Everyone has a Gift to Share

Here's a video from Night of Too Many Stars (back in October) where we meet Jodi DiPiazza, an 11 year-old with autism.  She and Katy Perry sing "Firework."

Jodi's father said:

Her father explained: "We were afraid she would never speak. Never dreaming she would sing, or even be able to understand. I've taken off the idea that there is some limit on her, as she continually proves that that's not true." 

As Jon Stewart, the host of the event said:
"People with Autism shouldn't be written off. They deserve, like everyone, the chance to reach their potential," he said. "Let's take a look at what happens when someone actually gets that chance."

Let's give thanks for all those gifts. 


mirmac1 said…
The greatest gift I ever received was my daughter's birth on November 27th 1999. I get to show my gratitude every Thanksgiving.
Anonymous said…
Inspiring and exactly the reason we need a fully integrated and comprehensive school district. Every child can do amazing things and every child can learn to see the beauty inside all of us. A district should be judged by the level of compassion and assistance it provides to the neediest.
SPS could do better, I'm sure, but I'm always impressed by the level of understanding that the students show towards each other. Not tolerance or just kindness, but an actual empathy and friendliness towards each other. Much improvement over my time as a young person.


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