Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Live Blogging From Board Meeting-Part 1

Since Blogger doesn't work well on my iPad, I'll just do multiple posts.  It's now 3:54 p.m.  There are about 25 people outside the JSCEE to rally for the Indian Heritage program.  There is a petition to make Wilson-Pacific School a Seattle landmark (I'll see if it's on-line).

There are already tv crews here.  (Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be interviewed.  Very helpful.)

The auditorium is full of children from MLK, Jr. school who are going to be singing for the Board and assembled audience.  It's a nice thing to see so many beautiful faces ready to sing out.  (Note; they are taking up a lot of seats but they will be leaving after their performance so many seats will open up.  It does not appear that there is any extra seating so it is likely some people will be standing.)

I see Martin O'Callahan, the principal of the World School, along with many supporters.

It's a sober (and very nice looking - everyone is dressed up) Board that is taking their seats (although Michael is down with crowd but this is his last meeting).


Anonymous said...

Concie Pedroza is the principal of Seattle World School. Martin O'Callaghan retired at the end of last year.


Anonymous said...

Live streaming at:


no live link 'cuz blogger won't accept .mms


Melissa Westbrook said...

Thanks Commenter, I knew that but saw Martin and that was my first thought.

Carrie said...

I'm glad the board is sober. I don't think I will be by the time the meeting is over! :)

Anonymous said...

Wilson Pacific - the building - a landmark? Have you seen the condition the building is in? It's also an outmoded campus design with buildings connected only by covered walkways. It's a security nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what tv channel I can find this on? Last one was on 12 and 22. Can't find it today. Thanks.

Steve said...

Should be on channel 26, according to the SPS web site.