Pinehurst Part Two

Peaslee is really fighting back with data on Pinehurst and its relationship to the Strategic Plan.  Pinehurst has been recognized by many organizations as a great school for students with different learning styles.  The support is there, she says, for Native American program and Pinehurst to join together and work well together.
DeBell - gave praise to Peaslee for working hard on the issue.  Move to W-P campus?  Already claims on both buildings, where to go there?
Peaslee - two options.  One, middle school building is underenrolled and there's room (but for how long)?  Elementary is for APP but there could be space.  Those are the two options at W-P.
Carr - Understand proposal but confused about pathways about how it plays out.  Is there a common vision?
Peaslee - yes, there is.
Carr - is there really enough there at Lincoln?  (pointed out lack of bathrooms, library).  What about feasiblility?
Herndon - Some of projects, renovations at Lincoln will address that this summer, but division of building would depend on layout of building.
Carr - asked about transportation
Paperman - not sure of costs yet
Carr - seems you could optimize transportation with elementary and middle schools already nearby.
Paperman - maybe not with start times
Peaslee - APP students are on buses already and could coordinate start times for costs
McLaren - Could APP overcapacity at Hamilton might demand space at Lincoln?  But she understands that if we open JA middle school with APP cohort which would be partially from Hamilton, that might not be such an issue?
Libros - look at this many ways.  Open JA but might just fit at Hamilton but if it goes higher, what's our fallback position?  Hamilton is already struggling.
Smith-Blum - two different locations.  Marshall, not enough room.  Is it definitively isn't room at Lincoln or with this amendment, say placement of program TBD or another interim slot?
Herndon - Challenge is interim site and it is for all our programs.  Some sites would definitely not be cost-neutral. I'll bring up the "V" word , Van Asselt that many programs don't want to go to because of location.  North end is an extreme challenge.
Joe Wolf - minor modernization of Lincoln for rehabbing south wing this summer. Two more bathrooms, classrooms, flooring, etc.  Small amount of office space.  Lincoln as high school is 1600 after BEX IV is done.   (He did note they will have to do more when it becomes a high school.)  Traffic in and out of campus, lunchroom and library is a challenge already.
Smith-Blum - we co-housed McDonald at Lincoln and did that when APP there.  Challenges of co-housing Nova with World School.  Moving Nova into Mann in 2014 and not start Meany in earnest until World School to TT Minor in 2015, so maybe half of school at Meany for interim.  (Editor's note: How many  moves, though, until you damage a program is my own question?)
Peaslee - auditorium at Lincoln?
Wolf - auditorium has four classrooms but two are pretty small.
Carr - Hamilton is fluid and I talked to principal.  When we moved from Washington to Hamilton, so more families ended up opting not for APP 1-5 but for it in 6-8.  The cohort grew from 50% at Hamilton to 100%.
DeBell - just on our first amendment of the evening.  This is a high-risk strategy and asking 150 students to travel more and it may cause attrition.  This program has had opportunity to grow for a long time (laughter from audience).  We have had a solid and deep commitment to funding on numbers of students.  No nurse or counselor (but audience says he is wrong).  Noble idea but high risk.  No way to know if you can reach a viable size and trying to do that in an environment with no buildings to spare.  May have domino effects on other schools (a bit of a reach, I think).  Audience unhappy and one woman said "we do have a nurse and counselor."  Understand loyalty.  Students will be better served in other schools.
McLaren - I appreciate DeBell's concern.  I see concern on faces of staff as well.  On the other hand, the merge of AS 1 and Native American program is novel and the original birth of our option schools.  There is a lot of excitement around this idea.  May be risky but so many possibilities that are very exciting.


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