Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finding the Gifts of the '76 Schimitz Park Elementary Students

My husband and I have been doing these various stairwalks around Seattle (we've done 14 so far, all over the region).  Great exercise (you'll find stairs you never knew existed), wonderful neighborhoods and, of course, the beauty that is Seattle.

On today's walk around Alki Beach and environs, we went into the Schmitz Park Reserve, a bucolic and muddy, area.  I found this sign and it made me smile and wonder what happened to all those bi-centennial Schmitz Park kids. 


Anonymous said...

My instinct was to press like as on Facebook before I realized I wasn't on Facebook :) Very cool! Especially when I think this was when I was just 5/6 years old.

Love the idea of exploring the stairs too....there are some cool stairs through Laurelhurst that I've epxlored through a workout class...

NE Mom of 3

JohnS said...

Melissa, are you doing Jake & Cathy's book? Those are awesome walks - Feet First will be doing a series of guided stairway walks next February, just like we did this year, based on walks in the book.