KIRO-TV's Second Part of their Investigation into District Spending

KIRO ran the second part of their series last night.   This part was around the part of the district audit used by their team that dealt with use of district vehicles and gasoline.  I was interviewed and make a statement about being disappointed that the oversight isn't better.  This part is as sobering as the first one.  (I know that there are a variety of opinions on this series but that the district staff doesn't disagree with many of their findings is telling.)

Here is their written version of the story (but it is truncated so not verbatim).  The audit link is embedded in their written version along with a graph about employee overtime.

I still believe we have the potential to be a truly great district if we could get operations in hand.  (I hope the new financial superintendent gets this in hand.)  It is vital to get operations under control because (1) that allows real focus on teaching and learning and that's where the district should be and (2) every dollar, operational or capital, matters. 


Anonymous said…
It also would be great if KIRO knew the difference between a fiscal year and a calendar year.
Anonymous said…
anonymous repost "It also would be great if KIRO knew the difference between a fiscal year and a calendar year."

Not to mention getting their facts straight - something sorely lacking in last night's piece.

Viva El Amor said…
cut copy Paste Melissa Westbrook
Jon said…
It's odd that people are coming here and attacking the piece without details. If you think the facts are wrong, then discuss it in a reasonable way. But just throwing out vague anonymous claims that it is wrong without any sourcing or details just looks silly, almost like you are district staff shilling for the district and doing it badly. If there are errors in the piece, be specific and say what they are, otherwise, c'mon, stop polluting the discussion.
Anonymous said…
One who knows--

Most of the transportation overtime, I am sure, came from having to route buses for ESY--Special Education Summer School. All three of the people sited in the report put in hundreds of hours routing the buses when they were to be on vacation. I don't think it is fair to single them out, out of context.

Not so long ago staff memeber
Arturo said…
Awesome work by Andrew!! Keep it up buddy!

Former colleague

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