Rules of Engagement at Mann

From the great and thorough coverage at Central District News.


Anonymous said…

Kiro has two school related stories this morning, Asa & Mann

PSP,thank you for this.

From the KIRO-tv report:

"Someone inside the Seattle Public Schools-owned building left KIRO 7 a voicemail after a photographer working for the station shined a light to take video Saturday night.

"I was wondering if you could tell your cameraman to please turn his light off because we thought it was the police and our guy up on the roof, he's got an itchy trigger finger,” the man in the message said. “So if you would please turn that off, that'd be great."

"Friday night, City Light crews were pushed back when they tried to turn the lights out. The main man stopping them from doing their job was Omari Garrett.

Garrett is a well-known community activist, convicted 11 years ago of assaulting former Mayor Paul Schell with a bullhorn. The attack shattered bones in Schell's eye socket and nose."

"Garrett said his group has no plans to leave the school.

“We’re going to court on this,” he said."

Wyking Garrett is the head of Africatown. This is all happening under his watch.

It's like watching a slow, slow trainwreck.

I'm thinking the contractor is not coming in on Tuesday unless the police proceed them on Monday.
I will note that it was KIRO-tv that was approached last Wednesday by the two masked men who came out of the building when KIRO was filming.

Those are some brave news-gatherers.
Anonymous said…

Credit to "cd parent" on the Mann confrontation. Asa Mercer fire & theft is disturbing !

cd parent said…
As any cd resident knows Omar is a self serving individual who has a chip on his shoulder.Does anybody really believe that his son is in control
For all of the supporters, particularly Ed, how can you support this guy. He is blatantly racist, antigay and does not care about kids.

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