Photos from Last Night's Meeting

As I get all my writing together for my upcoming threads, I thought you'd want to see some photos from last night's jumpin' Board meeting.  I want to thank and credit all the children who came and, to a kid, were well-behaved and attentive.  I felt for them when one woman went off; I'm sure it was quite shocking to young kids but that is civics.

 The latest from Mann; gate closed and chained with these broken crates lining the fence.  This is at both gates. 
 Wedgwood was there in force.
 Pinehurst was there in force including a cute robot costume.

 Woman shouting to the Board and the room about inequity.  Despite President Smith-Blum's requests to security to escort her out, it took a good three minutes and the Board nearly left the room themselves.
Kimball out in force, advocating for their Beacon Hill neighborhood.
Eckstein sign (sorry, couldn't get it to rotate)


Anonymous said…
Why no pics of Maple Leaf/OV? They were out in force, too, and are already smarting that they are being ignored while Wedgwood is getting all the attention. (And what's being proposed for OV is far more destructive to the community than what's being proposed to Wedgwood: splitting the OV/Maple Leaf community 3 ways for middle school, shifting boundaries so that most kids come from west of I5, when there's only 1 route across to OV from the proposed area, making kids who are 5 blocks from the school move to Oly Hills which is about 2-3 miles away...)


-ML Mama
You know what you could have done - taken a photo and sent it to me. I put up more photos than the Times and really do my best. But I am one person.

Think about it.
mirmac1 said…

mirmac1 said…
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Anonymous said…
Thanks Melissa. I was actually home sick (had planned to attend, but couldn't). Will bear that in mind for the future, though. And you do brilliantly, by the way (loved your testimony, and Charlie's - watched the video today).

On the Maple Leaf issue, tho', the community is suddenly waking up to the proposals and how much they affect this neighborhood. There's a facebook group with lots of action / discussion, but a lot of the families don't even have kids in the system yet, so it's all new to them and they are trying hard to play catch-up and get some strong advocacy going. I live in the neighborhood but my kids aren't at the neighborhood schools, so while I empathize, I'm somewhat outside the churn.


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