Dale Estey Concedes to Peters

From Dale Estey's campaign page:

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Over the last several months I have had the tremendous honor of meeting with thousands of voters across the city and hearing their hopes and desires for high quality education for all of Seattle’s kids. It has been an inspiring and overall fun adventure. I have learned a great deal from hardworking educators and leaders throughout the District, families who are deeply invested in making public education work, and thoughtful student and other community leaders. We have helped push the District and the community toward finally making progress on long-standing challenges, and we have kept conversations focused on solutions.

It appears that the votes aren’t there to win this election, and I just called Sue Peters to congratulate her on a hard fought victory. I wish Sue and the entire board great success in their work for Seattle’s 51,000+ public school students. I am deeply grateful to each of our hundreds of generous volunteers, endorsers and contributors who pitched in to this great team effort, to my best friend and amazing partner, Mike, our wonderful sons, Dale & Noah, and to all of our family and friends for their unwavering support. Onward.

This is a good time to thank everyone who ran for the School Board.  It is an act of courage in itself to step up and run and want this thankless job.  

Thanks to reader Po3 for this info. 


Amazed said…
I can't believe Sue Peters actually won against all that money behind Dale Estey. Fantastic to see that the election wasn't able to be bought by Steve Ballmer and friends. I am pleasantly surprised.
Anonymous said…
Wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Bryant-Eckstein crowd. Everyone they knew was voting Dale-Estey! Which is my repetitious point on this blog. They need to get out and see beyond their own kids' noses.

NE Unpopular
Anonymous said…
Interesting to read the list of endorsements for each candidate, now that we know the outcome of the race. Looks like a big disconnect between the city politicians and the new school board member. Also between the Ed Reform movement and the new school board member. And clearly the monied and the winner.

The winner had the math reform group, the current "majority philosophy" of the school board, and district activists.

Those with more insight than I have can probably find some more trends and read the tea leaves of what is to come.

I will post both supporter lists following this one.


Anonymous said…
EdVoter posts:
Part One Dale-Estey Supporters from her website

Municipal League of King County - OUTSTANDING rating
The Seattle Times
The Northwest Asian Weekly
The Seattle Chinese Post
Aerospace Machinists Union
Seattle Building & Construction Trades Council
IBEW Local 46
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, AFL-CIO, Council 5
UA Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 32
Ironworkers District Council PNW - Local 86
Sheet Metal Workers Local 66
PNW Regional Council of Carpenters
11th District Democrats
34th District Democrats
36th District Democrats
46th District Democrats
League of Education Voters
National Women's Political Caucus of Washington
Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy (CASE), Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce's political organization
FUSE - Progressive Voters' Guide


King County Executive Dow Constantine
King County Deputy Executive Fred Jarrett
State Senate Democratic Leader Ed Murray
State Senator David Frockt
State Senator Adam Kline
State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles
State Senator Sharon Nelson
Speaker of the State House of Representatives Frank Chopp
State Representative Steve Bergquist
State Representative Reuven Carlyle
State Representative Eileen Cody
State Representative Jessyn Farrell
State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon
State Representative Ruth Kagi
State Representative Zack Hudgins
State Representative Jamie Pedersen
State Representative Eric Pettigrew
Former State Senator George Fleming
Former State Senator Ken Jacobsen
Former State Senator Erik Poulsen
Former State Senator Margarita Prentice
Former State Senator Pat Thibaudeau
Former State Representative Seth Armstrong
Former State Representative Mary Lou Dickerson
Former State Representative Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney
Former State Representative Dawn Mason
Former State Representative Kip Tokuda
Former Washington Secretary of State Ralph Munro
Former Washington State Supreme Court Justice Bobbe Bridge
Hon. Ed Prince, Executive Director, Washington State African American Affairs Commission
Former King County Executive and Deputy HUD Secretary Ron Sims
Port of Seattle Commission President Tom Albro
Port of Seattle Commissioner Stephanie Bowman
King County Councilmember Rod Dembowski
King County Councilmember Joe McDermott
King County Councilmember Julia Patterson
King County Councilmember Larry Phillips
Former King County Councilmember Dwight Pelz
King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg
Renton City Councilmember Greg Taylor
Former Mayor of Seattle Greg Nickels
Former Mayor of Seattle Paul Schell
Former Mayor of Seattle Wes Uhlman
Seattle City Council President Sally Clark
Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw
Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess
Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin
Seattle City Councilmember Jean Godden
Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell
Seattle City Councilmember Mike O'Brien
Former Seattle City Councilmember David Della
Former Seattle City Councilmember Sue Donaldson
Former Seattle City Councilmember Tina Podlodowski
Former Seattle City Councilmember Heidi Wills
Mayor of Bellevue Conrad Lee
Lake Forest Park City Councilmember Catherine Stanford
Former Federal Way Mayor and Candidate for Seattle School Board Dean McColgan

Anonymous said…
EdVoter posts:
Part Two Dale-Estey Supporters from her website


Former State Representative and Education Policy Advisor to the Governor Marcie Maxwell

Seattle Schools Board Director Sherry Carr

Seattle Schools Board Director Michael DeBell

Seattle Schools Board Director Harium Martin-Morris

Former Seattle Schools Board President Barb Schaad-Lamphere

Former Seattle Schools Board President Al Sugiyama

Former Seattle Schools Director Barbara Peterson

Former Seattle Schools Director Jan Kumasaka

Former Seattle Schools Director Peter Maier

Former Seattle Schools Director Nancy Waldman

Renton Public Schools Director Lynn Desmarais

Renton Public Schools Director Pam Teal

Former Bellevue Schools Director John Pehrson

Candidate for Seattle School Board Stephan Blanford

Mona Bailey, Former Seattle Public Schools Deputy Superintendent

Dawn Bennett

Heidi Bennett

Eric Benson, Former Nathan Hale High School Principal

Victoria Bernstein

Grant Bronsdon, Former Garfield High School Student Body President

Jean Bryant

Jeffrey Bugarin de Haro, Former Seattle Student Senate Director of Student Outreach

BiHoa Caldwell, Former Southeast Seattle principal

Jana Carlisle

Annie Chan, Franklin High School Student Leader

Jacque Coe

Kerry Cooley-Stroum

Jennifer Dunn

Chris Eide

Kelsey Fatland

Nancy Fujimoto

George Griffin

Julia Hanson, Former Ballard High School Student Body President

Linda Hanson, Former Washington State PTA President

Ramona Hattendorf, Former Seattle Council PTSA President

Shannon Issacson

Hwa Kang-Crosby

Wendy Kimball, Former President, Seattle Education Association

Jay Leviton

Kim Long

Jean Lutgen

Melinda Mann

Larry Matsuda, Former Seattle Public Schools Assistant Superintendent

Tre' Maxie

Lauren McGuire, Former Seattle Council PTSA President

Kirsten Nesholm

Mari Patton

David Perez, Schools First Board Member

Lyn Porterfield

Sharon Rodgers, Former Seattle Council PTSA President and Former Schools First President

Anthony Shoecraft

Kristi Skanderup

Sarah Smith

Alysa Sugiyama

Dexter Tang, Former Student Representative to School Board and Former Seattle Student Senate President

Kevin C. Washington

Karen Waters

David Watt

Susanna Williams

Tracey Williams

Greg Wong, President, Schools First
Thank goodness said…
Democracy is alive and well.
Democracy is alive and well because Seattle voters who care about public education CARE and stay engaged. They want someone who knows our schools and communities and not a bureaucrat.
Anonymous said…
EdVoter posts:

Part Three Dale-Estey Supporters from her website


Nelle Alexander
Michelle Allison
Jan Ames
Jean & Russ Amick
Scott Amick
Nancy Amidei
Kristin & Gene Anderson
Stacie Anderson
James Apa
Cindy Arends & Tom Elsberry
Nancy & Charles Bagley
Harriet Bakken
Richard Bangert
Randy Bannecker
Liz Banse
Justine Barton
Dirk Becker & Lisa McConnachie
Rick Bender
Brooke Beresh
Bonnie Berk
Peter Berliner
Jonita Bernstein
Liz Berry
Michelle Birdsall Ireton
Charles Blumenfeld
Gloria Bollens
Charles Bookman
Shannon Braddock
Don & Susan Bressler
David & Gretchen Broderson
Conor Bronsdon
Michael Brown
Hal Browning
Russell Bryant
Shelly Buckholtz
Suzie Burke
Fred Byrum
Brent Camann
Pam & Len Carver
Helen Chatalas
Graeme & Janna Cawrse Esarey
Erle Cohen
Jen Cole
Catty Colee
Jeannie Collins Brandon
Jeff Coopersmith
Lisa Cope & Drew Kelly
Katherine & Jeff Cordick
Juan Cotto
Kevin Craig & Gina Bulacan Craig
Stacey Crawshaw-Lewis
Susan Crowley Saffery
Joe Cunningham
Kelli Rodriguez Currie
Jessica Curtis
Larry Cutting
Andy Dale
Dan Dale
David & RoseMarie Dale
Steve Daschle
Maud & Marc Daudon
Lauren Davenport
Jane Broom Davidson
Polly Davis
Jackie Der
Shirley & Steve DiJulio
Jerry Dinndorf
Thomas J. Ditty
Janine Dodge
Abigail Doerra
Bob Donegan
Ron Dotzauer
Phyllis Dukes
Sarah Duran
Trinh Duong & Jimmy Wanichsuksombat
Donna Dwyer-O'Connor
Helen Earl
Megin Edwards
Vlada Edwards
Dan Eernissee
Janiel Eggleston
Katie Egolf
Cinde Ehnis & Doug Kaimakis
Will Einstein
Tara Eintracht
Rob Eleveld
Paul Elliott
Suzanne Elliot
Ginny English
Pam & Bob Eshelman
Madeline & Brian Estey
Clayton Evans
Ann Farr
Michelle Fasser
Kris Faucett
Nick Federici
Jane Fellner
Buck & Mary Ferguson
Dian Ferguson
Judy Findley
Jack & Anne Fischer
Anne Fiske Zuniga
Lisa Fitzhugh
David Foster
Caitlin Frances
Joe Fugere
Phil Fujii
George Fujimoto
Elaine Gibbons
Richard Gidner
Shelley Gill
Edie Gilliss & Zack Silk
KC Golden
Peter Goldman
Thomas Goldstein
Jon Gould
Robin Graham
Roger Graham
Rebecca Graves & Tobin Thompson
Portia Gray
Frank Greer
Chris Gregorich
Matt Griffin & Evelyne Rozner
Peter Hahn
Matt Halvorson
Sierra Hansen
Wendy Harper
Anne Heavey
Margy Heldring
Susan Hempstead
Stephanie Henderson
Jennifer Henning
Katie Hester
Susan Hester
Tim Hevly
Sandy Hirsch
Brad & Wendy Hoff
Jemae Hoffman
Issac Horwith
Lem Howell
Jim & Fiona Jackson
Gary Jacobson
Laura James
Lonnie Johns Brown
Christine Johnson
Terri Johnston
Geoff Jones & Barbara Kelley
David Kaplan & Susan Devan
Barbara Kelley
Fred Kiga
Frank Kiuchi
Karen Ko
Ham Kumasaka
Daniel & Clare LaFond
Katie Larson
Kimberly Larson
Rita & Allan Lawson
Stacy Lawson
Dinh Le
Tony Lee
M.A. Leonard
Anne Levinson
Willon Lew
Barbara Lewis
Bill Lewis
Penny Lewis
Ronald Lewis
Eric Liu
Laura Lockard
Dr. Hubert Locke
Randy Loomans
Jack Loop
Anonymous said…
Eden Mack
Monica Mace
Marco & Sheila Magnano
Richard Maider
Steve Maier
Caroline Maillard
Michael Majeed
Susannah Malarkey
Joe Mallahan
Michele Manasse & Leonard Piha
Michael Mann
Jackie Mansfield
Ann Martin
Peggy Maze Johnson
Maura McCann
Jack McCullough
Michael McCurry
Dan & Jeanne McGrady
Shelley & Scott McIntyre
Katie McVicars
Brad Merlino
Nate Miles
Linda Mitchell
Richard J. Mitchell
Sara Mockett
Tom Moore
Shan Mullin
Steve Mullin
Eleanor Munro
Rene Murry
Christi & Mark Nagle
David Namura
Stephanie Neffner
Peter Newbould
Joyce Nichols
Connie Niva
Doug & Nancy Norberg
Heike Nuhsbaum
Toddi Oberg
Kathi Oglesby
Georgia Oistad
Melaine Olsen
Rick Olson
Jason Osgood
Margot Page
Alan Painter
Kara Palmer & Scott Johnson
Cheryl Papadakis
Jim & Jacquie Patton
Armondo Pavone
Molly Pengra
Margery Perdue
Bob Peters
Jim Peterson & Noel Nightingale
Nathan Phillips
Paul Plumis
Mollie Price
Mark Putnam
Bob Raphael
Bob Rapp
Ethan Raup & Tess McShane
Will Rava
Karen Reed
Jay Reich
Martha Reyneveld
Sarah Reyneveld
Kris Richey Curtis
Caesar Robinson
Dawn Robinson & Chris Young
Paula & Tate Rogers
Jon Rosen
Marvin Rosete
Jordan Royer
Paul Rucker
Judith Runstad
Didi & Sunil Saluja
Michaela Sanchez
Ricardo Sanchez
David & Michelle Sarju
Ken Saunderson
Don & Jody Schindler
Seth & Shannon Schreiber
Bill Schrier
Scott Shapiro
Melissa Shaw
Rita Sheckler
Audrey Sheffield
Rick Sheridan
Becky & Kevin Shields
Edna Shim
Morgan Shook
Elizabeth Siegel
Gary Sievert
Priya Singh
Walter Sive
Jared Smith & Karen Daubert
Min Song
Seungja Song
Gretchen Sorensen
Jen Sporleder
Bill Stafford
Don Stark
Mimi Steinberg
Janet St. Clair & John Smell
Mary Sullivan
Alli Sweet
Bret Swenson & Jennifer Andrews
Judy Talley
Bill Taylor
Kim Terrones
Tom Tierney
Terry Tilton
Nathan Torgelson
Duc Tran
Janis Traven
Jon Tuttle
Lynn Van Deventer
Margie Van Duzer
Javier Valdez
Kori Voorhees
Wendy & Josh Warborg
John Warner
Kelley Warner-King
Tim & Nancy Washburn
Eugene Wasserman
Rand Watson
Rogers Weed
Karen Weidergott
Mike Wearne
Alison Carl White
Andrea Wickham
Karen & Peter Wickstrand
Colin Williams
Keri Williams
Kathy Williams
Sara Willy
Annie Wilson
Ruth Woo
Sung Yang & SoYoung Kwon
Henry Yates
Julie & Norman Yee
Anonymous said…
EdVoter says: I'm sorry, I did not mean to make multiple long posts. Limitation of this blog program I think. Nor did I mean to make any sort of statement by putting Dale-Estey supporters first and Peters' last. It is just how I accessed the sites.

Here is Peters

Organizations & Publications:

The Stranger
The Seattle Medium
The Northwest Asian Weekly
Seattle Education Association (SEA)
Social Equity Educators (SEE)
National Women’s Political Caucus
of Washington
M. L. King County Labor Council
International Union of Operating Engineers – Local 609
Teamsters Joint Council No. 28
Greater Seattle Area Local of the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO
11th District Democrats
32nd District Democrats
34th District Democrats
36th District Democrats
37th District Democrats
43rd District Democrats
King County Democrats
Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle
Washington State Progressive Caucus
Green Party of Seattle
Eat the State
FUSE - Progressive Voters’ Guide
Municipal League of King County - Very Good – "Makes significant contributions, is a skilled builder of consensus, inspires confidence in the way he/she would serve, is thorough and attentive to issues."
SEAMEC (Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee) – 4 – Exceeds Expectations = Highest rating in the race!
The Network for Public Education

Elected Officials:

State Senator Maralyn Chase
State Representative Gerry Pollet
State Senator Bob Hasegawa
State Representative & Chair of House Education Committee, Sharon Tomiko Santos
State Representative Cindy Ryu
State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon
King County Councilmember Larry Gossett
Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata
Seattle School Board Director
Marty McLaren
Seattle School Board Vice President
Betty Patu
Seattle School Board Director
Sharon Peaslee
Seattle School Board President
Kay Smith-Blum
Former Seattle School Board Director
Mary Bass
Former Seattle School Board Director
Amy Hagopian
Former Seattle School Board Director
Sally Soriano
Former Seattle School Board Director
Irene Stewart
Mercer Island School Board Director Dave Meyerson

Educators & Support Professionals:

Katie Aldridge
Wayne Au
Joan Briggs
David Edelman
Robert Femiano
Jesse Hagopian
Bill Levin
Cliff Mass
Eric Muhs
Robert Murphy
Ted Nutting
Theresa Roth
Claudia Sandler
David Sandler
Craig Seasholes
Joe Szwaja
Heather Woodruff

Individuals & Community Leaders:

Mark Ahlness
Stacie Anderson
Kathy Barker
Rena Behar
Kay Bullitt
Rick Burke
Johnny Calcagno
Amanda Callies
Carin Chase
Alice Clark
Rod Clark
Andy Cole
Joanna Cullen
Betsey Curran
John de Graaf
Karl de Jong
Meg Diaz
Daniel Fievez
Maureen Germani
Demian Godon
Matt Gonzalez
Rita Green
Carol Hall
Amy Hamblin
Leslie Harris
Kiku Hayashi
Karen Heidergott
Frank Irigon
Jill Jago
Gayle Johnson
Dirk Karis
Jonathan King
Germaine Kornegay
Zara Kublin
Kellie LaRue
Nancy Malmgren
Kate Martin
Anita Marton
Cecilia McCormick
Pat McCoy
Heather McPhillips
Linda Mitchell
Bobby Mullins
Kimball Mullins
Steve Nesich
Linh-Co Nguyen
Estela Ortega
Pat Robertson
Janet Pelz
Tim Richards
Caesar Robinson
Joseph Rockne
Bob Rosenberger
Tracey Sconyers
Jennifer Scott
Sarah Sense-Wilson
Joan Sias
Sarajane Siegfriedt
Dr. Carol Simmons
Dr. Jim Simmons
Kathleen Smith
Lesa Sroufe
Elizabeth Stanton
Deb Steinberg
Susan Stover-Dalton
George Summers
Paul Sutton
Linh Thai
Louis Watanabe
Lee Wierdsma
Ivan Weiss
Alice Woldt
Liz Wolk
Anonymous said…
Sue Peters' win was an amazing victory of a quality candidate over a well-funded phony. That's what can happen when a sincere, courageous candidate stands up to the bullies of the monied elite!

Anonymous said…
NE Unpopular:

They'll get over it.

8x the money lost against 5x the experience.

We got this one right.

No Sleaze said…
Voters said NO to sleaze and dollars.

The PAC indicates that Lisa McFarland, Matt Griffin, Christopher Larson, Nick Hanauer and Seattle's Chamber of Commerce were the individuals that contributed to Estey's PAC. These are the same individuals that want to "lead" our educational system.

Glad we can depend upon the wisdom of the voters.
mirmac1 said…
Part of the difference is amassing "endorsements" was a key Estey strategy - one she started last Spring. When her campaign found out Peters got a key endorsement, Estey would pursue that party relentlessly. That, combined with Sinderman's Voldemort status, led to belated dual endorsements.
Anonymous said…

Cold reality...Crush...

Wheeeere arrrreeeee yoooouuuuu???

Somebody owes us a round!

Anonymous said…
Thinking MartinMorris and Carr don't like the looks of things in the near future.

Since I don't like the looks of what is being wrought in the North, where they have not helped resolve anything, I am kind of amused. And I'm not even a hardcore activist like most of you posters. Welcome to our world of frustration directors!

Anonymous said…
Seattle Times editorial predicting The End of the World in five...four...three...two...

Anonymous said…
Dale Estey didn't lose because of any huge or high minded reason. She simply didn't run much of a campaign. As a Magnolia resident, she never once even tried to get my vote, which would have been easy to do. It was her election to lose. I wouldn't say her loss is a referendum on anything.

Maggy Resident
Anonymous said…
I sincerely hope a byproduct of this election victory is that Sinderman and his fellow political mercenaries will be forever remembered for their gutter-level tactics. (No offense to gutters).

And I hope this smack-down stings for a long time. He got it the old fashioned way: He earned it.

Maggy, that's weird because her Facebook page indicated her volunteers were all over QA and Magnolia, doorbelling, etc.

I don't know that the election WAS a referendum but it was - once again - a signal that might doesn't make right.
Anonymous said…
No one doorbell us or my entire block in Magnolia. Families with lots of babies and preschoolers right now. My neighbors didn't really know who was who. We got the 1st two mailers, but not the last one. Could be she thought she had Magnolia wrapped up or people didn't voted in the school board races. Plenty of private school families here with Fatima drawing a fair chunk of neighborhood kids.

Someone said…
yay for Sue - however, Dale-Estey mentions Ballard in her door-belling etc and none were seen around here, nor did our household ever receive any of the campaign mailings that have been discussed on here. Not that I mind, and I abhor doorbellers (sorry, just do). But there were clearly gaps in her approach in parts of the city one would assume might "go her way" from an economic standpoint.

Isn't Martin Morris out next time or does he have another chance for use to send him on trips? ;o)
Anonymous said…
In Maple Leaf we got multiple mailers from Dale Estey (I think 3 or 4) though no doorbelling that I'm aware of. 'Course, we're out a lot of the time so might have missed that.

So relieved to have Peters in office. And I do think this was partly a referendum on how we want the district to work - I know lots of parents (not just in my NE corner) who were Peters supporters because of the money issue (as well as the track record on campaigning for math curriculum etc).

-ML Mama
momster said…
it will be interesting to see what sue peters does when faced with budget constraints vs people clamoring for schools like AS-1 to stay open. rubber, meet road.

also (please god), maybe we finally dispense with the caterwauling about people "buying" elections - same thing happened with peter maier and steve sundquist last time around. it will be great when otherwise smart people can stop seeing conspiracies everywhere.

hoping for the best, but a very reliable friend of mine told me that sue peters is a mightmare in the app world.
Momster, well, one thing I didn't see was the last paragraph of Dale Estey's letter to supporters which was asking for $3,000 to retire their campaign debt.

I'm sorry but if you can't run with $100k, I don't know what to say. Why did so much money need to be spent on this election?

And, a reliable source told me that Dale Estey was not the best co-worker - she either liked you or ignored you. That could have been a "nightmare" as well.

Let's give Peters her chance.
Anonymous said…
Momster: Don't be a sore loser.

Anonymous said…
And the margin is now 7596 votes, btw.

Anonymous said…
Don't worry. I'm sure you'll all be badmouthing her soon enough. Isn't that how it goes in Seattle?

Anonymous said…
Which means Peters hauled in about 57% of the votes on today's ballots. Which could mean those late negative mailers backfired, big time.

The race is over, but the story is still being written. To those not interested, scroll on by.

Anonymous said…
One endorsement of Peters that I thought was more effective than either the Stranger's or that of this blog was a robocall endorsement from Cliff Mass that I received twice, once for the primary and again this past week. Cliff has a tremendous amount of good will built up from his days on KUOW and he spoke with a real sense of urgency that this was election that mattered, as opposed to the generic canned messages that one normally gets. Not sure how broad a group these calls reached but I suspect that land lines still do matter.

NE Seattlite
Anonymous said…
Congrats Sue! You deserved the win.

Monster, clearly you are unhappy with the outcome of the race. We try to teach our kids to win and lose gracefully. Guess you didn't get the lesson growing up. Sue had strong support among APP families, especially the veterans who have been with the program as long as she has. I'm one of those parents.

Jean Bryant and her band clearly have an ax to grind and their mission has nothing to do with what is best for the AL community. Whoever your "friend" happens to be I'd suggest that they expand their horizons and move beyond petty rumor mongering.

Melissa, it's pretty remarkable that Estey raised that much money and still over-spen. How do you pay off election debt if you don't win?

I'm glad the election is over. Good luck to you Sue.

--Optimistic Voter
You pay it off yourself or keep asking supporters for money. I don't know how long the time period is to get that done.
momster said…
optimistic voter, my "friend" in app who has seen sue peters be a nightmare wrt that program is in deep with app at a systemic level (i.e., not just one school) and before anyone suggests that she "can't see beyond her kid's nose" or any of the other made in in this thread, cares deeply about sps, app, and seattle. she's also whip smart and very reasonable - so i believe her.

yes, i am disappointed - as much by the tiresome insinuations made about "buying" votes, elections and influence are - and it would be great if that knee-jerk reaction would go away in seattle. the tactics that likely won (robocalls, dem and stranger endorsements) cost nothing or next to nothing - so can we focus on real issues next time?
Anonymous said…
In other words, Momster, could we just stop following the money? Brilliant.

momster said…
follow it where, wsdwg? that's the point - there is no there, there.

maybe in elections where there is influence to be peddled and paid for - but the school board? show me.

it's a smear campaign, nothing more
Smear campaign? That's funny if you think it's a smear against Dale Estey and all the money she raised from wealthy donors and yet what those campaigns did to Sue? Those flyers? Smear central.
Anonymous said…
I'm with momster. There's no there there. Good way to put it. HUGE sums of money???? The amounts both Sues collected are both within the same order of magnitude. One collected 3X the other, so what? If you really want to "buy" an election, or if there's really money to be made, the differential would be way more. Look at 522. That's the real money talking, and it works... obviously. Less than 200,000G? That's chump change.

Anonymous said…
@WSDWG: I'm here and I am 100 percent shocked that Estey did not win handily. She should have, given that neither have name recognition and she had magnitudes more money to spend.

It looks to me as though her consultants made some huge tactical errors. Which is doubly strange because Estey was supposed to be the insider candidate with the Dem connections.

I was fine with whoever won. Congratulations Sue.

mirmac1 said…
It appears the clear winner on the Estey side were the consultants, strategists, direct mailers and pollsters. Cripes, it would have been more of the same once she got on the school board. Except now it would be Brainbox, Strat360, Robert Half, Pivot Partners, Meridith Honig and the UW. A bunch of high-priced consultants with LITTLE to show for their billings.
Anonymous said…
For those new to capitalism, money equals power and influence. But does it ever influence elections, and result in returned favors thereafter? Why, gosh no! Only fools follow the money! Yeah, right.

It was beaten back this time, which is a rarity. But the only reason SDE became known to Seattle at all was the 250k raised and spent by she and her "Great Schools PAC" set up to skirt the individual contribution limits.

Money doesn't matter? Really? Who knew Dale Estey prior to her tossing her hat in the ring? Without her huge finances, she's got less name recognition than most janitors in the district.

Bah! Whatever! As of today Peters' lead was 11,492 votes, and the percentage gap just keeps climbing (54.04% vs 45.73 as of today).

@SavvyVoter: It's all in jest, but I'm glad your prediction turned out wrong. In most "cold reality" cases, it would go the other way. This one happened to defy the odds, for which I'm very grateful. I suspect those mailers did a lot more harm than good for Dale Estey.

Anonymous said…
For those new to capitalism, money equals power and influence. But does it ever influence elections, and result in returned favors thereafter? Why, gosh no! Only fools follow the money! Yeah, right.

It was beaten back this time, which is a rarity. But the only reason SDE became known to Seattle at all was the 250k raised and spent by she and her "Great Schools PAC" set up to skirt the individual contribution limits.

Money doesn't matter? Really? Who knew Dale Estey prior to her tossing her hat in the ring? Without her huge finances, she's got less name recognition than most janitors in the district.

Bah! Whatever! As of today Peters' lead was 11,492 votes, and the percentage gap just keeps climbing (54.04% vs 45.73 as of today).

@SavvyVoter: It's all in jest, but I'm glad your prediction turned out wrong. In most "cold reality" cases, it would go the other way. This one happened to defy the odds, for which I'm very grateful. I suspect those mailers did a lot more harm than good for Dale Estey.

momster said…
@melissa - i never saw or heard the negative stuff against sue - i never read mailers (really, does anyone? what a waste of money) - but i'm sure i would have been disappointed.

which is neither here nor there wrt the money smear campaign (and wsdwg, how about steve sundquist and peter maier? yes, people were howling that they should have known about silas whatshisname but behind it all was the hissing about the money)

even kuow and its coy question "could a wealthy few decide seattle's school board races?" got into the act.

two wrongs don't make a right
Anonymous said…
The real question is why spend so much on a school board race? The reason is to gain influence. That's the only reason people pay beau coup bucks. Especially people who either don't have childern or don't have them enrolled in Seattle Public Schools.
Reader, proportion. This was a Board race,not a statewide race.

Momster, well ,you may not read the election flyers but clearly others did. Dale Estey's campaign didn't spend that money for nothing.

KUOW said that a lot of Dale Estey's money was spend on polling and the pollster said no, they didn't generally do much polling for school board candidates.

End of the day - the money didn't help but it does set the scale for future elections. It just keeps going up.

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