Seattle Schools CFO named

From SPS Communications and Superintendent Banda:

I’m very pleased to announce that Kenneth Gotsch has been hired as Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance. He brings extensive experience to the district and will join us on December 2, filling the position vacated by Duggan Harman.

As Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance, Mr. Gotsch will provide leadership and expertise in financial management and in the business and finance operations of the district. He is responsible for ensuring an effective management and budget system is in place to support schools. Reporting directly to the Superintendent, Mr. Gotsch will oversee the departments of finance (Budget, Payroll, Grants, Accounting, Purchasing, Contracts) and audit response, as well as provide leadership for financial matters related to Human Resources (Employee/Labor Relations, Compensation and Benefits, Substitute Services, Employment, Employee Assistance Program, Leadership Development and the Teacher Incentive Fund).

Mr. Gotsch has an impressive leadership background in finance and in K-12 education. He comes to Seattle Public Schools from Chicago, where he recently left the role of vice president for business affairs/chief financial officer at Columbia College Chicago. Previously, he was Vice Chancellor for Finance/Chief Financial Officer for City Colleges of Chicago, Chief Financial Officer for the Los Angeles Unified School District and Chief Fiscal Officer for Chicago Public Schools.

In addition, Mr. Gotsch has served as a board member and supervisory committee chair at Chicago Municipal Credit Union, as Deputy Director for tax administration at the Chicago Department of Revenue, as a bond analyst for Illinois Economic and Fiscal Commission and as staff consultant for Price Waterhouse’s government and litigation support group.

Mr. Gotsch earned a Master of Arts degree in public finance from the University of Chicago Irving B. Harris School of Public Policy Studies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration and finance with a minor in political science from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has received several awards and honors including most recently the Bill Wise Award in Urban Education for outstanding commitment to leadership, innovation and professionalism from the Council of Great City Schools.


mirmac1 said…
Oy! Anyone from CPS (remember our former "Chief Talent Officer") is just a little concerning... Unless he left because of Rahm Emanuel.
Anonymous said…
Chicago? I hope he left because of the crap going on there and not because he wants to bring it to Seattle.

Anonymous said…
FYI According to his LinkedIn profile, he left Chicago Public Schools back in 2003

Charlie Mas said…
He looks like a real professional. Let's see if he implements some real financial controls.
mirmac1 said…
I am hopeful he will bring a needed "outsider" perspective on business as usual at JSCEE.
Hope springs eternal that some outsider comes in, looks around and says, "No, we're going to do this differently."

Did see our friend, Bob Boesche, brought in to help into Mr. Gotsch comes on-board in early December. (I teased Bob and said, "How can we miss you if you don't go away?" He laughed.)
KG said…
eadyppNothing will change with this new same business as usual, on how to continue the over administrative burden that kills the education system in Seattle. Just another problem person replace with a new problem person. Whom could be excited about this?
Michael H said…
"He looks like a real professional. Let's see if he implements some real financial controls."

Good luck with that. Everyone this district has brought in from outside Washington state to be some sort of finance/budget leader has 1.) not lasted, or 2.)been so inept at dealing with the regulatory and statutory environment in this state that they just dig a deeper hole for the District. There are plenty of qualified people in this state - why don't they recruit from another district?
Jet City mom said…
He doesnt seem to stay in one position very long.
How did he get along with Arne Duncan?
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