Growth Boundaries Part One - Amendments 1-3

Flip Herndon was up first to talk about Growth Boundaries.  Pretty much we've heard before; changes may come with each year.  Staff tried to keep up with changes and can give impact/analysis on some of the amendments ("as much as we can" - which seems fair).

DeBell - recommend to Chair that things will change if amendments pass.  
So they will move through the amendments first.

Amendment #1 - Carr - Maple Leaf issues. PASSES
Carr said they worked with Libros' team on boundaries to address these concerns.  
Peaslee - concern on the change in line between Sacajawea and Olympic View.  An area with crossing two major arterials and up a hill to Sacajawea.
Carr - would have done it if possible but not able to do now.   Probably eligible for transportation.  I'm uncomfortable making an 11th hour decision.  Want to leave intact.
Peaslee - in walk zone or eligible for bus?  
DeBell - I think amendment and process behind it is quintessential Director Carr.  Wonderful amendment.  
Peaslee - if student lives on line of walk zone, can they walk to bus zone and pick up bus?  
Pegi - will look at transportation service standards and there are intermediary stops, we can consider that.
Carr - Walk zone committee did consider this and work has been done and looking for solution.

Vote - 7-0

Amendment #2 - Carr - Green Lake Boundaries - PASSES
Vote 7-0

Amendment #3 - attached to Intermediate Capacity Plan so waiting until then for that vote.


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