Growth Boundaries - Amendment 4-7

Amendment#4 - DeBell/Martin-Morris - Middle Schools/APP - PASSES
Peaslee - ? on North end analysis 
Libros - identifies feeder patterns, see initial numbers of how many APP students expected over next few years and feeder patterns.  Long discussion at Work Session of this issue. Start JAMS and then W-P program, and potential changes to APP but have flexible capacity w/o changing structure.  If okay at JAMS, then they could phase out at Hamilton.  Can expand and contract without changing the entire patterns.  
Peaslee - This is for alternate #2?
Libros - Yes
Peaslee - what would be impact of grandfathering Hamilton APP?
Libros - no one liked 6th grade roll-up even if a lot of them.  Moved to geo-split model and that's what we built this around.
Peaslee - What is impact of grandfathering at Hamilton?
Libros - Eckstein and Hamilton would both have severe capacity problems.  Hamilton cannot have portables and Hamilton is struggling this year.  JAMS would then be underenrolled.
Smith-Blum - cohort of APP in 8th grade at Hamilton at not that many, would that break the camel's back?
Other staff - did look at numbers and there are 68 8th grade APP students.  Comes down to grandfather into Hamilton, that would put them over by that number. 
Peaslee - public testimony tonight said that Hamilton APP sent to JAMS but not Gen Ed Hamilton students?
Libros - not correct, not separated out that group
Martin- Morris - if you something different for Hamilton rather than Eckstein, it's an equity issue so you'd need to do both.
Staff - issue of costs
McLaren - issue of students being in multiple buildings but maybe not as bad if they move as a cohort.
Smith-Blum - I broadly agree with amendment but we are talking about human beings.  We have to start a JAMS cohort.  Very sympathetic with 8th graders.  I hesitate to vote against it and this is a special group that has been moved around repeatedly.  I hear you Director Martin-Morris about equity but I would appreciate the consideration for these students.
DeBell - already over the numbers and we don't have the annex at Lincoln now.
Martin-Morris - there is no space and we will tip Hamilton over.

Vote - 7-0

Amendments #5 and 6 were withdrawn earlier.

Amendment #7 - DeBell - Dearborn  Park - PASSES
He stated the school was underenrolled and this could fill the school if it were an International School.  This amendment postpones that and allows it to be an International School for a year while being an attendance area school and then make the decision for the change.
McLaren - students can apply to any attendance area school?
Libros - yes
DeBell - doesn't establish geo-zone until Option school

Vote - 7-0

Amendment #8 - Patu - no changes to District 7 boundaries and to reassess the boundaries
DeBell - nobody fights harder for their district than Betty Patu.  That said, you reference District #7 which is based on voting precincts, are there issues there with attendance area boundaries?
Patu - no, I don't think so.
Libros - it might be clearer if it says Mercer/Aki Kurose services areas


Anonymous said…
This unreality show ends the same way it started: The contempt some of these directors apparently have 4 each other is crazy train.

Martin Morris only woke up two times tonight: To jab Peaslee and to raise his voice at Smith-Blum. Called her amendment unethical. That's a slap across the face board-style.

Then there was Smith-Blum and DeBell digging at each other with snide asides, gritted teeth and Cheshire smiles.

The number of split votes 3-4, 4-3 was like a tennis match. No doubt it means we're destined to relive the boundary issues all over again. And as for advanced learning in this district? Give up the ghost of a hope for the next 2-3 years. What a disaster. No cogent plans.

Furious Viewer

Anonymous said…
Shame on this board of directors.

Thousands of comments & emails from parents to strike down the growth boundaries plan. Lack of thorough community engagement by SPS. Confusion--even amongst the board--as to what the amendments meant.

Students first = No

Communities first = No

What a disgrace.

--Sad NE parent
ws said…
what about Fairmount park and WS APP? wasn't that amendment 4?

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