Blogging from the Board Meeting - Part Two

Native American parents and leaders speaking about Indian Heritage month.   Native American students are still at the top for drop-outs and Special Ed placements (proportional to their numbers).  One speaker said that we  must - "Put our minds together to seek a future for our children."  Another speaker is now talking about the late Native American leader, Robert Eaglestaff, who led the Indian Heritage program.

A student-led Native American student forum was held in August, for ages 9-18.  They want a clean, maintained building with technology and social justice focus and leadership development.  (Doesn't sound like a lot.)

Sarah Sense-Wilson, a well-regarded Native American leader, said that for that vision, they need the district's cooperation.  There have been meetings but nothing has come from them.  No meaningful pathway.  Assimilation policies are not working.  She referenced DeBell saying that their program failed and she believes it was lack of cooperation.  (I sense that the Board/district was expecting something else from this group and not this push from the community for better supports for Native American students.)  One Ingraham student pushed back against President Smith-Blum trying to move things along and gave him a couple of minutes.  (There appear to be audio issues so hang in there.)

Wonderful performance from MLK, Jr. choir and their director, Mr. White.  They dedicated their second song, "I Believe I Can Fly" to the departing board members, Michael DeBell and Kay Smith-Blum.  Very sweet.


Anonymous said…
Just looking at the Legislative Agenda being discussed - it includes this [bold added]:

"make student growth a substantial factor in summative evaluation of teachers and principals."

Isn't this what held up the teacher contract this last go around?


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