mick Harte Was Here and The Kid in the Red Jacket. These are classics!

Reading Teacher
Anonymous said…
The Junie B. Jones books were my daughter's favorites as a young reader. Those books provided her many delightful moments and big gusto belly laughs. She never had any problems filling out the reading logs.

Thank you Barbara Parks.

grateful reader

Anonymous said…
Doris Lessing meant a great deal to me in my 20s. I vividly remember devouring both The Grass is Singing and The Golden Notebook but never was able to get in to any of her Science Fiction. She was an interesting person who often said inflammatory and unusual things in her old age. Those two books are among my very favorite.

Gen Ed Mom
Anonymous said…

barbara parks books were great i
feel bad that she died


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