Seattle Schools Latest Enrollment Figures Released

Here you go - I haven't looked through these but please do so and give us your thoughts.


Anonymous said…

1738 at RHS according to The Roosevelt News Oct. 23rd edition.

Anonymous said…
The missing piece of information is how the school's enrollment matches building capacity, given its current program.

Yes, depending on the program in the building, that is a malleable number. But for a quick analysis, this base level of information would be good.

Some schools with small enrollment are at building capacity. Some schools with large enrollment are not at building capacity. Understanding where the few remaining "gaps" between enrollment and building would provide a better basis for a number of different planning conversations.
Anonymous said…
Capacity Wonk above.
Jet City mom said…
Id like to see assignment by distance to neighborhood school & for elementary kids to attend the same middle school as others in their area of the city and to go on to the same high school as their middle school friends.

Too many of the elementary schools are within blocks of their zones, cutting kids out who could otherwise walk to school.
Allowing them to attend school close to home increases parental participation.
Po3 said…
Why is NH down 52 when they had a waitlist of 60 plus?

And good news at RBHS, up 77.

Anonymous said…
I wondered that too Po3.

Joe Wolf said…
Below is a link to the "Capacity Three Waya" table, an attachment to my team's BAR introduced at last night's Board meeting.

Referencing Column 1: Some schools have higher capacities for 2013-14 associated with Summer 2013 portable placement and space mods.

Drop me a note at if you have any questions.
Brad Mohr said…
Interesting that Eckstein, the poster child for overcrowding, is down 78 this year. It's 49 below the 2012-2013 program capacity listed in the attachment Joe Wolf just posted and 87 lower than the original 2013-14 projection. I took a look back at the official enrollment numbers reported to OSPI, which date back to 1997. This year's enrollment is actually 10 below the average of those 17 years.
Lynn said…

I'm guessing NH was over it's capacity last year with assignment area students - who get guaranteed seats.
Anonymous said…
Sandpoint was up 40 this year...anyone know why? Additional housing on-line in Magnuson?

Po3 said…
2005 Meng report for Hale:
Capacity Excluding Portables 1,255
Capacity Including Portables 1,423

Current enrollment: 1119

So why are students being wait listed when there seems to be capacity?

Are there more recent numbers that show that Hale's capacity is 1120?
kellie said…
Per the document, that Joe Wolf referenced, NH's capacity is 1140.
Po3 said…
Why has Hales capacity dropped by 115 seats (excluding portables) since 2005, what changed? And are their no more portables at Hale?

And why are there still 21 seats at Hale, when there was a wait list Shouldn't the school be at capacity?

If you deep dive into Ingraham numbers you see 115, despite a record wait list this year, that is alarming as many families really wanted the IB program!

Current enrollment =1074
Current capacity = 1189

Other nearby schools
Ballard enrollment = 1582
Ballard capacity = 1585

RHS enrollment = 1712
RHS capacity = 1707

So what is the explanation?
Anonymous said…
Eckstein is down because the district and Sharon Peaslee helped recruit 150 Eckstein 6th graders to JA k-8. And there were many families who fled to Hamilton and APP trying to escape Eckstein. Obviously neither of those solutions will work anymore, and it can't take the 200 extra kids in each grade every year those two things prevented for this year. It is very overcrowded. The fact that it has been overcrowded for years is not really an argument against fixing that.

I would assume Sandpoint is up because it is still sort of rolling up. It is new.

Charlie Mas said…
I notice that Cleveland STEM isn't fully subscribed. That program has a capacity of 1,000. People should notice that wonderful opportunity is available to anyone in the district.

Rainier Beach High School still has less than 500 students. It's still too small to be funded through the WSS. And the enrollment there falls during the year. I guess people should notice that this wonderful opportunity is available to anyone in the district as well.
Charlie Mas said…
Hale may be saving a few seats for people who could move to the District during the year.

Also, the seats may not be in the 9th grade while the waitlist could be for 9th grade seats.
Anonymous said…

To my knowledge, there are no portables at Hale. There was a portable village in place on the south parking lot, near Meadowbrook field, while Hale was under construction. Those portables were removed after construction, and I believe they were dispersed to other schools (Eckstein, etc...).

Also, there may have been Sped-related capacity changes at Hale this year, but I'm not sure about that.

- North-end Mom

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