Weekend Updates

From Tracy Libros in Enrollment about Growth Plan map confusion:

There are two maps that show two different things.

In the future (by 2020) map, the area you are talking about is included in the Schmitz Park attendance area. However, the map for implementation for next year (2014-15) does not include that area since it is not being implemented next year.
Hope this clarifies!

President Obama is to be here Sunday for a couple of fundraisers (no public events announced).  From KING-5:

The official time frame for Obama’s visit has not been released, but drivers should be prepared for delays on major highways including Interstate 5 for the presidential motorcade.

The Seattle Monorail tweeted that the monorail will be shut down between 8 p.m. Sunday and 8:30 a.m. Monday due to security.

Also, a free hot chocolate for your child when you buy an espresso with this coupon from Starbucks.  Always nice to get a freebie.

Fun video of what little girls REALLY want to be doing from toymaker, GoldieBlox.


ArchStanton said…
Apparently the Beastie Boys are threatening to sue GoldieBlox for copyright infringement.
Which seems like a stupid move - I don't know how far parody law goes, but it seems to go pretty far. Not to mention that it seems to be a pretty positive message/product. I could see this backfiring. Of course it's probably not the Beastie Boys themselves but some record label exec...
Anonymous said…
Any word on the confusion re the boundaries for Green Lake Elementary?
- borderline personality
Anonymous said…
borderline personality,
Kellie suggested on a previous thread that some of the "minor" changes around some of the schools are "on hold" until new capacity comes online. They are the future proposed changes. Also, the amendments are not yet in the maps (cowen park to bryant). I think Kellie does a better job translating than does Tracy Libros.

- Green Laker
Unknown said…
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