Upcoming Board Meetings

I wasn't able to attend the Executive Committee meeting this morning but Board staff were kind enough to give me the handouts (thanks Lily and Teresa).

As a heads up, a couple of things from the Legislative agenda (aka School Board agenda).

- November 20th.  The Growth Boundaries discussion/vote is the fifth Action item on the agenda.  Two items ahead of it will likely go quickly but the Special Ed item and possible closure of Pinehurst are likely to have some amount of discussion (and, with any luck, Pinehurst will be pulled off the agenda).  Altogether the Boar has 13 Action items to vote on (whew!) plus three Intro items.  One of those is acceptance of RTTT money for the three IB programs.

I let you know this simply if you are trying to time your arrival (unless you want to come for Public Testimony but by then, it will all be over but the shouting).  If I had to call it, I'd say the Growth Boundaries discussion and vote will not start before 6:30 p.m.

As well, there is no item on either the Action or Intro list for the Mann Building.

-December 4th
This agenda sees the election of new Board officers.  I would presume that means that the new Directors will be inducted somewhere between November 20-Dec. 4th.  My guess would be Sherry Carr will be the new Board President.

This agenda is a flip of November 20th - only four Action items but 13 Intro items.  I note that there are two educational specifications for three BEX buildings - Wilson-Pacific Elementary, Wilson-Pacific Middle School and Thornton Creek.  (I suspect that one of those W-P building will be renamed for a Native American leader.)


Anonymous said…
When does the district take action on the results of school reports? Does it start with the executive directors recommendations?

Ann D
Ann, what do you mean by "action?" Are you asking if there are areas that need improvement, where does it come from? Depending on the problem, the principal and/or executive director, yes are the places to start.
mirmac1 said…
I predict Betty Patu will be the next board president. Every family who feels they have been "left behind" would champion this.
Anonymous said…
Where can we access the Nov 20th board meeting agenda? What is the special education item?

Benjamin Leis said…
It looks like a short version of the total set of possible ammendments is up at:

Reader, you can write to the School Board office to see the draft one that I have.

The Special Ed item is approving the Special Ed Comprehensive Correction Action Plan.
Anonymous said…
Hi Melissa,

I am referring to the school climate reports, in particular the staff section where they review school leadership. If a school has had sub-standard leadership ratings over several years when can one expect the district to take action from an intervention standpoint? Surely a climate of excellence starts with school leadership?

Ann D
Ann, that is surely a true statement and one I've heard from Banda. But, like teachers, principals are offered chances to do better. I think if there is a several year record of sub-standard performance, then parents should strongly advocate to their Ex Dir for action.
Watching said…

Thank you for the update. Will you keep us up-to date regarding implications of RTT and IB funding? I didn't know RTT funding was available for IB.
seattle citizen said…
Melissa, on new teacher eval teachers do not get multiple years to improve. A "basic" in any category in the spring leads to a Support Plan the next fall. If teacher doesn't improve that year, they are placed on a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan the fall, for six weeks. Failing that, they're out. Elapsed time: One year and six weeks.
Charlie Mas said…
The Mann building deal has gone from so urgent that it had to have introduction and action at the same meeting to so un-urgent that it isn't even on the agenda for a month. Hmmm. Makes you question the initial claims of urgency, doesn't it?
ArchStanton said…
The Mann building deal...

I've been wondering what's up with that. Maybe somebody is quietly working on some back-channel deal; more likely everyone is just afraid to step in the steaming pile. If they ignore it, maybe it will go away...?

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